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  [](http://www.mobilemanoranjan.com) Our Social Networking [India ](../indexi.php)| [Nepal](../indexn.php?np=2)   [Create Account](javascript:void(0)) | [Forgot Password?](javascript:void(0))   [Home](http://www.mobilemanoranjan.com) [How to Download](../htdown.php) [Caller Tune Guru](../blog/index.php) [My Choice](../mychoice.php) [Wallpapers](../wallpapers.php) [Subscribe](#) [Voice Manoranjan](showStories.php)     Ramleela – In a Typical Nautanki Style. We Bring to you, an Easy access to The GREATEST EPIC of
all time – Ramleela – At ease of few clicks. The Mobile Manoranjan Voice Station, brings to you the amazing episodes of typical Ram Leela with the essence of village old nautanki style. This Ramleela is an output of our long experience of organizing managing and promoting the dramatic essence of rural India. At our Voice Station you can listen/play/pause/rewind/forward the Ramleela as per your wish.
The Audio Version of Ramleela, is our approach to make the original ethnic ramleela available to devotees, who would like to listen the original form of it. The ramleela is divided into multiple episodes, giving you the ease of listening it in part and whichever part you want to listen, though the real beauty is when you will listen to all the part starting from the first one till the last one.

You must have so far read Ramleela, watched but here we have given in our efforts to help you visualize the Ramleela through the medium of Voice. All possible efforts have been taken to ensure you experience the real nautanki style ramleela. Characters have been played by the local and popular artistes from Vrindavan (Mathura) and Ayodhya.
To listen to the Ancient Ramleela Pack   Episode 15 : Lanka Dehan Kaand Images Story Description Play As ordered, the servants brought huge length of cotton cloth and tied it to the tail of Hanuman. Fire was applied to it. Hanuman by his special power increased the length of his tail by many many yards and started jumping here and there! He ran all around Lanka and in this process set most of the houses on fire! Hanuman was not hurt at all. Rama was there to take his care! At last Hanuman jumped in the waters of ocean and decided to return to his friends on the other side of the sea.

     Membership Package $5.00 [](http://2.binaca.pay.clickbank.net) "Your initial charge will be $5.00. You will then be charged $7.95/month for 3 months after your initial charge has been made." You can reach us for any question at [sales@mobilemanoranjan.com](mailto: sales@mobilemanoranjan.com)

    A Sutradhaar (Anchor) has been roped in to narrate the story. Our Voice Manoranjan Station is coming up as an interesting and youngest medium because a lot is left for the listeners to interpret. If we understand that pattern, it’s not very hard to convey emotions and unspoken thoughts on Internet.     Nisha Sharma
Rajasthan (India)
Business Development   Hi, it’s my pleasure to say something about this wonderful Ramleela audio drama which is incredible to explain in words. This drama had taken me in my child-age when I use to stay with my grandparents in a small village of Rajasthan. There we use to go in evening to watch the Ramleela nautanki’s. The artists of this drama were the local people so presents the drama in a very simple and wonderful way. This same feel I got by hearing this desi style drama which made me feel as if I watching the same in my village.
I liked this drama so much that I told my friends and relatives too so listen it and enjoy the village touch in it. At the end I just want to say this that I am totally impressed and going to keep it store in my library of memories, which can be heard whenever and wherever I want. Thanks for taking me back in my golden memories.       Vinod Gupta
Miami (US)
Software Engineer   Hello ! I am Vinod and I work in U.S. in a software company. I found this product to be a real assets of India. I know the value of ancient India and I am really thankful to the team of makers of this Epic Drama. I am lacking with words for the appreciation for this drama. I will strongly suggest to subscribe to ‘Ramleela Nautanki’ and learn the basics of Society and Families. My father is fond of this product on Internet. My mothers and father listen to it daily. I can listen to it whenever, I am work. It refreshes me whenever I listen to it.     The Ramleela Nautaki at Voice Manoranjan
Station is a realistic melodrama. Ramleela Nautanki at Voice Manoranjan has no schedule. It is available as per your convenience. Listen from wherever you want and stop at wherever you want, and resume back when you are ready again to take a dip in the melodrama. An interesting mix of ancient live instruments like Harmonium, Khol, Khol and Manjeera with that of synthesizer. The character of Ram has been played by a local resident of Ayodhya, who is a teacher by profession. A lot of effort has been put into simplifying the language for listeners. We hope that the show will appeal to all kinds of listeners; elderly, children, office-goers and housewives can all listen to the Ramleela at Voice Manoranjan at time that is convenient to them.
Ramleela is a popular enactment of the mythological epic, Ramayana. Ram Leela celebration forms an integral part of the cultural life of the Hindi-speaking belt of North India. It is believed that the great saint Tulsidas started the tradition of Ramleela, the enactment of the story of Lord Ram. The Ramcharitamanas, written by him, forms the basis of Ramleela performances till today. Ramleela literally 'Rama’s leela or play' is a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram, ending up in ten day battle between Lord Ram and Ravan.
  Those who miss it early in the morning can catch it
again in the afternoon or at night or any time. People who are busy all the day can now listen the epic when they are on work through the headphones. We suggest you to use good quality headphones to enjoy the melodious drama of Ram Leela with the real effects and instruments of ancient India.
Rama is the 7th incarnation of Vishnu and central figure of the Ramayana. The Ramayana is based on the life, times and values of Lord Rama. Lord Rama is called the Maryada Purushottam or 'The best among the dignified'. The story of Lord Rama and his comrades is so popular in India that it has actually amalgamated the psyche of the Indian mainstream irrespective of their religion. The very story of Ramayana injects ethics to the Indian mainstream.
  [Book your membership to listen Great Ramleela in Hindi Language.](#)   Membership Package $5.00 [](http://2.binaca.pay.clickbank.net) "Your initial charge will be $5.00. You will then be charged $7.95/month for 3 months after your initial charge has been made." You can reach us for any question at [sales@mobilemanoranjan.com](mailto: sales@mobilemanoranjan.com)

    Ramleela, teaches the basics of a Healthy Family Family is the basic unit of spirituality, relationship, and culture. If we can understand, preserve, and enhance the success of the family system, then not only will we help ourselves but find THE solution for the problems we face everyday. To understand our role in a family and to achieve success there is no better granth than Ramayan where every character denotes a principle and sets an example to the modern generation to go beyond the path of success where the Sky is the Limit.       Dharmraj Kumar
Meerut (India)
Operation Manager   Jai Shri Ram ! This story is really interesting. I can feel the fragrance of rural India in this epic drama. I salute to the makers of this kind of story. I recommend not only hindus, but also all the guys who understand hindi language to listen to this great epic drama which flows with the family of India. Use of Dholak, Harmounium and Manjira makes it more beautiful. All the best to mobilemanoranjan team. Now, I remember the whole Ramayan in short.       Jitender Kumar
Delhi (India)
Web Designer   Namaskaar ! Such dramas in Hindi language are not available on Internet anywhere. The beauty of the drama is that Synthetic music has not been used and it is still in the Brij Style. Specially, the character of Dushrath is so strong. I was about to cry with him, when he was missing and crying for Lord Rama. Also, I appreciate the character of Rama. The actor is so much involved which makes the character of Rama purely a Great Personality. It is funny to listen when Tadka arrives. Good work ! Keep up guys.     It is Interesting Many young people, unable to keep away from sin in spite of their best efforts, become despondent and gradually sink deeper into sin. Some even begin to look upon sin as virtue. I often advise such people to read the Ramayana again and again. But they don’t find it interesting. The original Ramayana was written in Sanskrit by Rishi Valmiki. Several other great saints and poets also wrote the Ramayana in the various Indian languages. The most popular one in northern India is the Ramacharita Manas by Goswami Tulasidas. It is considered auspicious to recite it at home. Reciting of several chapters is recommended as a remedy for various malefic influences and to get various benefits.     Ramleela is an enactment of the exploits of Lord Rama (an incarnation of God in human form) as he appeared on earth many thousands of years ago. This Leela (or play) illustrates the various occurrences that took place during His descent in Treata Yug (the period in time of Lord Rama's descent) including the deliverance of His devotees, the redemption of sinners, His blessings to the saints and sages His various lessons on humanity and of course His restoration of Dharma or the righteous way of life.     Ramleela, A Tradition of India… The first ever drama of Ramleela in Hindi on Internet Traditionally organized in a makeshift open-air theatre at night, it is usually staged by amateur actors drawn from the same social grouping as the audience. There is often a singer (occasionally a priest) in the sidelines who recites relevant verses from the Ramayana during scene-changes or at moments of dramatic tension. These recitations and the narrative of the play are usually based on Ramacharitamanas, Gosvami Tulsidas' version of the Ramayana, in the Awadhi language, written in 16th century. The dialog is improvised, and often responsive to audience reactions. Dhol drummers and other musicians participate. The atmosphere is usually festive and free, with the audience whistling and commenting as the story proceeds. In many rural areas, traditional venues for Ramleela have developed over the centuries, and hundreds of people will often make the trip nightly to attend the play. Surrounding areas temporarily transform into bazaars to cater to the audience. Depending on the region, interspersed breaks in the play can become impromptu talent shows for local society, and a de facto competition takes place between neighboring Ramleela, each vying to stage a more lavish production. Though the play itself is thematically religious, this social aspect often draws in people from non-Hindu segments of the community as well.
This is a unique Gift for your parents which will truly overwhelm them and suffice their dedication towards almightly.
  [To enjoy the real fragrance of Traditional Ramleela of India, order now.](#)   Membership Package $5.00 [](http://2.binaca.pay.clickbank.net) "Your initial charge will be $5.00. You will then be charged $7.95/month for 3 months after your initial charge has been made." You can reach us for any question at [sales@mobilemanoranjan.com](mailto: sales@mobilemanoranjan.com)

      Himali Kakkar
Bangalore (India)
HR Manager   Hi ! I am amazed to listen this Ramleela. I went back to my old memories when I used to go to see Ramleela. Some of the times, I played a character in Hanuman Sena. This Ramleela Nautaki cherished my childhood memories. I am thankful to mobilemanoranjan team for bringing such a nice product for us. It is a good product.         Voice Stories     Story of the Month  .......   [View All](detailPackMonth.php)       [Home](http://www.mobilemanoranjan.com) | [About Us](#) | [How to Download](#) | [Caller Tune Guru](#) | [My Choice](#) | [Wallpapers](#) | [Subscribe](#) | [Voice Portal](#) | [Site Map](#) | [Contact Us](#)
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