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[eBook: How to Live a Life of Luxury for Free](http://www.contestmob.com/blog/free-luxury-life/)

Start the Little Known Hobby of Entering Online Sweepstakes!

Did you know that there are people who enter online contests and sweepstakes on a daily basis, as a hobby? They do it for about 1-2 hours a day, enter about 100 sweepstakes a day and win up to $85,000 in prizes a year? It is called a ‘sweepstaking’ hobby, especially loved by stay-at-home moms and retirees.

What ‘contestors‘ do is they know good places to find new sweepstakes posted online, they fill out the forms, send in the essays, videos, or similar, to get entries for online contests. They win often. Rough approximate odds of winning online sweepstakes are 1 in 700. It will depend on the contest of course, but in general if you do it on a daily basis, you will win 1 out of every 700 that you enter. This number can seem fairly high, but just think about it – lottery odds are 1 in 1 million, and here, the odds are 1 in 700! If you enter 100 contests a day, you will for sure win one contest a week. It’s a simple math of beating the odds. The more you enter, the more you win. It’s just so easy! That one prize a week could be a gift card to your local mall, but it could also be a trip to Hawaii!

You could do it too! There are many tips and tricks to know about this hobby – on how to optimize your entries, where to find new contests and sweepstakes, what are no purchase entries, what are some secrets on improving your odds, etc etc. We’ve put all this information in an eBook for you! It’s the most up to date guide to contesting.

Personally, after I discovered this hobby, I started entering online sweepstakes on a daily basis. I found some great websites and learned how to optimize my entries. In the first two months of ‘working’ on this hobby for 1 hour a day, I won $2,500 worth of prizes – several snowboards, 500$ cash, a fancy Android smartphone, multiple gift cards to grocery stores, and many other prizes. This was great! I kept some prizes for myself, sold the others, and gave away the rest as Christmas gifts! The discovery was amazing. I soon found out that were were large communities online, who loved this hobby, and then I got hooked. Now I can’t stop! The prizes are worth every minute I spend filling out online forms (I do it for 1 hour a day, while watching evening TV Shows). I won trips, TV’s, PS3′s and a lot of items that I didn’t even dream of having. It’s like having a part-time job where you get paid with amazing luxury items. And the best part is, that I didn’t spend a penny on getting those things.

Now, I run a blog, Tricks of the Trade for Entering Online Sweepstakes. We have multiple experienced sweepstakers that write blog posts about contesting. One of them shared with us in his blog post, that he won just over $85,000 in prizes last year. This hobby can really pay up! Well, he spends several hours a day on this hobby – if you don’t have that much time, and plan to start small, you might win less, but the fact is that you will still win some real prizes!

This hobby is best suited for those people, who don’t have the money to purchase luxury things. If you feel you might be one of those people, this eBook is for you. You can simply win what you cannot afford!

Want a funny example? Here it is. One of our community members was really keen to win an iPad. Her husband is retired, and she works part-time cleaning houses. Her grandson was chatting to her about his new dream to own an iPad one day, and she was planning to save for 6 months for it, to make her grandson happy. Then, following our advice, she entered over a hundred iPad contests, and now she has 4 iPads, that she won! ) LOL. She gave one her grandson, one to her husband, and sold the other two. You always get what you really want to get. If your dream is to go on a trip to the Caribbean, then you should enter all contests that offer that as a prize! the more you will enter, the better your chances. To make sure you maximize your odds of winning one of those contests, you might need our help. Our book reveals everything you need to know to win, and everything you need to know to keep winning.

Often, sweepstakes rules allow the grand prize to be substituted for cash, so you can claim the cash if you prefer it instead of the prize. But hey, would you rather take a lifetime luxury trip to Caribbean that you will remember forever and tell your kids about, or rather pay some bills, and never experience anything amazing? The choice is of course up to you. What I am saying is, that this hobby is very rewarding. You can win all types of prizes – memorable trips, fashionable electronics, cash, etc etc.

Here are a few videos of contestors, who love this hobby:

The movie that they mention in the video above, is a story about a sweepstaker from the 50′s. This hobby has been around for a while! Only now people enter contests online, instead of mailing in their entries.

Here is what you will get, when you buy this eBook. Have a look at the Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Basics – How To

Where to Look for Contests and Sweepstakes

Maximizing Your Entries

You Can Win Thousands, Too!

How to Find Facebook Contests and Sweepstakes

How to Google for New Contests and Sweepstakes

Finding Local Sweepstakes

Chapter 2: The Basics – Rules & Regulations

Reading the Rules and Regulations and Finding Hidden Treasures

Things You Should Know About Sweepstakes Taxes


Prize Shipping – How Long To Expect to Wait

Chapter 3: The Odds of Winning

What are the Odds of Winning Sweepstakes?

How Many Sweepstakes Do You Have to Enter to Win a Certain Prize?

Chapter 4: Tips & Tricks

Blog Contests

Facebook Tips

Twitter Contests

Voting Contests

Instant Wins

Coupons & Freebies

Top 5 Free iPhone Coupon Apps

Chapter 5 – Miscellaneous Things to Know

What Contestors Need to Know About Email

Beating the Sweepstakes Boredom

Contest Friends – Who Can You Trust?

How to Manage Your Sweepstakes Time

Contesting – Keep it Healthy

Chapter 6 – Contest Etiquette

How to Help Others Share Your Excitement

Winner’s Etiquette

Chapter 7 – Personal Stories

Contest Addiction

A Lovely Trip to Paris

Skewing the Odds – Cheating

Voting Contest Sponsor Turns a Blind Eye to Cheating

Don’t Get Caught Up in Contests

How Other Sweepers’ Mistakes Turned into a Big Prize for Sandra

The Story of Sandra’s Favorite Sweepstakes Prize

The Craziest Thing Amy Ever Did For a Contest

The Hacker, Me and a 42” TV

How I Got Hooked On Contests


Why You Should Buy This E-Book

Just so you know, there exist other books in the market on this topic. But to be honest, you should check when it was published! They are all outdated, and unfortunately, have the bulk of their content covering the history of contests and sweepstakes and practices in running them. Well – we did not waste any space for this – if you want such information, go to wikipedia! Our book from start to finish is composed of practical advice, how-to material, tricks of the trade, and personal stories. Our how-to’s come from personal experience and personal stories welcome you to the community.

Online contesters don’t need detailed information about mail-in contests. So we’ve omitted that completely. They are almost extinct anyway. We cut through the clutter and given you exactly what you want to know. How to start winning. Easy. Up-to-date. Understandable. Our love of contesting is poured into this book, because who really wants to read something written by someone who doesn’t care about the topic? It doesn’t pack the same punch.

The how-tos in this book aren’t random. They are tactics and skills that are proven to work, discovered by people through trial and error. They are the best tips because people have used them, been successful with them and then shared them. And once the tips were shared, they worked for others! The how-tos are nothing short of tried and true and completely honest. Everything within is straightforward. There isn’t any coddling or hiding the truth. The how-tos include the good and the bad from the best times to enter contests and the worst of the cheaters. It’s a compilation of everything you need to know without the fluff.

Contest Mob gives you the best information in the best format, welcoming you into contesting.

Price: $39.99 $34.99 , 60-day Money-Back Guarantee, Delivered via .pdf file


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