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I highly recommend Killing Cancer for anyone that is personally fighting or has a loved one fighting this terrible disease. Martin's down to earth, candid and honest account of his two successful battles with cancer not only let's the patient know what to expect, but also let's the patient know that as long as they are fighting the fight can be won.

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Killing Cancer by L. J. Martin

       ‘A layman's look at the disease of cancer and its treatment from a 2 time cancer survivor. L. J. Martin has beaten both prostate and throat cancer and attributes both modern medical science and herbal, homeopathic, exercise, and mental attitude toward that success. A frank, candid look at treatment and its effects.’

      If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, know that it's not a death sentence. KILLING CANCER is all about hope, and how to help your body help your doctors to kill this dreaded disease before it kills you. One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer.



One man’s journey down the cancer trail

June 2009

It started, this time, with a knot not much larger than half a child’s marble, just beneath the jaw on the left side of my neck. An infected lymph node…I hoped…however already being a cancer survivor I was not one to wait to see what transpired. Even though an infected lymph node is often associated with a fever blister, and I was just getting over my first blister in several years, I wanted to know for sure.

A call to a local head and neck medical center resulted in the typical: “The doctor can see you in five weeks.” I laughed, if a bit sardonically, not only thinking, but saying, “I could be dead in five weeks!” Didn’t help. Was I being a hypochondriac? I hoped so, but I was more than happy to be thought one for the piece of mind. But more so, I was convinced I had to be proven one by a thoughtful, professional, diagnostician.

If this journal helps you in any way, I hope it convinces you to be proactive about your health. It’s not some smiling receptionist at the doctor’s office who’ll have to go through the long, lonely, and oft times rocky road of your cancer. It’s you, and in the final analysis, only you, who’ll have to deal with it. If you take no for an answer, then you can only blame yourself if you don’t stop the monster in it’s tracks. And even if you get in to see the doc, be skeptical. I can’t begin to tell you how many stories I have of misdiagnosis. Medicine is a science, but it’s not a perfect science. It’s oft times an art as well. You want your doctor’s best educated guess, but you want it backed up with hard science if he/she, or you, have any doubt.

Doctor’s won’t be my primary audience for this journal as docs hate patients to self-diagnose and particularly to insist on tests docs think unnecessary. The internet has to be the bane of their existence, for too much information is spread so easily…of course much of it is erroneous.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well…

                            Just get up and dance.”

From KILLING CANCER by L. J. Martin

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L. J. Martin has written 20 novels, 2 non-fiction works, and is published in a number of periodicals. Prior to becoming a writer he was a real estate broker, specializing in farms, ranches, and development properties and selling internationally. He was also a licensed appraiser and contractor. Born and raised in the oil and ag town of Bakersfield, CA, and hailing from a long line of Okies, Missourians, and Texans, he’s traveled extensively for both work and pleasure. He’s married to an internationally published romantic suspense and [historical romance author, Kat Martin](http://katmartin.com/), and now lives in Montana.

At his retirement party, a man was approached by his son, who said, “Great that you’re retired dad. Are you gonna go fishing?”

“No, son, I’m thinking about going to law school.”

When he quit laughing, the boy said, “Pop, law school takes three years. In three years you’ll be 68.”

The man placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder and looked concerned, then offered. “Gee, son, you’re right. I hadn’t thought of that.”

The boy looked satisfied, then the man added, “by the way, sonny, in three years how old will I be if I don’t go to law school?”

From KILLING CANCER by L. J. Martin


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