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you can play piano.

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This course is much more than just an ebook. You also get access to
tutorial videos illustrating each concept and access to my exclusive
Student Forum to ask questions and post videos. Yes, with this course,
you will receive feedback from an experienced piano teacher - me. You
can even record your assigned activities and I’ll respond with tips
and guidance.

You’ll receive seven thorough lessons - plus a great bonus lesson,
each with text, rich media, and recommended activities to do on your
own. Although the lessons and examples use keyboard, the concepts
presented here can be transferred to many other instruments, such as
the harp, guitar, etc.

Did you ever listen to a pianist or other musician playing a song
that you knew but, somehow, it sounded very different and fresh. You
can play tunes in many different ways by improvising. You can learn to
improvise on an existing tune or from ground zero and make up
everything as you play.

Being able to Improvise on the piano or another musical instrument is
one of the most exciting things in music because youre shaping and
choreographing your own musical work and taking the listener on an
emotional journey. Like any story (novel, play, movie, etc.), the
listener experiences your thoughts and feelings through your music and
- if done well - is enriched by the experience.


When you purchase this online course, you are getting more than just
a few lessons in an ebook.

* Text Lessons for each of the above topics.
* Tutorial videos demonstrating each concept thoroughly.
* Exclusive access to the private Applegate Music Student Forum on
Facebook where you can post questions, get ideas, and post videos of
your playing to a whole learning community that are interested in the
same things as you. I monitor the Forum and will respond with tips and
guidance for all students.


This course includes the following lessons. Each lesson should take
about a week but you can go at your own pace.

* Musical Scales and Keys: The backbone of musical structure.
* Scales and Chords: Learn the power of using Primary and Secondary
Chords in your improvisations.
* Minor Scales and Chords: Utilize the exquisite nature of minor keys
* Chord Inversions: Provide endless variety in your playing.
* Variations: Accompaniment
* Variations: Melody
* Putting it all Together
* Bonus Lesson: Activities that will help change the way you approach
musical improvisation.

Each lesson should take about a week but go at your own pace. I
realize we all have different schedules so theres no time limit. You
can also review past lessons after finishing them.


I’m Terry Smith. As a private piano and voice teacher, I frequently
teach improvisation to my students. It’s unfortunate that many
teachers do not teach this way as it helps to make independent
musicians. I feel so strongly about the importance of improvisation,
that I’m now offering this expertise in a online package.



“Learn to Improvise” $29.95 $24.95

* When you purchase this course using the link below, you will
directed to the download page to get the ebook.
* You will also receive the page containing the videos where you can
view immediately.
* You will also receive instructions on how to access the exclusive
Student Forum where you can post messages and videos, get ideas, and
ask questions. You can be learning to improvise within minutes!


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Learning a musical instrument as a hobby has many benefits for the
adult. It enhances fine motor control, concentration memory, visual
and aural discrimination, organizational skills, and goal setting. It
can also stimulate right - brain activities - synthesis, creativity,
intuition, and innovation.

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