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The "40 Essential Questions" is the BEST no fluff inside information available to anyone wanting to Start A Wrestling Club!

From Anthony Flatt: 2010 USA Wrestling Chairman of the Year. Chairman of the Georgia Amateur Wrestling Association also know as Team Georgia USA Wrestling.

Dear Wrestling Enthusiasts,

Starting a Wrestling Club in your community may seem like a daunting task. The process is a complex one and needs to be carefully planned if the Wrestling Club is to succeed in the long term. Many people who have always wanted to start their own Wrestling Club never do, simply because they're overwhelmed by the process and unsure of what specifically is involved.

If this is you don't worry because I am here to help you.

There are a lot of things you will need know about building a successful Wrestling Club and I've simplified the process by narrowing it down to the "40 Essential Questions" you must answer to build a successful Wrestling Club.

The "40 Essential Questions" is part of my Club Starter Kit which is geared towards people who want to start their own Wrestling Club, and the individual who has an established Wrestling Club and would like to see it grow and be more successful. Most people fail because they make avoidable mistakes! The Club Starter Kit teaches you what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.

In the Club Starter Kit I teach you:

Absolutely anyone can do this – ‘Newbies’ and Veteran Wrestling Club Managers alike.  


access to the ALL of the following:

$97 Value
Over a FULL HOUR of video training:
I teach you to answer each and every one of the over "40 Essential Questions". You must know the answer to these questions to run a successful Wrestling Club!

$119 Value
More than 17 essential documents:
Editable Wrestling Club Documents you can start using today! Bout Tracker to track your wrestlers matches at tournaments 3 versions of a Club Newsletter 5 different Wrestling practice plans Awards Banquet Planning Newsletter Club Registration Flier Club Deadlines document And many more....

$67 Value
Word for Word unedited Transcript:
A printable 38 page "word for word unedited transcript" of the video training where I teach you to answer each and every one of the over "40 Essential Questions". This is a great reference guide for you to make notes in and highlight things you need to remember.

$17 Value
Training Video Presentation Master Slides:
A complete set of the slides presented in printable format of the video training where I teach you to answer each and every one of the over "40 Essential Questions". You also receive FREE lifetime product updates - I will be adding more features to the CLUB STARTER KIT and raising the price considerably. The price is so low now it will likely double or triple in the next revision. Buying today locks you in and you get ALL future revisions of the CLUB STARTER KIT for FREE.

OVER $300 in Value - Each one of these products could be sold as a stand alone product for more than the insanely low price you'll pay today.


If you want to start a Wrestling Club but do not know how or where to start, I feel your pain. Allow me to explain....

My son joined a Wrestling Club for the first time at the local High School 9 years ago. The very next year guess what happened?

Yup! another dad and I were asked to volunteer to take over running the club because no one else wanted to. I am still not sure why I said yes as I knew nothing about running a Wrestling Club! Everyone else would have run screaming from the building, and many did! (well maybe not screaming). I guess I just did not want to see those kids go without a Wrestling Club.

Over the next 8 years as you may have guessed, I made hundreds of mistakes, but in the painful 8 year process I also learned a lot, the hard way. It is in those 8 years of trial and error that I put together the "40 Essential Questions" that MUST be addressed to run a successful Wrestling Club.

Before I learned the "40 Essential Questions", I would unknowingly run off wrestlers and parents a like, upsetting administrators and coaches. Generally, I looked pretty foolish to all the long established Wrestling Clubs. But I kept at it anyway.

"I wish I had the "40 Essential Questions" 8 years ago as it would have saved me months if not years of making the same mistakes over and over."

When I started I knew nothing about running a Wrestling Club heck it had been almost 20 years since my last varsity wrestling match. Once I learned to ask the "40 Essential Questions" I was finally able to run what became the largest Wrestling Club in our State.

We had 112+ wrestlers. What do you do with that many wrestlers in one room?

We learned how to get more Volunteer Coaches and Dad Coaches.

We learned to attend more tournaments and for every wrestler to have a coach in his corner no matter how many of our 112+ wrestlers were there. We had a lot of wrestlers at tournaments.

We made money for the high school team and the Wrestling Club by hosting more events.

More of our wrestlers became State Champions and State Placers.

Our coaches and wrestlers won more awards.

I'll explain fully how you can do the same.
Anthony I'm In....But How Much For All This CONTENT?
I like to give you as much overwhelming value as I can and I'm certainly not going to stop now. Yes, people might think I've gone a bit mad, but I want to make the CLUB STARTER KIT affordable to all because I want to see wrestling as a sport grow. Without Wrestling Clubs wrestling cannot grow.
If you ACT NOW then you can grab this killer training for a one time investment of just $99 $79 $47. Yes, Only $47 bucks!!

And All The Risk Is On Me Too!

Yes, I've completely lost my mind. Not only am I practically giving the CLUB STARTER KIT away but I'm also Prepared to Shoulder 100% of the Risks. Why, because nobody is going to want to return the CLUB STARTER KIT there is just way too much valuable information here. Which is Why I'm Backing it with a No Risk 60 Day Guarantee!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the CLUB STARTER KIT risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after following the information in the CLUBS STARTER KIT, you still can't get a club started, just let me know and you shall receive all your money back. And you get to keep the training as my thank you for giving it a go.

Look, the "40 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS" is the real deal and the CLUB STARTER KIT is an insane value which is why I don't mind putting my neck on the line with this. Download now and finally have the tools to build a successful Wrestling Club!

Yes Anthony! I'm ready to start learning how to start and run a successful Wrestling Club!

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful training that is capable of teaching me how to start and run a successful Wrestling Club.

I'll have immediate access to the same techniques you have used to start and run several successful Wrestling Clubs.

You've made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to start right now, so I'm clicking the secure order button below.



Buy The "Club Starter Kit" Right Now For Only

Once Purchased you will have Instant Access to the CLUB STARTER KIT, even if it's 3am.

I have spent years and who knows how much money learning how to do things correctly. For one low price, you'll get to benefit from ALL my experience.

Just think about it this way, for the price of just one of the more the 17 Worksheets in the CLUB STARTER KIT you can save months if not years of time learning this all on your own.

Download the CLUB STARTER KIT now and let me help you build a successful Wrestling Club!

To your success,

Anthony Flatt


PS. Remember, this is real content packed information that has been proven to work! Don't hesitate and download NOW!

PPS. Even if you do not buy my CLUB STARTER KIT please consider supporting Wrestling by making a donation to USA WRESTLING to support the Grass roots development of our sport and our Olympic Wrestling hopefuls. Please click the link below:

[USA Wrestling - The Governing body for amateur wrestling in the United States](https://www.usawmembership.com/MakeDonation.jsp?programId=401)


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