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Easy Guitar Success
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Want To Learn To Play Guitar Like A Pro?

Dear up and coming guitar player,

How would you like to learn to play not one..... not  two.....

but FIVE  popular styles of lead guitar?
And all in a matter of weeks (or even days!!)

Fed up with trying to play the same thing?

Want to learn how to play like a professional session guitarist?

Want to unlock the real secrets behind guitar success?

Here's the deal...

My name is Darren Rampton, and I've been playing guitar for nearly 15 years. I'm a qualified teacher and certified performer, and the same thing always bugs me about how beginners are taught. You may already have noticed this if you have had overexpensive, unhelpful lessons... they so often just stick to one, boring style of guitar!Don't get me wrong, I love and admire all styles of guitar, but jeez anything would be boring if you were forced to focus on only it and nothing else!

That's why I developed...


Lead Guitar: From Rock To Jazz - Easy Success In FIVE Popular Styles

You see, that's what so many up and coming guitarists don't understand these days...


Don't get me wrong here, by versatile I don't mean amazing at all styles of guitar playing. Sure that would be lovely, but of course, very hard to acheive, and very time consuming. But take it from someone who has worked as a performing guitarist (and general musician) for years - you will be putting yourself WAY ahead of the game by learning to understand, and begin playing in a number of different styles.
Apart from that, it makes the whole experience an awful lot more exciting!

So let me give you an example:

You are interested by a lot of different types of music, but can only play basic Blues guitar. So you enjoy playing what you can, and if you've been playing for a while then maybe you perform at small clubs on a weekend. But hold on... what if you got yourself out of that rut by learning how to play Funk? Or Jazz?

Hold on, suddenly you come to realise that there are a lot more possibilities as a guitar player!
You didn't really know or like Jazz before, but just by picking up the basics, you are learning some really cool new stuff to take you to the next level of playing, even if you still want to be a Blues guitarist!

And then what else... why just perform at that small Blues club one night a week?
Why not play three nights a week... once at the Blues club, once at a Jazz lounge, and once with your new Hard Rock band!!

How Much Would You Normally Pay For Guitar Lessons?

$30 or £20 / hour?

$37 or £25 / hour?!

$40 or £30 / hour?!!

With 'Easy Guitar Success' you get around 25 HOURS worth of lessons.

All packed into one great, easy-to-understand e-book.

And let's see, 25 guitar lessons would cost you... $1000!!

'Easy Success In FIVE Different Styles' is currently on offer at...


For this one-time only payment, you can download the e-book as a PDF, plus gain full access to Easy Guitar Success [mp3s](/practice-materials.html)!

What Are You Waiting For?!

[Order today and being your journey to guitar greatness!

](http://1.djrmusic.pay.clickbank.net/)As a special gesture for choosing 'Easy Guitar Success', I am offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I'm that confident that you'll love it!


Like these guys did!

I love hearing back from you guys, so please feel free to contact me with feedback, questions and comments on my [contact](/contact.html) page!

    If there is anything you want to know about the book, extra materials, or guitar playing in general, I want to be able to help you!

 Share your experience of 'Easy Guitar Success' with me!


[Order Now!

Download the e-book and start playing in minutes!!

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Thank you for visiting Easy Guitar Success.
To contact DJR Music with feedback or queries, please visit the [Contact](/contact.html) page.
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