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“Bank Trader Releases Institutional Model that Helped Banks Make MILLIONS.”


They tried to stop him from releasing this powerful trading tool.
These same Insider Banks wanted to buy the rights to the intellectual property to keep it from getting out to the public!

That didn’t stop a 25 year Trading Desk Veteran from releasing his institutional model, which helped make MILLIONS of dollars for the Institutional Market already. He helped the banks make millions, now he is going to help you put some of that money in your pocket too!

First, let’s take a look at some of the hype that’s out there. Some of it was actually created by the banks themselves to keep you from profiting.

Trading Fact vs.  [](http://qntm.algosignal.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/fiction.jpg)

FACT – Trading is a zero sum business. For someone to win someone must lose.

FACT – The Gold/Silver Metals market is run by Institutions (Top 10 players control 85%).

FACT – Institutions have invested $billions in algorithmic trading technology.

FACT – 95% of all retail Metals traders will lose the majority of their capital.

 – Trading Robots will help you beat the Institutions and make money.

– So called “Gurus” have the secrets to beat the Institutions.

– Tighter spreads will improve your chances of profitability.


This Gold/Silver Metals trading model will make you profitable…period.




This is the ONLY Metals trading model that can effectively get you in trades where the probability of success is up to 96% and make you a ton of cash in the process! It’s statistically proven!


What is it?


It’s called Quantitative Numerical Trading Model

(QNTM™ for short – pronounced “Quantum”)


QNTM™ is a numerical tool which is geared towards the manual trader who prefers to make their own trading decisions. It is NOT a robot. It monitors 8 different time periods simultaneously, while updating every minute of the trading day 24/5 to provide you the latest price forecasts to profit from. This dynamic updating will alert you to when the best areas of Support and Resistance become available by overlaying themselves with different time periods. The more time periods which align in the Proprietary Support or Resistance areas, the more successful and profitable your trades will be. To go one step further, our model also provides a custom algorithmic signal to let you know precisely when a trend has ended and when the time for a counter directional trade should begin. With all time periods having a success rate of up to 96% following the Directional bias, it’s not hard to quickly see that there is no other tool in the Metals market which comes close to QNTM™.

Not only is QNTM™ the most accurate price forecasting model on the market that will help you become profitable almost overnight, but you will have full access to live training from a Real Professional Trading Team with over 35 years of Trading experience mentoring you along the way. You will quickly learn that the mentoring alone far outweighs any other education you can get. In addition to that, we have an online interactive Training Room where all our subscribers ask questions and share their trading experiences using QNTM™ all day long.

The opportunity to join this group of Elite Traders, will be on a limited basis. Once we reach capacity, the opportunity to join will be gone forever. The cost of this incredible tool and training is only $29 per month. As Professional Metals Traders, we normally bill out our mentoring services at $300 an hour, so to get QNTM™, the mentoring and the live Training Room with other Elite Traders for just $29 per month, is an unbelievable bargain. However, we are so confident in our trading tool, that if you act today, you will receive a special offer of 20% off the first month’s subscription. This special offer is ONLY valid if you subscribe here!

Get started for only $23 now and $29 per month thereafter[](http://metals.algosignal.pay.clickbank.net)



 Oh, did we also mention there is a money back guarantee? That’s right. If within 60 days, you are not profitable or you feel that the training you received was not worth the incredibly low introductory price of $23, we will return your money. No questions asked.

Act now or lose out on this once in a lifetime opportunity forever!




As recession looms and people start to lose their jobs like never before, more and more people like you are looking towards the internet to find a solution like Metals trading to bring in a stable source of income. We think that’s a wise decision. The good thing about Metals trading is that no matter what the economic condition of the world is, every single day, millions are being made by smart traders using the right Metals trading models to analyze and predict the movement of the market. 

The capabilities of this model are so amazing, that the Institutional Market is fearful that if we release it, the retail trader will actually begin to prosper.


Our QNTM™ Live Metals model is the ONLY quantitative numerical based algorithmic pricing overlay model on the market today…this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this model and start trading today, while putting the odds of profitability in your favor!

Put the odds of profitability in your favor today!

“We believe in our products and we want you to make money.”

QNTM™ Live Metals is real. It makes money. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!



Gold/Silver Metals Trading is a Zero Sum business. For someone to win, someone must lose. Unfortunately, too many retail traders are the losers at the hands of Institutional traders who have invested $billions in technology to provide them an edge at all times. Our goal is to level the playing field. QNTM™ Live Metals is the only model that is able to do that because it has already been used in the Institutional market to make $millions.

By the way, don’t think that you are getting the whole pie here. You are not. We are giving you real-time web access to the model, not the model itself. The secret of the model is kept in a safe, where only two people in the world know the combination.

Listen very carefully…

If you don’t take this opportunity right now, somebody else will…and you will have to tell another story about how you missed out on something successful that could have happened to you.

Don’t miss your chance to change your life. In case you missed it, this is a golden opportunity. This is your winning lottery ticket…take it.

Name another investment that will help you make money 24/5, will be profitable in a good or bad economy, is transparent, let’s you be the boss of your destiny and can lead to unlimited profits……………..I didn’t think you could.


QNTM™ Live Metals


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Client Feedback

“QNTM really helps me with Money Management. It tells me where to put my stop and where to put my target. Since QNTM updates ‘real-time’ I can make adjustments as the market changes throughout the day.”

– David S. (Texas, United States)

“I had heard a whisper of a 'certain' trading system, not yet introduced, that was still to come. Well, that certainly did not go un-noticed. It really did peak my interest. . And as time allowed, I was to discover that the mysterious whisper turned out to be nothing short of finding a great treasure, really. I get so excited when the weekend comes to a close, because I know it's the start of the trading week, and having this treasure, QNTM, allows me to do what I love to do. Trade and make money!!”

- Jay O. (Ontario, Canada)

“QNTM has helped me identify better entries, exits and targets, leading to a big increase in my profits. QNTM, along with the live chat and mentoring, have been a huge help to my trading. Thanks!”

– Natan E. (New Jersey, United States)

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