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Stop Smoking With No Cravings


Why it's hard to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is hard right? Let's face it if it were easy you
would have stopped and not be reading this site. Let me introduce
myself. I'm Cathy Blackburn and every day I help people just like you
quit smoking for good. How do I do it? I use hypnosis to change the
way they feel about cigarettes for ever. Now my method is available to
you in a stop smoking online program.

Ask anyone who smokes what they get out of it and there will be many
different answers. Some of the most common are that smoking relaxes
me, smoking helps me concentrate, smoking relieves boredom, I enjoy a
cigarette with a pint, I really enjoy the first cigarette of the day.
I enjoy a cigarette after a meal. The good news is that you can stop
smoking easily using my method but before I tell you about it, let's
look at what you get from smoking.

What do you believe you get from smoking?

It is generally considered to be hard to give up smoking for all the
reasons I went through just now. How will you relax without a
cigarette when you are tense? How will you concentrate? All you will
do is think about the fact you can't have a cigarette. A meal or pint
will never be the same without a ciggy. You may feel that a meal is
incomplete without having a smoke afterwards. You may feel you won't
be able to enjoy a night out down the pub because you would constantly
be reminded that you weren't able to enjoy a cigarette with your
drink. The very statement 'giving up smoking' suggests you have
sacrificed something you enjoy and you have got nothing in return,
that it will somehow be difficult to give up. But you want to quit
right? You think about all the reasons you have for quitting. There's
that little nagging voice in the back of your head that keeps
reminding you that you could contract a smoking related disease, then
of course there's the money that you will save, you won't smell like a
stale ashtray anymore, your spouse will stop nagging you to quit and
you will feel healthier!

So you decide to quit......

That's it you've had enough! You head to the drugstore, buy your
nicotine replacement patches and attempt to give up smoking. You smoke
that last cigarette; you want to really enjoy it because that's it,
from now on no more cigarettes. So you smoke it and actually, you
don't really enjoy it anyway so you figure that this time you really
are through with smoking. You out that last cigarette, you feel really
good. Bit then what? Well sooner or later you are in a situation that
reminds you of smoking. Perhaps you make yourself a coffee, you always
had a ciggy with your coffee so the thought of smoking pops into your
head. You make your coffee and as you drink it you are aware that
something is missing. You carry on with your day with thoughts of
cigarettes popping into your mind. Most of the time you manage to
think of other things but the thoughts are getting more and more
persistent. Every time you are reminded of smoking you have cigarettes
in your thoughts and you start to feel really irritable. It's as if
smoking is all you can think about! Before long that little voice in
your head starts trying to justify why you should have a cigarette.
You start imagining how good a cigarette would taste, how good it
would feel if only you could have one. Soon that little voice has
talked you into having a cigarette and you smoke it. The sense of
relief is instant but pretty quickly followed by a sense of failure as
you resign yourself to another failed quitting attempt but you tell
yourself that there's always tomorrow. Sound familiar?

So what is going on in our heads that makes packing up smoking hard?
Well firstly there are the reward circuits in the brain that are being
rewarded very frequently, (every hour or two). When this stops we are
often left with a feeling that something is missing. This is only
partly to do with the nicotine being depleted. It has a lot more to do
with the habit of smoking and the associations we have built around
it.. We tend to smoke at certain times such as tea breaks or in
conjunction with certain activities such as having a beer or talking
on the phone. These activities are reminders or cues to having a

Now if you have decided to quit smoking then every time you come
across one of these cues then the thought of a cigarette pops into
your head. This is when a certain psychological phenomenon called the
law of reversed effort comes in to play. To put is simply, your mind
can't process a negative instruction. So if I say to you now don't
think about pink elephants, that is exactly what you do think of! As
you can see, if you are trying to keep smoking out of your thoughts,
telling yourself not to think about it then that is all you will think
about. In fact you will be paying

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