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The Online writer's carreer book was written by the author just because he had been struggling for a long time to make a living from writing using the internet.

Step-by-step the author guides the user of the career book in the process of becoming a professional online writer. Writing for the internet is completely differenet from  writing for newspapers or magazines. Writing for the internet has to do with search results and users looking for tnformation you have been writing. Search engine optimazation is one of the key parts of what an online writer has to learn.

The Online Writer's  C A R E E R  Book is devided in 4 volumes which can be bought as you go along, or bought as one package. Upgrading from Book 01 is always possible. This offer is for Online Writer's Carreer Book will last till the end of this month. And will return to it's retail price of $39.00.


Some of the advantages of being part of the GooG Media Team
Earn a serious income Work from home Make money full time or part time Learn from a team of experienced writers Be selfemployed Work when you travel Travel when you work Get paid in US Dollars
Enjoy to work and live as a writer, because being an online writer is fun, enjoyable with lots of opportunities to travel the world and enjoy life to the fullest. Come and join the GooG Media Team.

The Online Witer's C A R E E R Book 01

is now available for $19,00 only


If you would have any questions, feel free to contact us

GooG Media Team

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