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Discover How You Can Earn a Solid
Online Income by Selling High-Demand
Software, Ebooks and Videos.

You Keep 100% of the
Profits from Every Sale!

"There's Never Been an EASIER way to Start
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Introducing As Reseller.

Own Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights for Many of the LATEST Ebooks, Software, Videos and Marketing Tools!

Includes Ready-to-Go Sales Websites for EVERY Product!

A Terrific Range of Products to Enjoy for Yourself and Sell to others!

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From: David Garcia
RE: Making Money Selling Software and Ebooks


Dear Friend,

'm willing to bet that you wouldn't pay $27 for a copy of 'Autoresponder Magic' -- even if you desperately wanted it this very moment.

     Am I right?

   After all, that ebook can be downloaded for free on thousands of websites right across the Internet.

     The same goes for 'Million Dollar Emails', ''Scientific Advertising', 'Magic Letters' and a whole host of other popular titles.

     Now don't get me wrong, those are great ebooks that deserve their huge reputations. But as reseller products they just don't cut it! You'd be really lucky to make one sale in a week.

     And that's the problem with most of the reseller packages on the Internet today. They're full of yesterday's ebooks and yesterday's software and yesterday's videos. They're full of products that nobody's willing to pay for anymore.

     Let's be realistic here...

     To generate a PROPER INCOME as a reseller, you need to offer the very LATEST and most SOUGHT-AFTER titles. You need to promote products that people are willing and happy to BUY.

     Well, now you can!

In the As Resale Package
Many of the  NEWEST and most
WANTED Ebooks and Software
Packages on the Internet!

     Each product comes loaded with a Ready-to-Go Sale Page written by some of the web's Top Marketers. All you have to do is plug in your order link, send the page online and you're ready!

You'll Own Master Resale Rights
or Private Label Rights to
All these Quality Products...
(And MANY More)

Easy PDF Maker Software

Finally here's an EASY way to publish stunning PDF files, without wasting a lot of time and money.

With Easy PDF Maker software you'll be able to easily create PDF ebooks in minutes -- and with a minimum of fuss.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

SlideUp FX Software

SlideUp ads are a very effective (and non-intrusive) way to capture the attention of visitors to your website. This new style of advertisement can greatly increase your ezine opt-in rates AND increase your sales.

With 'SlideUp FX' you'll be able to create fully-customizable SlideUp ads for your webpages -- without doing any programming!
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

How to Pull Money From
Any Resale Rights Product

This terrific ebook is an excellent companion piece to the Total Resale package itself.

Learn the insider secrets to making money and achieving genuine success with ANY resale rights product -- old or new.
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Auto Launch End Software

How would you like if you can tell your website to change pages without lifting a finger?

In this package -- which includes a video tutorial -- you'll learn how you can benefit from making your sales pages switch to different pages automatically! And, you'll get the software you need to do just that.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Quick Profit Secrets

What if you were making an extra $1,000, or $2,000 or even $5,000 extra every month?

Well, in this report the author outlines a blueprint for organizing 'quick sales' that can generate a big income for you -- in the short term and in the long term.

Even if you don't already have a product of your own to sell, the author shows how you can get started using this system -- and get other people to do most of the hard work for you.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Ebook Money Machine

Generate income 24/7 with your own ebook business in just a week from now.
It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the Internet, or don't want to work hard, or you can't write anything...you can make a killing fast with this simple, proven system.
Retails at $37.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights


Creating your first e-Commerce Site

Creating your first e-Commerce Site has all the strategies that you will ever need for setting up an internet presence that will position your business as a serious player both locally and globally.
Retails at $37.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights


Film Making - Learn the Basics to Becoming a Film Maker

Have you ever wanted to make your own film?  Is there a story you want to tell? You might think that it's impossible -- well it's not!

In this ebook, an independent film insider gives you the necessary information in filmmaking that it would take a couple years in college to get.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights
Important Note...
You DON'T have to download every single product in the Total Resale Package right away!

Simply download the As Resale Master Ebook (less than 1 Mb) and you'll be able to access ALL current and future products any time you want. Download some of them today. Download some of them tomorrow... or next week, or next month or next year...

There are no passwords to remember. There are no download pages to bookmark. In short, there's no hassle and there's no hurry!

Hub Blueprint

In this PDF ebook, an average Joe reveals how this 'silly-simple' Web 2.0 website brought in 10,658 FREE visitors in just 6 days!

It's a simple strategy -- and you can replicate it for any online niche.
Retails at $9.97

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Sales Intimidator Software

To make more money from your website, you need to increase conversions on the traffic you're already getting. You need your sales page to sell more copies, and you need your visitors to spend more money with you.

This software is designed to help you do exactly that!
Retails at $67.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Traffic Heist -- Underground Traffic Generating Strategies.
Follow step-by-step blueprint to legally steal, swipe and funnel as much targeted FREE traffic as your server can handle!

These methods are NOT "black hat", but when it comes to how easy you will be able to generate a swarm of traffic to your site, it will feel like it is...
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights



Becoming A Computer Expert

This is not hype. It's not a lie. You can become knowledgeable with computers within 7 days -- enough to troubleshoot most problems and be more confident working with your PC.

A book that will only show you what you need to know, simple and quick to read and enables you to understand computers much more than the average user.
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

The A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages

Launching your own product or service on the internet is not easy nowadays. It seems that everybody has their own website and trying to sell one thing or another.

In these rough economic times it also seems that every absolute beginner has the same idea - "why not start my own part-time online business to make a bit of extra money?
Retails at $37.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Detoxify the Body

Maybe you are just sick of all of the toxins that are in the air you breathe, the water you drink and the foods you eat. If so, then you need to do something about it. If you find yourself feeling bad about your health, there are ways that you can help your body right at home.
Valued at: $17.00

You Get Full Re-distribution Rights

Online Legal protection

If you're not careful, you can end up facing a BIG lawsuit by simply ignoring small (but vitally important) details on your website.

In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know in order to keep you and your internet business legally protected online.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights


Six Pack Abs -- Secrets to the Best Abs Ever!

Are you feeling ever-so-slightly flabby around the middle? Would you like a tighter, firmer tummy?

Learn about all the rights foods to eat (and avoid) as well as all the right exercises to take in order to to sculpt your abdominal muscles so that they give you that 'six-pack' look that you have always wanted. Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Your Retirement Planning Guide .

In Finally You Now Have The Guide That Will Assist You With Expert Tips And Strategies To Plan Your Retired Life In Such A Way That It Is Fun-Filled And Full Of Activities...

Spend Your Days Without Any Financial Worries And Get The Maximum Out Of This New Life.

In simple, easy-to-understand language, this well-organized eBook tells you everything you need to do in order to have a secure retired life
Retails at $27.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

One Million Dollars - One Year

During a closed-door mastermind group Jeremy Burns, Mike Filsaime, Josh Anderson and Mike Mograbi brainstormed the strategies necessary to reach $2739.73 a day in online income.

Their 60-minute brainstorming session turned into 3 hours of some of the most powerful information  ever heard on a teleconference! 
Retails at $47.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Unlimited Profits & Traffic

It's very possible you already know some of the strategies I will share here, at least at the very basic level.  But you'll discover some interesting twists and important concepts that will make those strategies even more powerful.

Retails at $12.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Paid Surveys - Get Paid Taking Surveys in Your Spare Time

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh great, another get rich quick scheme’. WRONG!

This is simply a guide to making money from home by participating in paid surveys on the internet. You WILL NOT get rich in a hurry -- but you will make extra cash if you read what this ebook has to say about this lucrative undertaking.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Web Elements - Over 3,500 Graphics

Never be stuck for web graphics, templates,
bullets, buttons or banners again.

Increase your sales and create stunning looking websites with over 3,500 attention-grabbing graphics!
Retails at $47.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Traffic Mayhem - How to Direct 1 Million Free Visitors To Your Website.

Mark Flavin and Terry Telford recently recorded a tell-all TeleClass that showed attendees how to get 1 million visitors to their websites every year…for free.

This MP3 recording (plus PDF transcript) includes that TeleClass in full.
Retails at $47.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Hypnosis Mania: Unmasking the Mysteries and Powers of Hypnotism

Hypnotize yourself and others to recovery, to prosperity, and to a much better life!

Learn what's true (and what's not) about hypnosis and discover how to use it to increase your confidence, break from bad habits, lose weight, and excel in life.
Retails at $19.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Copywriting for the Web - Basics

The goal of any copywriting is for the reader to take some kind of action. By learning some simple techniques, you'll be able to increase the number of action takers.

This is especially important for those paying for advertising...how much money could you be missing out on.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

I Can, Therefore I Will

Are you ready to conquer your fears and start turning your dreams into reality?

In this ebook, you'll learn to train your mind on how to create positive reality through positive thoughts.

You'll discover that you're capable of attaining your heart's deepest desires - by unleashing the hidden powers of your mind!
Retails at $19.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Zero to Fifty in 30 Days

In this ebook the author reveals a secret method to earning money online that is so successful it transformed his life

He shows you step-by-step how earning $50 a day can be easily achieved if you're prepared to put in some work and follow a proven system.
Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Internet Marketing Success Formula

This whole project started out with me wanting to survey my subscribers, readers and members. As an internet marketer, blogger and membership site owner, my job is to provide the content, training and tools they need, and recommend the the good products that will help my member further their internet marketing career.
Valued at: $97.00

You Get Full Re-distribution Rights

Video Clip Minisite Builder

Video sites are hot and their popularity is sure to explode over the coming year. People love looking at video clips -- and the search engines love video clip websites.

With "Video Clip Minisite Builder" you'll be able to quickly and easily build an unlimited number of auto-updating video clip niche websites using YouTube videos. No technical know-how is required.
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Blogging 101 - Blogging Your Way to Profit

earn how blogging can be used to promote your current business and to attract an entirely new audience or client base.

Also learn how you can use blogging to start a brand NEW business venture that is based solely online with no prior business knowledge and absolutely no web design experience.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Budget Travel - Save Hundreds Every Time You Go On Vacation

his ebook is targeted at students, young people and anyone else that wants to travel as much as they can without draining their bank account.

Travel does not have to be something you save for all year, it can be something you can afford to de every single month!
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

$100 A Day Income System

The "$ 100 a day Income System" is an ecourse that you can use for yourself - To build your business online.
Valued at: $97.00

You Get Full Re-distribution Rights

Free College - Inside Information on Saving Thousands of Dollars on College

In this ebook guide, you will learn how you can save thousands of dollars during your college years and how you can get most (if not all) of your college education totally free!

While the guide was inspired by those who attend Career-Focused colleges, most of this information can be applied to traditional colleges and universities as well.
Retails at $29.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

3 Steps to newbie Success

This report will show you the simple 3-Step System to succeeding on the Internet.  If you've been struggling to make your Internet business work for you, then this book will show you the path to follow.

I also want to tell you that I'm not going to guarantee anything.  I don't know you or your situation, your skills or your talents.  What might work for me, may or may not work for you.

Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Audible Store Generator

More and more people are choosing to listen to good books rather than read them. That means now is the time for to realize big profits by getting in on the ground floor of the fast-growing audiobook market!

This package will enable you to quickly and easily open your own audiobook site earning commissions on the 8,000+ products available on Audible.com
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Cyber Security

You do not have to live your life afraid of the internet. Nor do you have to worry that each time you use your computer you are opening up your home to predators.

When you learn about cyber security and how you can have internet safety, you will feel empowered. No longer will you be afraid of using the computer, instead, you will embrace it!.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Twitter Marketing Power

In this course I'll introduce to easy to follow  methods that you can use as an essential part for your Twitter marketing plan, plus some great tips, techniques and tools that you can use to make your Twitter page more interactive and productive!.

This course is specifically designed with beginners in mind, so even if you've never even used Twitter or you have just been using it causally you'll quickly learn how to  take advantage of everything it has to offer your Internet business!
Retails at $9.97

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Generating Daily Website to Your Website Quickly

Discover how to quickly and easily generate daily traffic to your site so you can attract more sales, more signups and make more profit.

Includes a range or tactics and techniques to bring in new visitors -- and increase your level of repeat visitors.
Retails at $9.97

You Get Full Master Resale Rights


Newbie Traffic Secrets

Learn how to get hoards of highly-targeted traffic flowing into your website with this straightforward guide to traffic generation.

Inside "Newbie Traffic Secrets", you’ll discover how you can use the exact same techniques that most of the top marketers use to bring constant streams of traffic to their websites every day.

Retails at $7.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights
Private Label Rights

Online Education Explained

Finally! A Complete Guide That Clearly Explains The Whole Electronic Degree Process And How You Can Get It, With The Help Of Little Known, But Highly Effective Tips! If You Have Been Looking For This, Just Don't Let This Opportunity Slip.
Retails at $27.95

You Get Full Master Resale Rights


Stop Thinking About How You're Going To Quit Smoking When You Can Instantly Stomp It In Less Than 30 Days With A Proven Set of Techniques.

When your "last drag" lasts more than a week and quitting has become
nearly impossible, it's time to use something that actually works
Retails at $27.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Natural Depression Cures

I wrote this book about Natural Depression Cures because I was diagnosed with depression. This was not a mild case of depression. It was severe CLINICAL depression - the type that makes it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning.
Retails at $37.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Pregnancy and Childbirth.

At Last! Discover The Various Methods To Eliminate All The Fears That Are Killing Your Enthusiasm To Give Birth To The Little Angel In You…! Keep The Fears Aside, And Await The New Kid That Is Going To Transform All The Pain Into Joy.
Retails at $17.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

Natural Cures for the Menopause.

In Natural Cures For The Menopause I also thoroughly and succinctly discuss all the signs of indicators menopause so that when menopause becomes likely you can learn to take care of yourself.

Retails at $37.00

You Get Full Master Resale Rights

     Nowhere else will you find so many attractive, high-demand products in one downloadable collection.

     And not just any old products! These are ebooks and software and niche products that practically sell themselves and that bring in up to $97.00 a shot! The potential for massive profits is virtually unlimited.

     But that's just half the story because, if you order today...

to the As Resale Package Itself!

Think about this for a moment...

In just a few minutes time YOU can be selling
THIS EXACT Package on YOUR Website!

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     I'll also give you complete instructions on how to get started. Even if you're totally new to this, you can be up and running in no time!

     So don't put it off. This is clearly a very sound investment. The quicker you [own your copy](#order) of Total Resale, the quicker you'll start reaping the rewards.

     Imagine, if you sell just ONE copy of As Resale you'll recover your investment. Yes, just ONE copy! And you'll have the exact same sales page as the one you're reading right now.

     And let’s not forget…

With As Resale You

     You got it! When you invest in the As Resale Package you're not only investing in all the quality products listed above.

     You're also investing in all the products I'll be adding to this package in the future.

Collection of Software and Ebooks that are

     Here's how it works...

     When you [complete your order](#order), you'll be instantly directed to the download page where there's just one small file to download - the Master Ebook. This Master Ebook contains the links to all your products (as well as other goodies I haven't even mentioned here).

     The Master Ebook also has a 'Dynamic Updater' page. This page will give you unlimited access to every single product I add to the package in the future -- right from your PC desktop! All you have to do is download them, enjoy them for yourself and/or sell them to others!

     Now that really is unlimited potential!

And Now for the BEST
Part of ALL...

     Okay, you've seen the sheer scale of this tremendous package and the potential it represents. Now you want to know how much it's going to cost you.

     Well, if you were to search the Internet and buy all these products individually, you'd pay up to $1151.66.

     That's a lot of money. But it's a very fair price when you consider the quality and potential of these products.

     And remember, that value is just for those products listed above. It doesn't include all the products that have been added over previous months nor all the products that will continue to be added over the coming months and years!

     But I'm not going to ask you to pay $1151.66. for this superb collection. Not even close!

     When you invest in your copy of the As Resale Package you get all these great products (including MASTER Resale Rights and Plug-n-Go Sales Pages) for just $67!

     Yes that's $67! About the same price as dinner and a movie...for one!

     How can I afford to offer such a massive discount?

     Well, when you get the As Resale Package, you'll have everything delivered in one small downloadable file - the Master Ebook.

     In this Master Ebook I've included a few non-intrusive links to my other websites. Basically, I'm offering this tremendous bargain as a means of gaining a little extra exposure for my other products. It's that simple.

     Now, before you [order](#order), I want you to know that you're not risking a cent when you invest in the AS Resale Package.

Your Investment is Backed by My
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      You can order the As Reseller Package in complete confidence.

     You can [download the Master Ebook](#order), get the software and the ebooks, examine them, use them for yourself. Heck, go ahead and make some sales.

     In short, give the As Resale Package a thorough test-drive. You've got a full 8 weeks to make up your mind.

     And, if you decide it's not for you, no problem. Just let me know and I'll issue a prompt and courteous refund. AND I'll let you keep the entire package for yourself as my way of saying 'thanks' for trying it out!

     You just can't lose.

     So, don't put it off. [Get your 100% risk-free copy](#order) right now, and judge for yourself how much the As Resale Package is worth to you when compared to the few dollars it costs.

Let's Do a Quick Recap.
Here's What You Get Today in the
Total Resale Package...

A HUGE Collection of the NEWEST Software, Ebooks and Video Tutorials on the Internet.
The As Resale Package is so complete and so up-to-date it's virtually unrivalled anywhere online.

Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS (or PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS) to EVERY Single Product in the Package.
You'll get professionally written sales pages that are designed for maximum sales. It takes just minutes to get started and I've included complete instructions.

Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to the As Resale Package itself!
You'll get a replica copy of this website that you can use to sell the As Resale Package to others! With a professional website like this, how long do you think it will take to recover your investment? One week? One day? One hour...?

FREE, Automatic Upgrades!
You'll continue to have the LATEST ebooks and software to offer your customers because I'll keep investing on your behalf. All you have to do is download them, enjoy them and sell them.

A HUGE Selection of Useful Tools for Yourself.
Remember, this is not just about making a massive income as a reseller. You'll also own a huge collection of Ebooks and Software that are loaded with insider tips, handy tricks and useful tools.

Easy Access to All The Products -- Right From Your Desktop!
There are no pages to bookmark or passwords to remember. Just download the small 'master ebook' today and you'll be able to download any and all of the products in the Total Resale Package whenever you want, right from your desktop.

An Iron-clad GUARANTEE of Satisfaction.
Try out the As Resale package for a full two months completely risk-free. If you're not 2000% delighted with your investment, just let me know and I'll issue a prompt and courteous refund. It's that simple.

     Now, before I finish, I just want to make one thing absolutely clear...

     This is not some fly-by-night product that will be outdated in 2 months time. The As Resale Package has been constantly evolving and improving -- ever since it launched back in 2002. It's truly an investment in the future.

     I operate one of the most successful ebook-related sites on the Internet (EbookTimes.com).

     I've been doing this since the days when computer screens were two shades of green, so I know the electronic publishing business inside out.

     That's why I've put this package together. I know what people want and I know how to deliver it. The As Resale Package is the premier Reseller Package on the Internet and I plan to keep it that way.

     And don't forget, you've got a full 2 months to decide if this is the best investment you've ever made in your life.

     So go ahead, and [order this unique package now](#order). You'll gain immediate access to these powerful products together with your own complete arsenal of money-making [websites.]

Yes! David I Want Instant Access to The As Resale Package so that I Can Start My Own Online Ebook and Software Business.

I understand that, by ordering today for just $67, I will get all of the following...
A HUGE Collection of the Software, Ebooks, Videos and Marketing Tools.

Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS and/or PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS to EVERY Single Product in the Package.

Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to the As Resale Package itself!

Ready-to-Go Sales Websites for EVERY Product PLUS a Copy of THIS Website to Sell the Package as a Whole!

FREE, Automatic Upgrades For Life!

A HUGE Selection of Useful Tools that I can Use for Myself.

Complete, Easy-to-Follow Instructions for Getting Started.

Just ONE Small File to Download Now. I Can Download the Contents of the Package ANY TIME I Want.

An Iron-clad, 2-Month GUARANTEE of Satisfaction.

Just $67




Here's to your success!

David Garcia
P.S. Remember, you get over $1,151 worth of quality products with Master Resale Rights (or Private Label Rights) together with Plug-n-Go Sales Pages for every product -- all for one absurdly low price. You also get Master Resale Rights to THIS PACKAGE and a copy of THIS SALES PAGE to use for yourself.

P.P.S. You've got a full 2 months to try the entire Package Risk-Free. If you decide it's not for you, just let me know and I'll refund every last penny - no questions asked. What's more, I'll still let you keep everything - including the Resale Rights!

[ Click here to order now](#order)

Still Not Sure?
Visit the [FAQ Page](tr_faq.htm) to Find Out More.


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NOTE: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money. 

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