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"You're About to Learn How to Seduce the Female Mind and What Makes Hot Women Tick ..."

- You're about to learn the biggest secrets 96% of men never learn in their lifetime to instantly attract a woman, eliminate her resistance, and make her want you ... 

Dear Friend,

Let me start by asking you a few questions. Please be honest when you answer them.

Do you find women confusing? Are you having problems with women?

Let's say you had a great date with a great new woman. The entire date was fantastic -- even you were surprised that everything went smoother than you expected. She even told you as the date wound down, "We should do this more often." SCORE!

Later that night, you dropped her off at her home. She gets off the passenger seat, closes the door, and flutters her fingers in front of her face as she waves goodbye. Then you go home feeling mighty proud of yourself, thinking it's going to be smooth sailing from here.

But for the next several days, she doesn't get in touch with you. So you pick up the phone and give her a call, just to ask how she's been and if she'd like to meet again.

Then she drops the bomb on you: "I don't think we're good for each other."

What in the world? Where did THAT come from? How could she even think that, after you just had a fantastic date together?

Here's another scenario that many good-looking, well-off men have with the women they meet. Let's say you broke the ice with a woman at a bar by teasing her. For some reason, she seemed to LOVE the teasing -- and later on wrote her number on a table napkin and slipped it to you.

A few days later you gave her a call. Confused, she asks you: "Who are you again?" A little annoyed, you go ahead and tell her that you're the guy who teased her at the bar the other night, and ask if she'd like to go out sometime.

"Sure," she says, "But I might be busy on that day. I'll send you a text."

Then, almost inevitably, on the morning of the date, you receive a text from her -- "My brother from another State is coming over, and I have to pick him up today. Sorry."

Why do women act like this? One moment they're hot for you, and the next moment they act like they wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole. Is there a problem with women in general, or is the problem with YOU?

After having so many failed dates and relationships, it's easy to raise your hands up in the air and just yell, "WOMEN! THEY'RE ALL THE SAME!"

Of course, that's a bad habit -- and it's a poisonous mindset to have. It's definitely not the right mindset to use when playing the dating game!

Think about it -- what would happen if the RIGHT WOMAN actually came along -- but you still had this poisonous mindset in you? What if the perfect woman for you walked right in front of you -- but you still feel bitter and biased against women in general?

Here's the thing -- when you don't understand women, you tend to hate them. And the absolute best way to understand a woman is to ASK a woman.

Advice for Men from a Woman

Hi guys, my name is Vanessa Kass. I'm a dating-and-relationships coach, and I'm about to answer all your questions about women. I'll tell you why we act the way we do towards you -- and how you can turn yourself into EXACTLY the kind of man we're looking for!

Now you might be asking -- "Vanessa, why would I ask a WOMAN about how to be a real man?" My answer is simple -- WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT. And I can tell you all the secrets that we women have when it comes to men and relationships.

Here's An Example

Here's a strange thing you've probably noticed about us women. When we go to places and events to meet single men -- we're talking about bars and parties -- we dress to impress. We spend hours making ourselves look attractive so that men LIKE us.

BUT, when we meet a guy who obviously likes us, we almost instantly find him CREEPY! We go, "Uh-oh, this guy has the hots for me -- gotta get away quick!" Our defenses shoot up, and any attempts to get our attention get politely refused, shot down, or rudely ignored.

I know, right?

Here's another thing -- I know you guys are brought up to be veritable "Prince Charmings" by your parents. You're taught to be polite, to hold doors and pull out chairs, and basically follow the dating rules by the book.

But you know what "nice guys" hear most from the women they like?

"I love you too, but only as a friend."

And millions of nice guys' hearts break the moment they realize we're going around with a bad boy. He's big, he's stuck-up, and he doesn't follow the rules. But no matter how "bad" he is, we can't seem to get enough of him.

Why do we avoid the nice guys? Why do we run after the bad boys? And why do we run away from the guys we know are actually MADLY IN LOVE with us?

Is It You, Or Is It Us?

Great question!

It can be said that our quirks -- our little girly idiosyncrasies -- are causing you a lot of pain, anger, and confusion. That's definitely possible.

But you know what? It's more important to focus LESS on our quirks -- and focus more on YOURS. What quirks do you have that drive us away? And what quirks do you have that we find absolutely IRRESISTIBLE?

Here's an example of your quirks in action. Ever noticed that when you like a certain woman you've just met, the more you tried to leave a good impression, the more you screwed up?

And on the other hand, ever noticed that when you're just being yourself, women surprisingly take nicely to you -- and even try to know you better?


But that's a VERY important clue you should take note of! It's very important to know the parts of your personality that WORKS with women!

So take a moment to ask yourself -- do you know what parts of your personality turns us on? And do you know what parts of your personality doesn't work with us?

Wouldn't it be great to find out? Wouldn't it be great to be totally, completely in-control of your life, your personality, and the kinds of women you meet?

Well, here's the good news -- all the answers you're looking for is just a click away!

The Secret Tricks You'll Learn in the “77 Laws” Ebook

Let me show you the things you will learn in this powerful book that will help you achieve your dating goals and transform your love life forever:

* How to be a "bad boy" and have women wanting you all to themselves (Law 5)

* How to be in total control of any situation in a relationship (Law 62)

* How to generate her SEXUAL desire (Chapter 5)

* How to balance your male logic with her female emotions -- an imbalance of which has ruined many relationships in the past, but not yours (Law 19)

* How to disarm a woman's defenses and appeal straight to her instincts (Law 34)

* How to be the most desirable guy in the crowd, even if you're not the tallest, richest, or best-looking guy on the floor (Law 27)

* How to properly and sensually deal with women of different personalities. (Chapter 7)

* How "Casual Sex" Works? (Law 75)

* 5 Attraction Archtypes Women are Attracted to - How to Play a Character to Get Her Attention (Law 4)

* Women's 3 Basic Instincts and How to Use Them to Attract Her (Law 2)

* How Women Test You and Her Little Tricks to Pre-Quality You (Law 11)

* The "Attraction Barometer" Test (Law 13)

* The "Take Charge Test" (Law 14)

* The "Meal Ticket Test" (Law 16)

* How to Communicate with Women without Getting Her "MAD" (Law 18)

* Why You Should Never Tell Her to "Calm Down" (Law 20)

* Verbal Attraction Triggers (Law 21)

* What to Do to Convey POWER (Law 22)

* How to Deal with a Woman's Judgemental Side (Law 23)

* When a Woman's Instinct Dominates Her the Most (Law 28)

* How to Trigger a Woman's Desire Towards You (Law 32)

* How to Approach Women and What NOT to DO - Most Men Make These Fatal Mistakes (Chapter 6)

* How to disarm a woman (Law 34)

* Understand Female Intuitions (Law 46)

* Pick Up Lines That Work (Law 37)

* How to use different psychological triggers based on her personality type (Law 40)

* How to make a mental connection with a woman - unless she's emotionally connected with you, she won't be receptive to your advances (Law 60)

* How to rock the first date - she won't be able to stop thinking about you afterwards (Law 66)

* What is female conditioning - why understanding this is critical of connecting and seducing her (Law 53)

* How to break up with a woman graceully and without hurting her feelings (Law 77)

* How to use dynamic body language - she will subconsicously perceive you as the alpha male. Your approach will be much more successfuly after this (Law 35)

* Average-looking guys - these are the pickup lines you can use with big success (Law 61)

* Approaching Anxiety - How to Ovecome the Fear of Rejection (pages 134-141) 

* How to Dress for Success with Women (pages 124-130)

* 5 Minute Confidence Boost Exercises (pages 143 - 152)

* And much, much more,

How Much is the Woman of Your Dream  
Worth to You?

What's the value of having the power to make women chase you, want you, and feel powerless to resist you? 

What's the value of saving YEARS of dating the wrong women and staying in the wrong relationships? 

What's the value of avoiding heartbreaks and starting to enjoy the happiness that love is supposed to deliver? 

What's the value of having the power to direct where you want the relationship to go and influence how any woman feels about you? 

How much is it worth to achieve success in one of the most important relationships in your life?

Thousands of dollars? Hundreds of thousands of dollars?

My Individual Consultation costs $500 only for one hour. And it usually takes at least five sessions for my clients to process the material. That's $2500 right there! 

What if I tell you that you can get all the benefits and all the knowledge that my private clients get for not even half the price, not even a tenth of the price, or a twentieth of the price. The cost of attracting the woman of your dreams is only $59.97 $39.97

If You're a Decisive, Action Taker, You'll Also Receive 3 AMAZING Bonuses!


We all have our insecurities, and trying to look tough and confident can only go so far. You'll need something else -- a systematic, effective way to deal with anxiety, insecurity, and fear. And this special report shows you precisely how.

Remember, confidence is a lot sexier to women than looks or money. It's the great equalizer! And it can be yours, with the techniques in this special report!


Get the lowdown on what today's woman looks for in men's fashion. Is your wardrobe up to date? Does it send off the right message to women? Or are you accidentally making women around you think, "Oh-My-God?"

This special report has everything you need to know about dressing to impress women. You can't imagine how just a slight upgrade to your wardrobe can make a WORLD of difference in your dealings with the opposite sex!


Even the most confident men get the jitters sometimes! When you're only starting out in the dating game, your confidence will undoubtedly be tested. And when those moment strike, all it takes to gain the confidence you need is FIVE MINUTES!

In this special report, I'll teach you two of my favorite confidence-boost exercises for men. These are incredibly simple, but incredibly powerful ways to very quickly get your confidence back -- and take control of the situation!


I Guarantee "You WILL Love It or You Get 100% of Your Money Back!"

In the “77 Laws” book, you will learn female psychology on a deep level. These secrets will transform you from an average guy into an alpha male who every woman sees as a “catch.”

I'm so confident that my methods will work that I'll give you 60 days to put my system to the test. After reading every page, studying all the principles, strategies, tips, and putting them to the test, if you haven't realized how powerful my system is, or how life-changing it is, or you're not 100% satisfied, I'll refund every penny of your entire purchase. The only requirement is that you give it a try and see first hand how amazing it really is.

The Book that Will End it All

The majority of dating books on the shelf are either outdated or give you facts without teaching you how to apply them. What's the use of reading how women differ from us without learning how to use female psychology to your greatest advantage? The things I teach are simple, practical tools that any man can use to IMMEDIATELY achieve MASSIVE success.

Once you've learned the 77 laws, women will do anything to please you and make you happy. Your wishes will be their commands! They won't be able to resist you, say NO to you, or ever look at another man again. They'll want to spend every minute with you because they simply can't leave! You'll become a woman magnet!

Don't Decide Now ...
Try "77 Laws of the Female Mind" 
Risk FREE for 60 Days

"Yes, Vanessa I'm so ready to get my hands on the 77 laws to transform my dating life and get any hot woman I like!  

I understand I'll get,

77 Laws Ebook : This ebook is my bestseller and has been flying off the shelf since the first day it was released.

Super Bonus #1 : Approaching Anxiety: How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection - Remember, confidence is a lot sexier to women than looks or money.

Super Bonus #2 : How to Dress for Success with Women - This special report has everything you need to know about dressing to impress women. 

Super Bonus #3 : 5-Minute Confidence Boost Exercises - I'll teach you two of my favorite confidence-boost exercises for men. These are incredibly powerful ways to very quickly get your confidence back



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What if I get the book and it doesn't work for me?

A: The majority of our customers are extremely satisfied with our products. We rarely have any returns. But if in the rare occasion that you don't think the book is working for you. We'll give you a full refund within 60 days.

Q2: How do I know my credit card information will be safe when I buy your product?

A: Our company uses Clickbank as our third-party, SECURE payment processing company. When you click the buy now button, you'll be directed to a SECURE page where you can safely enter your credit card information.

Q3: When will I receive the 77 Laws Ebook?

A: You'll receive the ebook immediately after your payment is processed. Please make sure you click “Return to Merchant” link once you finish paying. You will then be directed to the download page. If you have any trouble with this, please contact our customer support at support@beherman.net

Q4: What if I have a question about something in the book?

A: No worries. When you become my customer, all your incoming emails will be marked high priority and be replied to within 24-48 hours.

Q5: Can I read your ebook on a Mac?

A: Absolutely. When designing the ebook, we've considered the different computers our customers use and made sure that the ebook can be viewed in both PC and Mac.

Q6: Why is your book better than other dating/relationship books?

A: To be honest with you, I've read pretty much all the dating/relationship books on the market. Some of the books are outdated. Others spend too much time on theoretical stuff. What's the use of reading how women differ from us without learning how to use female psychology to your greatest advantage? The things I teach are simple, practical tools that any man can use to IMMEDIATELY achieve MASSIVE success.


See What Other Men Have to Say:

" A Cutting-Edge Book on the Female Psyche"

I've bought pretty much every single dating/pickup book on the market. I must say that "77 Laws" is the most cutting-edge book on the female psyche. It's not one of those books that only touches the surface and talks about common sense stuff. I found it refreshing and intriguing, especially the way you explain how the femlae psyche really works. 

- K.H from Boston, MA

"I Used to Only Go for Girls Who're a 6 or 7 ..."
"Your book is great! I never knew it was possible for a guy like me to date hot women. I used to only go for nice girls who're a 6 or 7. But after reading your book, I started to use some of the techniques that you discussed. Since then, I've attracted the attention of a woman that I would have never dreamed of dating before. Thank you so much!"

- Jonathan D.

"Make Your Wife Love You As You Are ..."
"Hi Vanessa, your materials are very interesting and motivational to read. I really appreciate them. The part about making your wife love you not just because you are a husband, but to love you as you are, really made me think ... "

- Bill, Texas

"I Have Always Been a Gentleman ..."
"I am a nice guy with a solid job. I have always been a gentleman. I open doors for women, pay for dinners, and did everything my mother said would work. It never did! I used to think I had to either look like a model or make tons of money to get hot women. Your book proved me wrong. It showed me that there are some deeper reasons of why women are attracted to certain men. You know what, I'm so glad I know what those attraction triggers are. Thanks ..."

- Matt from U.K.

"Powerful Seduction Advice ... So Glad I Bought It"
"Great work, Vanessa! I am a college guy who used to feel puzzled about why girls always go for the football players who are complete jerks. Now I know why. Thanks for the information. I agree with you that there's nothing difficult about getting the woman you want. It's all about what you know and how much you know ..."

- Brad from Dallas, TX

"Impressed and Excited by with the Advice"
"I have been so impressed and excited by the advice from you ... Keep up the good work :) "

- Carlos, New York

"I Have Been Working on My Marriage ..."
"I have been working on my marriage for which I don't know which direction it is going ... Your information has been extremely helpful."

- Peter, Los Angeles

"Learned More From Your Book Than My Thirty-Four Years of Dating"
"Vanessa, you're a very good teacher. Thank you very much ... "

- A. J.

"It Works Great for Me!"
"I really appreciate the things that I've learned from you. It works great for me!"

- Mike H. 

"Interesting and Informative ..."
"Very interesting and informative! It gives me a lot of techniques to try for dating :) " 

- Rajon


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