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How to Survive the Loss of Your Job


You Lost Your Job. Now What?!


Well there it is. You were working, but now you’re not. Maybe it wasn’t even the greatest job, but at least it was a paycheck. As long as you had that job, you had:

time to think without pressure about how you might survive and care for your family if your job suddenly ended.

enough money to pay your bills and enjoy at least some modest comforts.

and maybe a false sense of security that things could go on like that indefinitely.

It didn’t last though. Time and your luck ran out. Now you’re without a check, and you’re running out of time.


But You’re Not Out of Options

Right now you just have to ask yourself:

what you’re going to do about this.

what can you do about it.

if maybe this is the best thing that ever happened to you – a sort of blessing in disguise. It might be if you take the right steps now.


You’re Not Alone


Many people have been and are going through the very same thing you are, especially these days in this severely troubled economy. I too have been through it before and in fact am dealing with it again even now.

Fact is, I got the infamous pink slip myself just a few weeks ago.

That’s when I decided that I’ve become a kind of unwilling expert in dealing with this situation. And that’s when I decided that this time as long as I was having to help myself, I’d try to use my “expertise” to help others who are also dealing with job loss – some maybe for the first time in their lives.


And so here it is – my guide to your survival of a job loss


And here’s what you’ll get in the first part of this PDF file formatted guide and why you need it:

You’ll learn what the first and most important thing is that you absolutely must not do if you suddenly find yourself out of work and why you must not do it.
You’ll learn the importance of networking not only as part of your job search but also as a factor in your emotional stability during this stressful time.
Regardless of whether your last job ended in a layoff or even a firing, you’ll learn the correct mindset to go forward with in your search for a new position.
You’ll get free access to two extensive sets of tough interview questions and the right answers you’ll need to give to help you get that new job.
You’ll get free access to an extensive online video collection by a nationally recognized career consultant who discusses in them every aspect of job searches.
You’ll learn what not to say in an interview and why interviewers will try to get you to say it.
You’ll learn how to format your resume to protect yourself from age discrimination.
You’ll find out where the web’s hottest online job boards are including how to get government jobs.
You’ll learn where your state’s employment office is to help you with your job search and so that you can file for unemployment compensation.

And that’s just the first part!

The second half of this guide asks you to consider the possibility that trading your time for money as someone else’s employee is perhaps not the best plan for financial survival, especially in these uncertain economic times. This section:

describes the beginnings, the growth and the logical popularity of the work from home concept.
introduces some of today’s major players in that field, people who started from nothing.
offers insights into the business models they promote and how you can get started doing the same thing yourself at little to no cost if you wish.
includes a free, down-loadable viral Internet marketing ebook in pdf format that you can start marketing immediately without even a website to promote it – and you get to keep 100% of the profits!

The final chapter of “How to Survive the Loss of Your Job” briefly summarizes, for the convenience of you the reader, the previous chapters as well as the numerous information packed resource links so that you don’t have to search through the entire document for quick access to the information you need.



[Buy It Now!](http://1.2bigkatz.pay.clickbank.net)


So how much is it?

This guide is packed with information, insights and resources. And all of that information, all of those insights and all of those resources came directly from my own painful experience with job loss and the unemployment that follows it. The resources and strategies that I recommend in this guide are not only ones I have used; they’re ones I am using right now myself.

You sometimes here marketers try to bond with potential customers with phrases like “Hey, I was like you once.”

I don’t have to use those kinds of sales tricks.

I wasn’t like you once. I’m like you right now!

I know exactly what I’m talking about in this guide. I know not only because I’ve been there but because I am there myself, and the tactics I’m using to change that situation are the tactics I’ve described in this guide. So yes, this stuff is so good I even use it myself! How’s that for a testimonial?

As good as I know this guidebook to be, can I guarantee you that it will put you back in the wage earner work force? Of course not. Neither I nor anyone else can make a guarantee like that. I don’t know what your skills are, how determined and persevering you are or even what your goals are.

What I can guarantee you is that this guide is full of information, resources and ideas that can generate an income for you if you work at it hard enough and you’re determined enough to see it through. I can also guarantee you that if you use this guide for up to 60 days and then decide that it had no useful information or wasn’t worth the purchase price or maybe you just didn’t particularly like my writing style – whatever the reason – I’ll give you your money back. That’s my promise to you, and that’s ClickBank policy as well – a 60 day money back guarantee.

So by now you’re wondering “Okay. How much money are we talking about?“ For me, one of the hardest parts about readying this guide for market was deciding on a price point for it. I figured that I’d put a lot of time and research into it. The linked videos alone would surely be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars if they were for sale. Of course they’re not for sale. They’re freely available on the web, and anyone could find them if they searched long enough. The point is not everyone would find them or search long enough and hard enough to do so. I did, and I included that link, along with numerous other equally useful links arguably worth as much, in a single document.

It reminds me a bit of that Matt Damon movie Good Will Hunting in the scene where Will, the self-educated genius janitor, dresses down a pompous Ivy League grad student telling him that he could have saved all that tuition money he spent merely by having gotten a public library card and paying an occasional past due book fee. You can get a lot of useful things without necessarily making a cash outlay, but you may have to do a little work to do so. On the other hand, if you have the cash and are willing to pay for the convenience, there’s usually someone willing to put it all together for you. In this case, I’m that someone.


Okay already! Tell me how much it costs. I can’t take it anymore!

Oh sorry. Guess I got sidetracked. Well, I’d like to charge $197.00. I know a bit about what good freelance writers charge for their work. Just based on word count, writing quality and information content, it’s easily worth twice that much if it were broken down and marketed as articles. But, this is not article marketing. It’s a guide. If I charged $197.00 for it I wouldn’t make any sales, especially since my target market is unemployed.

Heck, I doubt I’d make any sales if instead I only charged $97.00 for it.

Even $47.00 would be pretty dicey.

So I’ve decided that the right price for this very well researched and informative guide is $27.00.

That’s the price right now. If demand goes up, the price might, too. For the moment though, I want this guide to be at least within the means of those who need it most. And at only $27.00, I think it’s a no brainer. That’s barely enough cash to fill the gas tank of your average small car at today’s fuel prices, and that’s probably only good for about 250 or 300 miles. This guide has the potential to take you a lot further than that.


At only 27 bucks, I’d say it’s a steal!


So [click here](http://1.2bigkatz.pay.clickbank.net) and buy it now!



P.S. – Think you don’t really need to spend the money right now?

Look at it this way:


When you’re unemployed, time is of the essence

because every day you don’t work is money you don’t earn.
And make no mistake, working or not, those monthly bills are just going to keep on coming.
This guide has the information you need to help you end this cycle and get your life back.

P.P.S. - Purchase “How to Survive the Loss of Your Job” and get

a free report offering more than 20 pages of everyday money

saving tips. Just think of it as the gift that keeps on giving.



All you need to do is [click here and buy it now!](http://1.2bigkatz.pay.clickbank.net)


Well what are you waiting for?


Go on!


[Click It!](http://1.2bigkatz.pay.clickbank.net)





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