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Communication is the heart of every relationship – even with dogs!
Humans don’t bark fluently…

…so how can YOU communicate with your best friend?

“Understand Your Pet with the Dog Training Master Class!”

Learn to use the professionals' secret tips, tricks and techniques.
Everything YOU need to have a HEALTHY WELL TRAINED DOG!

Your dog could be trying to tell you: He’s hungry He needs to go outside He wants to play with you He’s happy He loves you!
Do YOU understand everything he says? Even if your dog is afraid? Or worse, feeling sick or in pain?

Can YOU respond quickly?


Be the Leader of the Pack
and Master Your Pet Relationship!

From the desk of: Adam Jones

Subject: Understanding Your Dog

Hi, my name is Adam Jones.

Getting a dog is a life-changing event – but you already know that don't you!

The day I brought home my first puppy, everything changed. Those first few months were just perfect and little Violet could do no wrong – even when she did.

Of course, you can’t blame a little puppy for peeing all over the house, chewing up important documents, begging for food or anything else they might get up to. At that age they just don’t know any better. But they do need to learn some good habits and forget the bad ones before that adorable little puppy becomes a great big nuisance.

Dogs, like people, need to know what’s expected of them.

And you, my friend, need to be the voice of authority. You may wonder, “How can I tell my dog what I expect? With all the dog training options out there, which one is right for US?”

I spent years researching, attending obedience classes and even hired a “professional” dog trainer to help overcome the obstacles I was facing. None of that was cheap, and most of it wasn’t very good for teaching Violet how I wanted her to behave either.

In fact, I learned more than she did during all of this. I learned what does work and the best ways to adapt to individual dogs’ needs!

I also learned what doesn’t work, and believe me, there’s an awful lot of that around. Imagine a school where children are taught uniformly, paying no mind to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Not only would there be very few top graduates from such a classroom, but the teachers wouldn’t be very popular with their students either.

Dog training means bonding,
understanding and two-way communication.

I learned this through trial and error over many years, and am now the proud owner of one very well-behaved, healthy adult dog!

But you don’t have to make any trials or errors because I’ve been keeping track of the best dog training techniques for you while filtering out the useless fads.

I’ve constructed 5 complete ebooks, each packed with the most current and important information for keeping a happy and healthy dog. For you, this means no more wasted playtimes, no more walk-time frustration, and lots MORE enjoyable quality time spent with your best friend.

Using the best of the best and cutting the rest
I’ve compiled a MASTER’S dog training class for you!

You’ll learn…
How to keep your dog healthy and safe Professional strategies for dog obedience How YOU can end your dog’s bad habits – for good Advanced behavior modification techniques Healthy and delicious dog diet options …and MUCH more!

You and your dog are about to begin the best and most enjoyable time together you’ve ever had…


Introducing the...

“Dog Training Master Class”

Learn Everything YOU Need to Know
to Have a Healthy Well-Trained Dog!

[Click here to download
“Dog Training Master Class” NOW!](http://1.adamb09.pay.clickbank.net/)

Many so called dog training “classes” consist of just a few useful points of information surrounded by the same “filler” you can get anywhere.

The Dog Training Master Class is different, complete with so much targeted, useful information that I couldn’t even fit it all in 1 book – or even 4!

Everything you and your dog need to grow together
– in one place!

Let’s look into the different modules in a little more detail…

Book 1 (73 pages):

"How to Have a Healthy Dog"

The first module of the Master’s Class is focused on helping you maintain your dog’s health. In this section, you’ll learn the answers to these common questions and more, as well as the solutions to some health related issues:

What’s the best diet for my dog? Does my dog have allergies? What are the best (and worst) toys for my dog? How do I prevent/control fleas and other parasites? What is Kennel cough? …and MUCH MORE
Understanding your dog’s HEALTH
is the best way to keep them healthy!


Book 2 (26 pages):

"Dog Obedience Secrets"

Next, we’ll look at the best techniques that top professionals use to train their dogs and how YOU can successfully apply them yourself! The Master’s Class is your perfect obedience training companion – proven strategies for the best results possible.
Heeding your call How to curb barking/whining issues - positively Stop your dog from peeing indoors Keep your dog safe by discouraging roaming Chewing, digging, biting, fighting… …and MUCH MORE
Understanding your dog’s BEHAVIOUR is the best way
to help them behave the way you’d like!


Book 3 (84 pages):

"How to End Bad Dog
Habits Forever"

PLUS: 107 minutes of MP3 audio

This section focuses on helping you understand your dog’s mind. You'll discover ways to know what their thinking, what causes them to behave in a certain way and how you can use this information to help train them.
What are the triggers of “bad dog” behavior? Does your dog really have emotions? What is separation anxiety? Is crate-training appropriate for your dog? How can you change bad dog habits – for good? … and MUCH MORE
Understanding your dog’s HABITS is
the best way to help him change them!

The perfect master-dog relationship is just a few clicks away

[Click here to download
“Dog Training Master Class” NOW!](http://1.adamb09.pay.clickbank.net/)

There’s a lot more to come though – you’re getting
5 complete ebooks (PLUS a BIG bonus we’ll talk about later)!


 Your Master’s Class also includes:


Book 4 (84 pages):

"Elite Dog Training Guide"

Now that you and your dog understand each other a little better, we’ll get into some of the finer points of dog-psychology. Module 4 of the Master’s Class digs a little deeper into advanced dog training techniques:
Achieving real understanding with your dog Positive reinforcement & the reward system CORRECT use of training tools & aids How your dog’s personality affects training Overcoming antisocial dog behavior … and MUCH MORE
Understanding your dog’s MIND
is the best way to bond with them!


Book 5 (66 pages):

"Healthy Dog Diet Secrets"

In the final module of the Master’s Class, we’ll take a detailed look at your dog’s diet to identify areas that could use some improvement. “You are what you eat” after all and dogs are no exception! You’ll learn how to provide your dog a healthy diet – and that’s the foundation for a happy life!
Making sense of pet nutrition Appropriate and inappropriate food choices Dog age, digestion, balance and nutrition The realities of dog weight gain Supplementation and nutritional additions … and MUCH MORE

Understanding your dog’s DIET is definitely
the best thing you can do to keep him happy!

And that’s your Dog Training Master’s course! I just know YOU’LL SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS when you successfully apply the techniques you learn to training YOUR dog. Yes, owning a dog truly can be as good as you imagined it – maybe even better!

[Click here to download
“Dog Training Master Class” NOW!](http://1.adamb09.pay.clickbank.net/)

You too can enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded relationship with your dog. With the help of the tips and techniques described in my Master’s course, you’ll be a model dog trainer in to time – and you’ll both be happier for it!


"...things got a lot better..."

Thank you for making this series on dog training. At first, Rusty, my black lab thought he was the “leader of the pack”, but after reading through the Dog Obedience book and implementing your advice, things got a lot better. I really didn’t think about the way he viewed me in relationship to him. I thought that I was automatically the dominant one. Little did I know, he thought he was and that caused most of the behavior problems.

Mitch Donally, Pittsburgh


"These books are a life saver!"

These books are a life saver! I got this series after my new Chihuahua puppy, Pita, peed on our couch. I read that book immediately and started working with her. It didn’t take long to get her to understand where she needs to go to the bathroom. I learned that I was part of the problem and once I read the book on obedience and training, we started working together on even more basic commands. She is very feisty, but your series has really improved our interactions together. It’s really a joy to watch a puppy “get it” and I’m sure she feels the same way about me. Thank you so much and please let me know when you come out with another series for advanced training.

Kim Ferguson, Dallas

"...thank you for giving me my backyard back..."

My Blue Healer, Max, is a very nice 3 year old dog. He started to nip at people more and more because that is what a “Healer” does, they are bred to heard cattle. It didn’t take long one afternoon when we were having a party in the backyard that Max was rounding up the adults into a smaller group. When one of the adults moved out of the little group, Max tried to bite his pants. It wasn’t the “funny thing” Max did; it seemed more serious at that point. No one was hurt, but that was unacceptable to me, so I got online and found your site.

I purchased immediately and began to read the book on biting. That next morning I started working with Max. It’s been about 6 months and we just had another party in the backyard. Max, still kind of herded everyone together, but was more relaxed and accepting of people breaking out of the group he made. It’s now more of a game to him than a serious issue. If it wasn’t for your biting book, I’m not sure I would have my backyard back. So, thank you for giving me my backyard back and teaching me how to better control my dog.

Stephen Brady, St. Louis


"This is a great set of books"

All I can say is, “Wow”! The book on dog diet secrets was great. There were several things that we did with our dog, that because of your book and how it explained what that food does to their system, we don’t do them anymore. We learned that the healthy treats we were giving him was actually not healthy for him at all. I now quickly read the labels and buy truly healthy dog treats. We also changed food, because we were using the same food for our Labrador Retriever that we were for our Miniature Schnauzer. They both have different needs and diet requirements. This is a great set of books and I can’t wait to dig into the next book on dog training.

Julie Macoy, Los Angeles

But wait – there’s more!

Do you remember the BIG BONUS I mentioned earlier on? The one you’ll get ON TOP of the Master’s Course – 5 complete ebooks – you’re going to receive, at NO EXTRA CHARGE?



“Dog Bite Prevention”

(97 pages)

A comprehensive guide to biting behavior in dogs,
including prevention and socializing.

Dog Bite: The underlying causes How to recognize warning signs Seven things you should do if your dogs bite Socialization tips for Puppy owners How you can get a puppy to stop biting … and MUCH MORE

"How to Potty Train Your Dog”

(30 pages)

The most inclusive guide available to
avoiding those “little accidents”.

An approach to housetraining an adult dog Housebreaking versus housetraining Potty training for small dogs Watching your dog’s diet during the housetraining process What to do if you don’t want to crate train … and MUCH MORE

That’s right – you’re going to receive BOTH of these awesome ebooks with the Master’s Class, absolutely FREE!

Save your time for your dog,
and your money for his treats!

With The Dog Training Master Class, you get everything you need in one package. No need to travel around to expensive “lessons”, no more paging through redundant info just to find something new, and no more wasted time with your best friend!

The Master’s Class represents HUGE volumes of data sorted, written and edited by dog behavior specialists.

It’s everything you need to have a healthy, happy and well-trained dog!  All you’ll need is your dog’s favorite treats to get started - no gimmicks, no gadgets. Just the Master’s Course: the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE dog training information available.

My Iron Clad
8 Week No Hassle
Money Back Guarantee

I’m so sure that you and your dog will benefit from the Master’s Class that I GUARANTEE it.

This is highly effective training material that I know works, because it has worked for me and many, many of my readers.

I want you to be able to move forward with your dog training in absolute confidence.

So if you’re not completely satisfied at any time within the first 60 days just say the word and you’ll have the purchase price returned to you in full.

No questions, no hassles and you’ll even get to keep the product. What can I say? The material is just that good.


You too can be a Dog Training MASTER!

“Dog Training Master Class”

Learn Everything YOU Need to Know to
Have a Healthy, Well-Trained Dog

$57 Today $37


[Click here to download
“Dog Training Master Class” NOW!](http://1.adamb09.pay.clickbank.net/)

It’s never too late to start, and you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

The Dog Training Master Class can help you improve ALL areas of your dog’s behavior and increase your enjoyment of each other. You’ll learn advanced training techniques, dog behavioral psychology, important nutritional guidelines and MUCH MORE...

Both you AND your dog will benefit from taking the Master Class. I’ve seen it work and I personally guarantee it!

- Adam Jones

Adam Jones

P.S. Remember – it’s never too late to start! Every dog and every owner can benefit from learning the advanced training techniques in the Dog Training Master Class!

P.P.S. Healthy dogs are happy dogs – the sooner you learn about proper dog nutrition the happier your dog – and you – will be!

[Click here to download the
“Dog Training Master Class” NOW!](http://1.adamb09.pay.clickbank.net/)

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