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* Mobile Fat Loss System | Fat Loss Workout For iPhones "
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To Begin...A Question:

Hi text-decoration: underline;">this question: You have a cell phone
right? An iphone or other i-device?

Because right away I'll save those of you who don't own a mobile
device or those who still send messages by pigeon the next few minutes
of your time. :) I don't want to waste your time.

Ok, those still reading...that should be those of you who are part of
the 5 billion others of us on the planet who have mobile devices and
are finding our lives changing ever more each day into faster, quicker
and more streamlined lives thanks to our use and dependence on mobile
devices. Devices that allow us to do almost anything nowadays on a
small electronic screen in the palm of our hand, anywhere in the

Yep, that's most of the human race...and the numbers are growing.

But 'Wait!' I hear you cry: I read 'Fat Loss System' Up top...Why do
I need a cell phone?

Yes you did and I'm now going to tell you. I'm going to uncover for
you the most unique and exciting solution for losing serious body fat
available today...That just happens to be designed solely for you to
use on the go, anywhere in the world, in the palm of your hand.

We Have A Problem! (In Fact We Have 2!)

I'm going to give you a bit more information about me later, but for
now let me quickly tell you that I've spent the best part of my life
in the fitness industry, in many countries around the world and have
learnt from the best and trained others to be their best.

In that time the most sought after fitness 'request' I've encountered
is the desire to lose body fat. You know, that stubborn layer of fat
either on certain parts of your body or maybe all over!

Either way, from the people in my bootcamps and private clients I
have today to the many, many people I've met and worked with the world
over - the desire to lose fat is top of most people's lists. Yours too
I assume or you'd not be on this page.

Whether its for just aesthetics, or a real health need to lose the
fat, its pretty much essential that almost all of us can control the
fat levels we carry on our bodies...

...As well as use the right 'tools' to get rid of excess unhealthy

We could discuss all day the reasons for the stubborn fat invading
our bodies; from our societies unhealthy dependance and marketing of
junk foods and poor portion control in our diets, to the lack of not
just the right exercise, but ANY exercise...

The list goes on. We all know there are many things, distractions,
lifestyle choices and other 'little demons' that contribute to us
carrying extra body fat. We won't go on and on.

What we know is that Problem number 1 is excess Body Fat. We want rid
of it! Now.

Doesn't matter where it comes from. I'm not giving you a lecture on
it. I believe you just want rid of it now and want to know with full
faith and confidence the way to always be able to beat the bulge and
blast stubborn fat whether you need to lose a few pounds for a photo
shoot or to look great at a wedding or party etc. or if you need to
really get your life and your health on track for a great new future
with your family and friends...

Problem Number 1 is excess unhealthy stubborn body fat. And the need
/ desire to get rid of it.

But what then is problem number 2?

Right. So we want to lose fat. And we want a solution that solves
this. Great, I happen to have that for you here - The best fat loss
system that I've put together through years of study and testing.
(More on that in a moment.)

But today we also face a bit of an irony.

* To lose fat we need to commit some time to burn off more calories
than we take in.
* We need to use the right workouts.
* We need to find time to do those workouts (as well as eat

But of course with so much going on in the world today and in your
life, its getting ever harder to organize everything and commit time
to the things that really matter...

You've probably got a hectic job, a family life that is 'crazy' (I
know mine is :) you may have friends, children, school, hobbies,
social funcitons and many other things that need to be juggled!

Q: So what has become our go-to solution for organization in this
fast paced world?

Answer: The Mobile Phone / Cell Phone / Smart Phone!

Yep, the figures I mentioned above of 5 BILLION people worldwide was
not just plucked from the air. Its a factual number of the people who
own a mobile device.

And no doubt a large percentage don't just use it as a phone or a
way of watching Youtube videos!

No, most people use this new and 'lifesaving' tool to organize and
make their life easier.

Smart. :)

But with such hectic lives we still need to find time to commit to
the proven workouts that WILL blast stubborn body fat 'out the water'.

Well it seems these mobile devices are making other parts of our
lives easier to manage and giving us all back control via the small
touch screen interface, why not apply that to our fitness and fat loss


Problem Number 2 is: The Need To Find A System that Fits In With Our
Hectic Lives!

Yes there are many workouts, programs and systems out there. Of
course there are: the Internet gives you access to anything.

BUT: There is nothing that is designed to make your life easier while
guaranteeing you the fat loss results you desire.

Nothing else offers you total freedom or ease of access and use.

You can get a million ebooks and print-out workouts. You could print
out 100+ page pdf's and lug those to the gym or your home workout area

Or you could use:

The Best Fat Loss System Specifically Designed & Built To Be Viewed
color: rgb(255, 102, 0);">cutting edge workouts then if you could pull
them out your pocket and see them on a 5 inch screen!?

You bet you could!

You Fall Into 1 of 2 'Camps'. (And This Choice Determines Your
Success Or Failure)

To put it as simply as possible. There are 2 camps you will fall

There are those people who will make many excuses and especially
today they will use the excuse of 'lack of time'. They'll never get
things accomplished or find 'time' to fit in serious fitness height:
358px; float: right;" alt="" src="images/group-fat-loss.jpg" />

And then there are those people who DECIDE that they need to, want
to, and must commit and are excited to do so.

They see the opportunity to change their lives, take control and get
results in their fat loss endeavours. And in turn benefit immediately
from that new sense of satisfaction, relief, vitality and energy as
well as a sense of pride and confidence in themselves and their

All because this group gave themselves a 'chance' and made things
simple for themselves.

They realized that if everything else in their lives was easily
managed and completed by being right in the palm of their hand on
their mobile device then why should their health and fitness training
and fat loss success be any different?

They know and you know that the successful people don't just commit
but they move with the times.

So Who Am I To Tell You This?

Now I'm going to chat a little bit about me just so you know who I am
and can rest assured that I have the 'smarts' in this whole thing to
be trusted.

I take pride in helping people, in helping you... I've done it for
years and my area of interest and expertise happens to be the fitness

My name is Tristan Lewis.

As I touched upon, I've been all over the world in the fitness
industry having been a bit of a nomad in my early years getting caught
up with the 'travel bug'.

I begain in the industry as a 17 year old and gravitated from
teaching and training people in London and other parts of my home
country of England to branching out into the many other countries I
found myself in as the years passed...

As I traveled further I learnt more and gained more experience and
knowledge, listening to smarter people than me and applying new and
exciting fitness and fat loss techniques.

These techniques have allowed me to help many people in numerous
countries both online and in person.

Leading up to today where I teach intense fitness bootcamps for
people from many walks of life - from stay home mums to very busy
executives - all intent on changing their bodies with the exciting
workouts that I've put together in this brand new system for you.

Simply put: I have a real passion to assist any person interested in
losing fat, changing their body and importantly - changing their life.

Now How Do My Travels Affect You ">Right. Glad you asked!

Its very easy, as I mentioned earlier, to get one of the many
thousands of books, courses, systems etc available today on fitness
and fat loss and just get going...hoping you can stick to it, that it
will fit in with your life and seemlessly 'work' alongside everything
else you are juggling...

But NOT one of them is designed to make your life easier! And NOT ONE
OF THEM is designed be used on your time saving - life changing -
mobile device!

Every one of them will require you to download or print or buy and
carry around workouts, info, diet guides, dvds, audio cds and more.

Well: You don't have time to do that and from today onwards you have
no need to do that.

What you want is a system that is not just proven but also built
specifically to 'go along with you for the ride' - a system in your

Experience Is A Great Teacher...

You see over the years I've helped a lot of people change their
bodies and lose fat, gain muscle, transform their lives and take
control of their success.

My travels exposed me to all sorts of people and all sorts of
training techniques that I put together into proven workouts.

BUT its important to clarify this point: Those people were the ones
who not only commited but also could work out in my time slots and
during my schedules. I could not be all places at all times.

So sadly some people missed out simply because their schedules and
mine did not mesh...

Of course I would train as many people as possible, its the reason I
created my Bootcamp Sessions to allow me to help larger groups of
people as opposed to just one or two in an hour session.

But I Still Wanted To Take Things Further...

I realized that 90% of people lead the busy lives that can stop them
finding the time needed to train.

So, I started putting together an idea...

This idea started with me logging all the types of workouts I did and
fine tuning the ones that were successful for real proven fat loss
results, not the bulking or bodybuilding type workouts but the true
fat loss and conditioning workouts...

It then culminated in me creating mini systems I could give to people
to 'follow' along with on days they could not get to class or to train
with me.

I soon began to find it easier to help more people by making my
information easier to get hold of.

But it wasn't just easy to get hold of - anyone can download a
workout online - my specific and unique approach was:

"To give progressive and unique workout plans that compounded and
built upon the last workout - that were tailored specifically to fat
loss for either men or women."

I do not do generic. I've realized what works for ladies and also
what works best for my male clients (as well as what they enjoy most
and what they don't! And how to eliminate boredom and workout

However, Times Change...

This was all great, but over time it became clear that people wanted
something even more accessible. Something they could take with them
and importantly:

* Use ANYTIME they wanted
* Fit in to their training schedule - not mine.
* AND be super accesible.

That's when I started to learn about the incredible numbers of people
who owned and used mobile devices worldwide and it clocked...

I'd found the perfect way of giving my clients my information and
cutting edge fat loss workouts that could literally be viewed in the
palm of their hand and taken anywhere, used anywhere and without doubt
they would now be Super ACCESIBLE!

I created the perfect mix of my proven fat loss workouts for both men
and women - tested and improved through research over many years in
many countries - and made it availble to anyone who had a mobile

So now, as well as organizing your life on your device you can also
carry with you the best fat loss systems designed for you to workout

To conclude this part, I recall the first time I told one of my
clients to download the free app and take her personal fat loss and
fitness system (that I'd put together for her) on vacation to view,
browse and follow on her mobile device...

She was stunned.

Upon returning she told me she's worked out in the gym, the hotel
room, even outside! All the while with everything she needed right in
the palm of her hand!

And most important: she'd not missed a single one of the sessions
she was doing so well with in class!

This truly had given her total freedom to workout anywhere.

*A Few Success Stories border-width: thin; margin-left: 122px; width:

"Genius, Tristan! Genius. Something Different at Last!"

It's taken something as good as this to get me excited once again in
the fitness industry I see online. Too many 'so-so' products are
peddled online. But this is the REAL DEAL.

You've changed the game with a product that could have sold as one of
the best fat loss programs on its own, but to create it for my iPad
and iPhone AND give a free app to view it on is nothing short of

A very happy man is back and I owe it to you Tristan and your awesome
mobile fat loss system.

This is the very real value you've been looking for folks!

Jason Scrivens
Chicago, USA

"I Lost Fat AND Gained The Muscle I Wanted at The Same Time! 11
Pounds of Lean Muscle That Melted The Fat From My Frame!"

Anyone who hasn't tried one of Tristan's Workouts definitely should.
He has created something for people of every stature and
experience.... Another Fantastic Workout Routine just completed! Did
one on Monday night and a different one on Wednesday night. Perfect.

I can speak to the results of working out with him in his Bootcamps
and Personal Training and using his systems. I have managed to put on
11 pounds of muscle in the past two months as well as melt stubborn
fat! How's that possible? Amazing.

Tom Ventker
New York /Colorado USA

"Finally Someone font-style: italic;">Thank you so much for creating
something that is two great benefits for us rolled into one. The
excellent MFL Fat Loss System ">Bethnal Green, London UK

"Fantastic Workouts Tristan!"

This one (Male MFL 7) really kicked my butt when I reached circuits
5, 6 and 7! Quality stuff! Thank you for providing us with these
workouts! I am seeing the results of my hard work and these
challenging workouts in my body already.

Thanks Again!

D. Myers
Phoenix, Arizona

The Perfect Marriage...

What you are about to gain access to is the most unique fat loss and
fitness system ever created.

This is a system that could have been set up to be a downloadable
course like all the rest you see out there and it would still give you
incredible results.

But I wanted to offer you something new, something vastly

And importantly, something that I knew would be real value to you and
offer you total control over your training - to be used anywhere, to
fit in with your life and give you total FREEDOM and RESULTS in one

You are about to uncover the 'perfect combination' of:

* A FULL Male or Female Fat Loss Workout System
* A New Product Designed From The Ground Up To Be Delivered ">YOUR
Mobile Device

* Finally follow a specific fat loss system designed to blast you
easily through progress-halting plateaus!
* Eliminate any chance of boredom with total randomized workouts for
both men and women!
* Plug 'n' Play Simplicity to make every workout as easy as
switching your device 'on' and following the workout of your choice!
* Never again search for a new system! 9 Amazing Workouts (Different
for men and women!)
* Want ripped abs abd lean tight tummy? Sorted: 3 Fat Shredding and
core conditioning Workouts (different for men and women!)
* What to do after a program is over? No problem! Mobile Fat Loss is
the world's first system to add 7 totally unique workout programs you
can follow from a fat blasting 6 week intensity program to a full 12
week body fat melting program and more besides!
* Need a place to store all this valuable fat loss information? No
worries: you'll have instant private access to your own VIP Insiders
Area with everything you need in one place!
* Videos? Follow Along? Yep: Videos of over 90+ (and rising) Mobile
Fat Loss Exercises to teach you how to do all the new and exciting
moves that will blast the fat from your body...
* No need to wonder about warm ups! 2 Unique follow along warm up /
cool down videos in your private VIP Insiders Area.
* Full VIP access to me for help, guidance and questions...
* + EXCLUSIVE Bonuses! (NEW iPad!!! (Android coming soon)
* Touch technology, scroll, zoom and enlarge on your device. Wan't
to see more clarity? Just zoom and scroll...
* Full color pictures, descriptions, workouts, programs and much,
much more all on your device - INSTANTLY! No more waiting for the
printer to work or worrying about printer cartridges!

Tristan... My Life Is About To Change!

We all stand still or move forward in life.

That Fact Does Not Change.

You can either continue to try to work out with all the same old
fitness 'stuff'...

Or, you can step into the future of fat loss, body transformation and
real Mobile Health. And train anywhere you want...anywhere that suits
you and your lifestyle!

The decision is yours, but I believe you've already made up your mind
that the future is better than the past...

An Investment In The Future of Your Body ">the blueprint AND the only
easy, 'take with you anywhere' system that will both change your life
and fit seemlessly into your life.

But it's no good if you don't use it.

So I wanted to make it affordable as well as worth all my time and
effort to help you change your body for good and leap into the future
of fat loss training and leave the procrastinators in the dark ages,
with me as your guide and your 'coach'.

No Messing Around...

Ok, you've read this far (or scrolled down to this bit!) and need to
know your investment in this new fitness and fat loss phenomenon.

I don't like to mess people around. Where I'm from you don't do that.

So, instead of telling you that 'if your name begins with a certain
letter...', and 'If you arrive on this page at a certain hour on the
second Tuesday of the month...', 'Or today's your lucky day!..blah

I'll keep it simple.

I know this works. I want you to change your body, have full trust in
me and The Mobile Fat Loss System and finally invest in something that
gives true value for that trust.

The price will be the lower figure on the right during the period I
launch Mobile Fat Loss. It will then go to its full price of 'the
number with the line through it' on the left.

Its a one-time investment for continuous life-long health and fat
loss training, guidance and continued benefits. (Oh, and lifetime
updates. nice:)

*BTW - below here you have a navigation panel to go direct to the
important info points of Mobile Fat Loss. (Don't worry, there is an
order button on each page! And they open in a new window for your
convenience :)

$67.00 $47.00!

Choose Either The Male or The Female Mobile Fat Loss System.

"The Best Value Fitness Product I've Ever Seen."

I can only handle so many ebooks on my computer. I wanted something
fresh and new but never expected to find this much value in an online
product. I still can't believe you have so much in this great system
as well as a full VIP Insiders area for us at no extra cost. But the
biggest bonus of this standout system is the way you've built it for
mobile use. That is a masterstroke and it sets you apart. You have
given me total value (yes) which is rare nowadays and I can and will
vouch for both the value and the quality. Tristan is a rare breed
online today. An ethical person and a very knowledgeable fitness
expert. Wishing you all the best.

Peter F. Jaynes
Scarborough, Western Australia

Your Direct Access To Specific Mobile Fat Loss Information:
Check These Amazing Benefits Out Below:

*Each section opens in a new window.

Cementing Total Trust.

You can see just how incredible this fat loss system is. And how it
will transform your life as well as fit seamlessly into your

Right in front of you here is the blueprint for continued progress on
an exciting fat loss journey.

Although I know how good this is and my clients, bootcamp members and
many others will agree wholeheartedly, I also want to take away any
'risk' from you and place it on me.

Just so that you can feel fully secure and confident in joining me.

After all, this decision should be about how this benefits you and
your life NOT if you can feel secure in proceeding further.

Of course I'm trusting people to be fair and honest with me and I
hope any dishonest people will have left the page by now...

So I'll show you my sincerity by giving you a full guarantee with my
MobileFatLoss System:

So If the system is not what you want then I will fully refund you
and cancel your VIP Insiders login and we can simply part as friends.
You have nothing to lose.

"An Amazing Fat Loss System, A New Delivery System font-style:
italic;"> This is a complete body makeover system. AND ITS ALL ON
YOUR MOBILE DEVICE! What a cool idea! People, this is brilliant!

Robert Croft
London UK

$67.00 $47(Limited Time Offer)

Choose Either The Male or The Female Mobile Fat Loss System.

So Here's The One Final Question: Are You Ready To Take Control of
Your Fat Loss Training?

...Are you ready once and for all to leap into the future of proven
fat loss training or wait around in the dark ages with so many others
who sit in that frustrating 'gray area' of neither success or defeat?

In a matter of minutes you will be on your way to an exciting future
and a totally new way of training for the best body of your life.
Never before has there been anything like Mobile Fat Loss.

This system gives you total freedom, total control and unlimited
paths to success and the body you deserve.

The Full Totally UNIQUE Male or Female Mobile Fat Loss System!

9 Incredible Workouts designed to not only melt body fat but elevate
your fat burning potential to levels you will not have experienced
before. Its sometimes called 'afterburn'...it will happen naturally
with Mobile Fat Loss and it turns your body into a fat burning machine
for days at a time. That is not an exageration.

3 Female or 3 Male Abs ">7 completely different workout programs to
interchange from intense 6 week fat blast protocols to full 12 week
body altering makeovers!

A FULL VIP Insiders Area totally private to the outside world. A
place where everything you need is located from the best fitness timer
t ouse to a diet recommendation vault! ">A Full introduction manual to
give you the foundation and basics on your mobile device!

A FREE App, downloadable immediately from the itunes store to access
all your workouts with a private and personal aces code!

Intro Videos, Foundation Videos

...And so much more!

*PLUS The best fat loss bonus in the world! Please check that out
below RIGHT NOW!

All This delivered on YOUR MOBILE DEVICE!

This is a first and its never been done in the history of the fitness

"Wow! All I Can Say :)"

Ask any person what they look for when they buy a fitness product
online and they say 'Originality", "Value' and with any luck the
product is created by someone they can like and trust. Tristan, you
over deliver with this. I like you and your system A LOT! Can't wait
for MFL2! LOL.

Mr. Daniel Savage
Perth, Australia

Well I'm now simply going to sign off as any normal person would by
just thanking you very much for coming to the website today and taking
time to see what I have to offer for you.

I have full confidence in my system and would love the opportunity to
make your health and fitness goals a reality using the best fat loss
system available...

And the only one in the world designed totally for your mobile phone!

The Mobile Fat Loss System will fit in with your lifestyle and change
how you train forever.

My sincere best wishes to you,

I'll see you on the inside.

Tristan Lewis NASM-CPT
The Mobile Fitness ">any pressure. But then I know once you have this
new fitness phenomenon you won't need any more proof that its the best
fat loss tool created and the only one that takes you into the future
of health and fitness and finally gives you total control over your
body and your results. Try it Risk FREE Today!

P.P.S. Have some more questions? Have a browse below:

*Each section opens in a new window.

Compatibility: Currently The Mobile Fat Loss System is programmed for
iPhone, iPod ">Reminder: The Mobile Fat Loss System is not a physical
product or one shipped to your door. After you order you will get
Instant Access to set up your personal account inside your VIP
Insiders Area and access to the free app at the itunes store and your
package to add to your mobile device. All instructions and much more
are included inside your VIP Insiders Area. Mobile Fat Loss is MAC ">

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