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Want to find out the #1 Most Critical Secret to Getting Hired in Today’s Economy?

Don’t believe all of the Gloom and Doom reports
that say you can’t get hired.

It truly is possible to land that dream job now, and I am living proof.

Throughout the past 5 years, in which the majority of those years has been in a down market, I havechanged jobs 6 times. This has been done on my own accord. I have not been laid off or fired or transferred, but I have switched jobs because I wanted to on my own merit. (Side note: I actually had to count on my hands each job I have had since 2005).

Find out how I cracked the code to getting hired FAST in today’s down job market with 1 simple tactic that I can teach you.

I, in no way, am recommending you do the same. Let me repeat. This is not a good way to build a resume and can hurt you in the future. I am very well aware of that. I knew the risks when I was job searching and interviewing. But with that said, I do not regret making ANY of the changes I made. Each job change for me was for the better, whether it was experience, salary, benefits or flexibility. These jobs were actually career jobs, where I could have still been successful at each and every one of them. These were not part-time jobs. They were all full-time with benefits in relatively the same areas: Business/Internet/Marketing/IT. I managed multiple employees and grew professionally in each position I held.
Find out the #1 Quintessential Secret to Getting Hired!

Get the REAL Truth about Resumes

Learn the inside tips HR Departments don’t want you to know

Discover the 13 things you need to do on your interview and the 12 things you should never do

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By doing the easy math, I averaged a little over a job a year since 2005. Think of how many resumes I had to submit and interviews I had to go on just to achieve that statistic. For much of the past 5 years, I have spent the majority of those days putting resumes together, writing cover letters and going on interviews, all while I had a full-time job.

So think of me, as the most recent social experiment in the job search process. I know what it is like out there. I have taken phone interviews at work from my car. I have had to take the next flight to Chicago to interview for a job. There is no doubt that it is tough out there. It really is! The competition is stiff, but the second you stop feeling bad for yourself and start working towards getting hired, that is when things will turn around for you.

[]If you are truly serious about finding your new career, don’t wait.

The Surefire Hire eBook is your next step to getting hired in your dream job. I have taken all of my experiences that work and bundled them into this easy to read, downloadable eBook. You will not find these secrets anywhere else, because I have tested them out personally!

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It is more expensive to go out to the movies tonight or go to your local watering hole than to get serious about your career and change your life today!


Recently, I have had many friends come up to me asking about jobs: Where to find them, how to interview, “Hey can I get your resume to use as an example”, etc… Most of the time it starts out as a joke given my recent job change history. But the principles and methods that I gave them and the ones I am giving you here, are the same principles and methods that led to me finding job after job and getting hired 6 times in 5 years. And they have all found success with it.

You might ask how I know these are the right methods, or where did I find out how to do these. I would say all of these tips/tricks are from my personal experience with one tip that I borrowed. But this tip is the foundation for this entire guide. This was the first tip my father gave me when I started interviewing for jobs well before college, probably right around the time I interviewed for my first job at Rita’s Italian Ice (which is presently the only job that I was let go from. When you are 15, who doesn’t want to eat straight from the custard machines?!)


Turn on any TV news channel, browse to any website or talk to someone at your local bar or restaurant and I guarantee you will hear someone saying that the economy is down, the job market sucks, nobody is hiring or they would love to switch jobs but it’s probably not a good idea. This is the very doom and gloom perspective that the majority of the country has right now. How fun is doom and gloom?

Right now, at this very moment, get that out of your head. Do not pay attention to this. I cannot tell you how many times when I decided to look for a job I heard, “Are you sure about this? It’s probably not a good idea to look for a job right now.” I laughed it off, because the people who sit on their butts and do not do anything about it will not find what they are looking for. I knew that once I put my head down and set my heart to it, I would accomplish what I intended to do.

The more you listen to negative comments and surround yourself with negative thinking, the more likely you are going to fail. But if you decide that you want to get hired quickly, no matter what the media or the guys at the bar say, and you surround yourself with positive people who support you in your job search, the more likely you are to be going out to that same restaurant or bar with your coworkers after a long day at your new job. *Side Note – This is a great feeling… Going out for the first “after-work drink” with coworkers. You will meet some of your life-long friends on these occasions.

This book is not for the negative thinkers!


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Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jake Carney

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