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The Luxury Bedding Makeover System

_“Love this! Powerful, practical and solid advice on luxury bedding
makeover. Even applying just one of the tips after reading this book,
gave my bed a boost of luxury. Apply Jay’s knowledge and you’ll
feel much more confident to get started right away and to have the
most luxurious bed every night!”_

_ Angela Tunner_

Editor in Chief and Founder @EAT LOVE SAVOR Magazine

Are you currently in search of some simple ways to make your bedroom
more attractive and inviting?

Perhaps you’re fed up with the same old tired bedroom décor, and
you’re looking to change things up a
bit..............................Whatever your reasons, you’ve come
to the right place!

Everyone needs a change once in a while. One of the best ways to feel
like you are getting a fresh start is by making over a personal space.

Changing your bedroom is a fun and usually _easy way to renew your

Whether you are working on a budget or your resources are unlimited,
it is important to understand the fundamentals of creating a bedroom
that you will love to come home to.

If your life seems hectic and out of control, why not create a
private retreat where you can go to unwind, chill out, and take
sanctuary from outside intrusions? Without adding on to your house,
you'll be able to find a special spot that is yours alone. You'll be
pleasantly surprised how easy it is to escape without going anywhere.

No room in your home is more personal than the master bedroom. It is
the core of your private space, where you can truly be yourself. It is
the personal getaway where you go to rest, relax, rejuvenate, and
restore your inner self.
So stop ignoring your dearest and most private room and TURN IT INTO

If your bedroom is more like a catastrophe than oasis, it may be time
to wake up and take on the chaos.

_This is the one room where it’s all about you, so get the most out
if it…._


Much of the focus in your bedroom is on the bed itself and it makes
sense to start your room Makeover by choosing bedding first!


Well, with so many offers available is pretty easy to get lost.

Lots of technical stuff, blatant advertising, over inflated thread
counts, millions of search results on Google…

It’s just a big mess !!

Difficult to chase through the clutter of so called “amazing”


To complicate things even more add the many different bedding sizes
available, pillow top mattresses, odd sized pillows………and how
the heck to measure them?

Furthermore you may be willing to hire an interior designer to help
you doing all the things right and take your bedroom décor project to
the next level.

At this point You may just decide to give up or postpone what seems
to be definitely too much work and too much money…..

Here is a better solution:


_"A Step-by-Step Workbook To Dress Up a Beautiful Bed and Revamp Your
Bedroom Decor"_

by Jay C. Conti

The Luxury Bedding Makeover System is the must-have resource for
interior designers and do-it-yourselfers.

Clear, concise and straight to the point with checklist and fill in
the blanks questionnaires it provides an easy to follow WORKBOOK TO

You will be guided hand-in-hand through _each and every step of the
process_ :
from choosing the right items to put on your bed to understanding the
key points of quality and use your bedding as the center stage of a

This is not just another boring book to read from cover to cover, put
down and forget forever.

This is actually an action book that you can put to work for you
today, to easily make your bedding ideas happen.

The guide helps simplify the complex task of setting up your bed to
create a beautiful, personal and comfortable bedroom that is
_attractive as well as functional_.

Just scan through the pages, go to the topic of your specific
interest, print it, take notes, complete the check lists, fill in the
blanks and take action, be confident and get things done!


Bedding basics : how to measure your bed and _avoid costly mistakes_
when you choose your new sheets.

Fitted sheets : The single most important thing to look for to get a
_comfortable snug fit_ and have everyday a neat bed.

A simple handy Formula to calculate the perfect flat sheet measure
for your bed so you don’t have to _wrestle in a sleep-stealing tug
of war with your sheet-stealing partner_.

How to make A tidy Bed with sheets that stays neatly tucked with no
creases, look good, stay clear and be the place you want to sleep in.

Why You won'T need to bother ever again of having your _fitted
sheet_ adjusted--as it's either -so loose it won't stay put and get
annoyingly creased right away...or it's so tight it's slipping-out of
the mattress as you make a move in bed.

How to make sure your Pillows perfectly fit into the case without
slipping out while providing an attractive finished look.

_How to dress up_ the Top of Your Bed for a great impact on your
bedroom décor.

How to easily change the look of your Bedroom just by adding a
_duvet/comforter cover._

Three easy steps to spruce up your bedroom.

Bedskirt demystified : a Surefire way for perfecting your bedding

What LUXURY LINENS QUALITY really mean and Why it’s so important
for choosing your bedding.

Why linens quality_ really matters._

QUALITY CHECKLIST: The 5 Step Plan that makes your purchase decision
a child’s play.

How to discover and avoid THREAD COUNT SCAMS.

Learn the real meaning of some _technical terms_ that industry
experts don’t want you to know.. and never be fooled again by tricky
jargon speak!

Little known secrets about WORLD’S FINEST FABRICS.

How to wash and care for your fine linens to last a lifetime.

PROVEN TIPS AND TRICKS to safeguard the beautiful appearance of your

8 Tips for hiring an Interior Designer and get started on the right
track .

BEDROOM MAKEOVER-ON-DEMAND: a _brand new way_ to get that designer
look you’ve always wanted for your bedroom without the high cost.


DISCOVER E-DECORATING: no more cheesy salespeople walking into your
home! You can set -the budget, the time and the schedule directly

Get your bedroom makeover done _without even leaving your desk_.

A set of eight Tried and tested COLOR SCHEMES THAT WORK EVERYTIME
and you can easily implement in your bedroom today.

Tip and tricks for selecting a new color palette with confidence
without going nuts.

HOW TO ORDER CUSTOM LINENS: Let me walk you through a real Workroom
to review a live example of how to order custom made bed linens the
easy way.

Get instant access to the “ASK THE LINENS EXPERT HELP DESK” for
any question, help on a specific topic or _FREE consultation_ about
your next bedding project.

_“As if taking you on a tour in a foreign country, Jay C Conti goes
under the covers in ‘The Luxury Bedding Makeover System’,
unraveling the mystery of thread count, teaching the language of linen
& deciphering the nuances quality brings to your decor. Conti makes
the redecorated bedroom a travel destination, in itself.”_

_ Toma Clark Haines_

Chief Executive Diva - The Antiques Diva® & Co.

_"Jay Conti provides clear and approachable advice for the
contemporary domestic looking to restock their linen closet.
 Confused about thread count? Textiles? Or bedding styles? -- Jay
cuts through the jargon to make textiles approachable, leaving the
reader with no choice but to enjoy a good night's sleep.  If you buy
any book on bedroom decor, this one is it."  _

_ Coryanne Ettiene_

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--You will not only learn how to change your bedding but also revamp
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