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[WHAT IS PRINT CHEAPER?](http://print-cheaper.com/about-print-cheaper/)

Print cheaper is a complete course on how to decrease your print costs and save a considerable amount of money on supplies. Printer cheaper is designed to help people to be more productive and efficient. It contains an e-Book, 5 videos, Pre-print check list, and a FREE monthly newsletter about new ways and products to print more efficient and less expensive.
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[FACTS AND CHARTS!](http://print-cheaper.com/fact-and-charts/)

The amount of money you can save per month depends on the number of pages you print and the print technology. The normal estimation for a home office user is 800 pages per month, for a university student is 300 pages per month and for a home user is 50 pages. Here this chart demonstrates the amount of money you would be able to save on 300 pages of printing.
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[Who I Am](http://print-cheaper.com/who-i-am/)

My name is Hooman, I worked for HP as a service manager for 4 years. As a person who was in touch with verity of customers I found out the most important factor in printer is cost of printing, I was so amazed when I heard people saying that “I don’t care about quality very much, I am looking for a low cost print”
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In case of any problem or question, send me an email to:





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I am running a home office and I could buy an iPad by money I saved for 5 month with this manual. It is amazing Thanks
- Adam Rostami


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