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Pair Trading Signals

Get Our PROFITABLE TRADING STRATEGY Described In Detail First Name:

''Just a quick thank you for providing such a great service, it has
definitely helped my trading, thanks again''

John Highbridge - New York, USA.

''Just closed my first trade for a $2,349 profit! I'm very happy with
your picks, cheers''

Michael Williams - London, UK.

"I must admit I was fairly skeptical at first with this service since
Ive been burned before, but you guys seem to be the real deal''

Albert Gecci - Unknown.

Our Services As Seen in Prominent Trading Magazines

Pair Trading Signals is a real time trading signal service for
stock, ETF and Forex traders all around the world. Our signals are
based on the proven pair trading system designed by professional
trader Jared Mann, former Investment Bank member and experienced
trader alongside his team of qualified programmers.

Our signals are based on the pair trading strategy, where you are
long and short two similar instruments at the same time, which
significantly reduces your portfolio risk. A common pair trade may be
to buy Coca Cola(KO) whilst at the same time short Pepsi(PEP).
Performance isn't reliant on market direction unlike most systems.

Pair trading, also known as long/short trading, is the largest used
strategy by hedge funds, and is rapidly growing with online traders.
We are the only real time pair trading signal service available to the
online trader.

We have a profitable two year track record with over 700 trades
given to our members. We find the best trades for you, all you have
have to do is execute the trades.

Members that have followed our signals have made over $100,000 using
our low risk pair trading signals.

Start receiving our signals today with no contract, no lock in
period and you can cancel at anytime. Anyone can join.

Real Time Stock, ETF and FX Trading Signals Sent Directly to You

Example Trading Signals

Monday 3:29 PM - Long XLE @ 53.25 / Short GDX @ 48.69

Thursday 3:44 PM - Exit XLE @ 57.34 / Exit GDX @ 47.11

Recent Performance

Winning Trades: 68.49%

Avg Trade Length: 14 Days

Avg Winning Trade: 2.50%

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