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We know the importance of having a great product image, and most of our clients have the same problems you do! They sell digital goods and want to have a great product image. They know that having a great product image is key to increasing sales and credibility in their products.

Even though we're marketers, we don't want to waste your time with hype and sales tactics to try and prove to you why you need this product... You already know why a great product image is useful to you and your sales.

The bottom line - when your customers see an actual product case it makes your digital product have a higher percieved value!

It's doesn't matter if you're selling your own book, ebook, products, or just building a list of online leads to market to. You will find this product exceptionally useful - We guarantee it!

Here is the truth:

Photoshop is expensive AND complicated & most actions are expensive too!

Require the latest version of photoshop & most are not backwards compatable, so you need the latest version of photoshop. ($$$)

They are downright slow you need a good computer to make the work well.

Force you to design at PRINT quality even if your only going to be using it for web sites. This makes things awkward for photoshop newbies.

Intended for professional Photoshoppers Only! They aren't made for people like you who just want a quick 3D cover for their website.

We spent countless hours trying to find a solution that would allow anyone (even us) to create 3D cover graphics without using photoshop, and would be able to do it rapidly. We finally did discover the solution, and we will spare you the techie side of how it works, but it works well!

It's called: eBookCoversPro, and we want to restate my main headline to let the impact of what we am sharing with you to really sink in...

We really want to make this very clear, you do not need photoshop at all to create 3D ecover graphics, and you don't even need photoshop to design the cover designs!

Yes, you read that. This is a very powerful script that anyone can start using right away. Introducing the simple, fast and easy solution:

eBookCoversPro is a PHP script that anyone can use, because all they need to do is put it on there hosting account, and their ready to go!

There is no complicated mySQL install process, it's just a simple drag and drop process. We designed this to be the easiest script you have ever installed.

Here are the main reasons why you should start using eBookCoversPro to create killer ecovers graphics:

No skills required at all! You don't need any skills or even any cover designs to start using this amazing script.

Super Simple To INSTALL! eBookCoversPro uses a flatfile database, so all you need to do is just drag and drop the folder and your ready to go!

Amazingly Realistic 3D Cover Effects! Detailed lighting and shadow effects make it look like you hired a pro photographer to take your product shots!

Cover Management Script - Get Image URL In One Click! In the script you will be able to have access to all your covers, and be able to embed them on your websites easily!

Easy Cover DESIGNER! Design your own eCover designs with our simple to use easyCoverPro designer tool. In a few clicks you can have your own cover design ready to use for your sales page and squeeze pages.

As you can see we spent a lot of time in making sure that eBookCoversPro has everything you need to get better looking, and better converting eCover designs on your sales page and websites.

You don't need any editing software, and you don't even need your own cover design, because we have created a simple editor that will allow you to create professional covers. We will explain more about that later, but right now you're probably wondering what the covers look like!

We want to take you on a tour of the eBookCoversPro generator, and show you why this little script packs a mean punch, and will help you a lot now AND in the future. You will always need eBook Cover graphics, and this makes it easy to do it.

Let's get started:

We spent a lot of time making this really easy, and once you order today you will see the install video that will take you by the hand on how to install eBookCoversPro, but it's super simple.

You will be able to...

Get Started RIGHT AWAY: No more messing around with mySQL settings, or other complicated techie stuff. Just drag and drop the folder on to your server, and you can start creating covers instantly!

No Techie Skills Required! This is the easiest thing you will do all year... just drag and drop that folder. :)

Unlimited Domains Setup! You can install your copy of eBookCoversPro on 1 or ALL of your personal websites, but you only need one to manage all your covers. There is NO limit on how many covers you can create.

Pretty cool, eh?

We want to make a point to let you know that there is no ioncube encripytion codes with this script. Those just get in the way of honest clients, and we know your honest, so we want you to use this script on any domain you want, and on as many domains as you own. Also, if you have any problems with the script working on your hosting account or servers we will be happy to give you your own exclusive account on our servers for your use.

You will be able to get started in a few minutes, and on your way. That is our promise to you, and it is our entire goal with this product..

Now lets get into what really makes this script AMAZING:

You have seen the amazing 3D cover models, and you want to know how easy it is to actually use and create them?

Well it couldn't be any easier. Once you login to your eBookCoversPro control panel you can create new 3D graphics. From there you will be able to choose any of your created cover designs or upload ANY graphic you want.

Then our super simple wizard you will help you pick the eCover design you want to use, and right before your eyes your cover will animate into your new 3D graphics!

You will be able to...

Choose From 8 Stunning 3D Models: Choose from any of the 8 killer styles, each one is designed to be as photo realistic as possible. Each image created comes in either a large file size for optimal resolution.

Instant 3D Cover - Right Before Your Eyes! eBookCoversPro uses Flash to create the 3D graphics, so there is no waiting around to render the graphic. It does it instantly, and you can save it with ONE click!

Change Background Color! You can change the color of the background color of your 3D Cover design, so if your website has a grey or red background, you can be sure your new 3D graphic will fit perfectly!

You will be able to use these 3D model graphics for all your products and squeeze pages from here on out. Never again wait around for a designer to send you a DVD design or a magazine style graphic.

You can do it instantly with eBookCoversPro. Nevermind the crazy fees some designers charge for simple 3D conversion. You will be saving a lot of money every year!

Now what about the actual cover design?

Well, this is something that all the other eCover photoshop actions miss, and it's something that is really useful!

It's a cover art editor! Sure you can convert your own designs into 3D with this script, but you can also design your own cover within the application itself! You don't have to open any photo editing software or anything extra...

Check this out:

If you don't have a custom cover design from a designer, or you want to get a cover design done really fast, you can with the built-in easyCoverCreatorPro. In a few clicks you will be able to create professional cover designs.

It's super easy to use, because all you need to do is change a few settings and change the text, and then you've got a professional design!

You will be able to...

Change & Edit The Cover Colors: In one click you can change the covers background color, and you can also edit the layout element colors.

14 Overlay Effects: Instantly make your cover have that professional polish with amazing overlay effects. This is how we get our own designs to look soo good! ;-)

SPECIAL EXTRAS: You can add great effects to your cover that will make it pop off the page. You will be able to add ribbons, DVD symbols, best seller seals, and much more!

Create UNLIMITED Covers: You can create as many covers as you want, there is no limit on how many you can create with as many different designs as you like.

Literally in 2 minutes you can design your cover with our simple editor and then create that cover design into a killer 3D graphic. You will not a find a tool like this anywhere!

The eBookCoversPro module is worth it's price... by MANY TIMES OVER!

Now your probably wondering how you are going to manage all these great covers you will be creating... Well, you will be able to manage all your covers and 3D images in a nice control panel that we call the "Cover Management".

Check it out:

Anytime you want to, you will be able to get access to ALL your created graphics. No more stumbling through folders to try and figure out where you had that cover image...

It's all inside of eBookCoversPro. In few clicks you will be able to get links to your images, so you can insert them into your website with very little effort... with the eBookCoversPro script you will also be able to...

Access ALL Your Cover Designs: You will be able to manage all your created cover art, and your uploaded cover designs, plus you will able to manage all your 3D graphics too, and in one click you can get the URL to your image.

Never Forget Where Your Images Are! Be rest assured that you will always know where your images are, and you can get them easily. No more redoing graphics or losing graphics!

Control Over Your Image Hosting: Your graphics will always be there, and they will always be online as long as you're online. You don't have to be on the mercy of someone else, because you have the control!

When you secure your spot at this crazy low price, you will be able to start creating your own killer 3D cover images in ONE click. This will save you so much time and money.

Here's what you will be getting:

Easy To Install Cover Management: Keep track of all your created covers with your own control panel. Value: $47

8 3D Cover Designs To Choose From! No matter what your product is you will find our 3D covers valuable, and useful! Value: $57

New - easyCoverCreatorPro: Design your own professional cover designs with our built-in cover design creator! Value: $97
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P.S. This incredible 50% discount offer could end at any time, so don't wait!

P.S.S. Remember, if you're not absolutely thrilled with eBookCoversPro, we will personally buy it back from you - no questions asked. ---> [Order Now](http://27.ebookcpro.pay.clickbank.net)

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