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How to Make Wedding & Special Event Flowers 

          Easy Step by Step System to Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers at Home

Retired Florist Reveals Top Secrets That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars
I have been a florist specialized in wedding flowers for the past 14 years. I`ve seen all kinds of wedding themes, colors, successes and disasters. What I can`t get over is how many bride-to-be`s spend so much money on their wedding flowers when it`s so easy to make the most popular styles at home for 50-80% less than getting them done by a florist . Of course I don`t usually refuse a wedding order but I really believe that [anyone can make professional looking wedding and special event flowers at home!](http://www.howtoweddingflowers.com)[

Discover my secrets about how to Make Wedding Bouquets Inexpensively at Home...

Now that my sister and I are retired from owning flower shops,the time has come for me to spill the beans about the techniques and tools that most florists hide from brides in order to make more money on their wedding flowers.

Most florists lead you to believe that there is no way you should even consider doing it yourself.

I, on the other hand get a real kick out of empowering brides to take charge of their wedding bouquets and save so much money.

Of course, if the dream bouquet you are after involves cascading orchids, stephanotis and gardenias, you would be better off calling your local florist.

Do You Want to Save at Least 50% On Your Wedding Flowers?

Can your wedding flowers be professional looking even if you make them yourself?

How can you have and afford all the flowers you want on your special day?

Make Them Yourself (with help of course!) And Save On Florist Bills.

Your Ticket to Stunning Wedding Flowers
And to Hundreds of Dollars in Savings

[Download the book now for only $19.99 and be reading it in less than 5 minutes!](http://1.flowergyrl.pay.clickbank.net)


The most popular modern styles of bouquets and centerpieces are the easiest ones to make!

My number one request as a bridal florist was for a handheld rose bouquet in the bride`s colors. That`s the easiest bouquet to make and the savings are incredible!! Save from $40-80 on just the bride`s bouquet depending on how many roses in the bouquet and how good a deal you got on the roses.

[Download the book now for only $19.99 and be reading it in less than 5 minutes!](http://1.flowergyrl.pay.clickbank.net)
The best way to make sure you have a success story with your wedding flowers at home is to follow a trusted guide written by a florist for the average person who wants to save money by making their own bouquets at home. I have created such a guide and am now offering it to you to save you money and give you flower power over your wedding bouquets.
Free Preview of ``Unleash Your Inner Florist- How To Make Wedding And Special Event Flowers``

Learn Professional Techniques on [How To Make Flowers Last ](http://www.howtoweddingflowers.com)

People would always ask my sister and I....what is your secret to such longlasting flowers? Gorgeous wedding flowers depend on what you do when you first get them. Learn why our flower shop`s bouquets lasted weeks and apply these secrets to your wedding flowers.


Steps to Making a Rose Boutonniere
Steps to Making a Rose Corsage
Steps to Making an Orchid Boutonniere or Corsage
How to Make a Wristlet

How to Make a Carnation Boutonniere or Corsage

How to Make an Alstromeria Boutonniere or Corsage

How to Make a Daisy or Gerbera Boutonniere or Corsage

Learn How to Make Body Flowers

Learn How To Make Floral Hair Pieces

Hair flowers for weddings are so easy to make, cost next to nothing and add such class to any wedding! Prepare these beauties a few days before your wedding and stand out like we did at the wedding shows.


Learn How To Make Wedding Bouquets

Steps to Making a Bride`s Bouquet
Steps to Making Bridesmaid`s Bouquets
Hand-tied Bouquets
Round Bouquets, A.K.A. Posies or Nosegays
Cascade or Teardrop bouquets
Calla Bouquets and other crescent bouquets
Roses, Gerberas, Orchids...

Customer review

Inspiring and Easy to Follow
Review date: 08/11/2009

This book gave me the confidence to do my own wedding flowers. Even though i had a small wedding, i didn`t really know where to start and how to make my flowers look professional. I wanted my wedding to be elegant and not have that budget look. With the help of this book, i saved lots of money and i got so many compliments on my wedding flowers and centerpieces. I even managed to pull off corsages by myself! Excellent book for the beginner or novice.

Learn How to Make Flowers for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Why settle for a plain basket filled with rose petals when there are so many other options? Decorate and create for the little ones with flowers to make them feel and look so adorable on your big day.

A Selection of Modern Cake Topper Ideas
How to Combine a Cake Topper with Floral Accents
How to Make A Floral Cake Topper How to Make Silk Floral Decorations for your Cake How to Decorate the Base of the Cake How to Make a Floral Base for Your Cake Cake Table Decorating Ideas Wedding Cake Timetable

Learn How To Make Wedding Cake Flowers

Learn How To Design And Make Stunning Centerpieces

Basic Steps for Creating Unique Centerpieces

How to Customize your Wedding Centerpieces and Bouquets

A Sampler of Special Event Centerpieces with Instructions

10 Steps to Making Floral Centerpieces for All Occasions

Table Setting Embellishment Ideas


Customer review
Great book for beginners, May 13, 2009

With this book as a guide, anyone can really pull off making their own wedding flowers with much more confidance. The step by step instructions and pictures in this book are really helpful. One of the best parts of this book are the charts at the back that say exactly how many days in advance you can make each type of bouquet. Now anyone can plan the crazy days leading up to their wedding and know that everything will get done in good time and the wedding flowers will be perfect for the big day...hopefully!!

Extra Floral Accents that will attract Tons of Compliments

No need to scrimp and save when you are making your own flowers. You can have all the flowers you want for your wedding!

Head Table Highlights

Guest Registry Table Ideas

Gift Table Accents
Bar or Buffet Table Bouquets

Bathroom Bouquets and Baskets
Thank You Gifts for Your Helpers

As a wedding florist, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting brides and their families. My sister and I shared in the excitment and the joy of the day they had been waiting for all their life...their Wedding Day!

Now that we are retired and out of the flower shops, I`m passing the candle over to you... I`m trusting that with my legacy of instructions through this book: Unleash Your Inner Florist, you will be creating your own gorgeous wedding flowers and saving lots of money.

Make your own wedding flowers,

Save money

and Have all the flowers you wish on your special day

For much cheaper!

Your Answer to Stunning Wedding Flowers on a Tight Budget

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If you have any questions as you are reading my book, shopping for supplies or as you are preparing to make your bouquets, I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. If you buy my e-book and follow my instructions, I guarantee to be there for you throughout your wedding flower making process.

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