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"At Last Discover The Amazing Secrets of Card Magic,Imagine Being Able to Amaze Your Friends & Family with Mind Blowing Magic...Guaranteed"

or maybe?

"Imagine Being Able to Approach Complete Strangers in the Street, and in under four minutes flat, Leave Them Open-mouthed in Astonishment at Your Mind-blowing Magic Skills"

Prepare to discover the most amazing and utterly mind- blowing magic that will make you look like any famous TV magician you have seen so far! Now you can join the ultra exclusive band of individuals who have the power to leave others scratching their heads in awe at their skills. Up until now such power was only something you could dream about but, for the first time in your life, that dream can become a reality.

Dear Aspiring Magician

I'm Chris Burton, a professional magician, and let me ask you a quick question or two.

Imagine if you could do mind blowing magic just like David Blaine, Criss Angel or even Derren Brown?

How would it feel to have the power to walk up to a complete stranger and in just minutes leave them so completely freaked by your magic that they were rendered absolutely speechless?

Well the good news is that this amazing power is now available to you when you enrol in a new and exclusive online club called "Secrets of Card Magic." Once inside the doors a new and amazing world will begin to open up to you, where secret after secret will be unveiled before your very eyes. You will discover how to learn the skills that will enable you to look like any TV magician out there today. As you become immersed in this new world of illusion you will be guided to the entire process of becoming a master of your art. Before you know it you will have your friends and family members begging you to reveal your secrets and you will take immense pleasure at having to politely, but firmly, tell them: "Sorry, but I can't!"

As your skills develop you will even begin to amaze yourself at what you can now do with a simple deck of cards which will appear to come alive in your very hands and respond only to your touch and the control of your mind.

Once inside the private members area of "Secrets of Card Magic" you will gain access to broadcast-quality videos where you are taken, one step at a time, through the magic process. These will be backed up by printable explanations and more videos showing live performances where the tricks you will learn are demonstrated before a live audience.

"Secrets of Card Magic" puts you firmly in control as you have access to the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week and all 365 days of the year. You decide when and where you want to learn your favourite magic trick or sleight of hand technique and you are free to watch the training videos time and time again until your are confident enough to perform in public. These are no mere 'party tricks' you will learn here but the very same high-end magic practised by the world's leading magicians and that is why when you join "Secrets of Card Magic" you must enter into a solemn promise in order to gain access; that promise is that you will NEVER reveal what you have learned to another person for as long as you live.

I am Chris Burton and I will be your guide through this exciting journey you are about to undertake as new skills open up to you each time you explore the exclusive members area of "Secrets of Card Magic."

I have been a close up card magician since the age of 14 and developed my skills the hard way, practising for up to six hours a day when I first set out to learn. When I turned 18 I studied with the world's best card magicians, and I learned new tricks and techniques with each passing day. I never felt happier to be learning cool new tricks and couldn't wait to test out my new skills to a live audience. Learning new tricks and seeing the amazement in other people's eyes must be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Next I joined the internationally recognized Magic Circle in London and as my need for more knowledge and experience grew stronger, I travelled to the USA where I performed my magic in Las Vegas. I can honestly say that since I first set out to learn magic I have never looked back and now I get invited into the homes of high-end celebrities to perform for them and their guests. Now, for the first time ever, I am prepared to share my knowledge with you…and I cannot wait to get started.

Why "Secrets of Card Magic" is Everything You Could Ever Wish For When
Learning Mind-blowing Magic.

As soon as you join this exclusive online club a whole new and exciting world of magic will open up to you. Remember the secrets revealed inside are for your use, and yours alone, and you must not share the information you learn with anyone else.

Once you pull back the curtain to the magic members area you will have access to carefully selected magic to amaze anyone you choose to show theses tricks to.There you will find self-working magic, street magic, close-up magic, mind-reading magic, productions, XCM (Flourishes), colour changes and card manipulation.You may have heard of some of these terms already or just have a vague idea of what they mean but, don't worry, I will explain everything to you in detail. I really do know what I am talking about and I am leaving nothing out of this training so that absolutely nothing is left to chance.

Each type of magic is fully explained and assumes absolutely no up-front knowledge on your part at all. If you know enough to take a deck of cards out of its packet then you know enough to start your journey inside "Secrets of Card Magic." Not only will you be shown what you need to do to make the cards come alive in your hands but you actually get to watch over my shoulder as I have recorded a series of videos where I actually perform the tricks I am teaching you. This way you not only get the training but get to see real world examples of how the tricks come alive in a way that mere words alone could never show.

Of course you can pause, rewind and replay the videos and I have taken a lot of care to get the camera angles just right so that you get the very best out of the video tutorials and learn your new skills as quickly as possible. Everything really has been thought out in advance so that the learning process is also as enjoyable as possible. Don't worry as this is absolutely nothing at all like going back to school. For a start it is fun, friendly and utterly addictive. Right from the start you will want to learn more and remember all the learning takes place when you want it and at your own pace.

Quite apart from the magic side of things, you will also have unlimited access to the special 'sleight of hand library' within "Secrets of Card Magic." This is like no other library you have ever visited before because instead of dusty old books it contains the very building blocks of the magic arts themselves.Here you can access the overhand shuffle, Hindu shuffle, riffle shuffle, double lifts, forces, cuts, control, false displays, counts, secrets reversal, vanishes…a real treasure trove of card magic secrets just waiting to be explored and mastered by you.

That's Not it… There's Far More to Explore Within the "Secrets of Card Magic" Private Members Area.

Also once you become a member of "Secrets of Card Magic" you will also gain access to a special "flourish selection" within the site where you will learn how to really look like a real magician.

This is where you leave all ideas of becoming just another amateur performer behind for good and learn those all-important special touches that the real professionals employ to really impress their audiences. Here you will find out how to fan a deck of cards with lightning speed and absolute precision time after time after time, just like the professionals do. You will confidentally "spring" cards from one hand to another like you see on TV or as practised by high-stakes gamblers in the movies.

Inside the "flourish section" you will find new and impressive moves such as spreads, one hand cuts, fans and fancy turnovers just waiting to be mastered by you.With this knowledge alone you will be able to master a deck of cards with professional-style ease and precision.

It won't be long before you are attempting specialist card flourishes which would leave a lesser 'amateur magician' red faced with the cards spilling out of his trembling hands. While lesser magicians are greeted with universal cries of: "Don't give up the day job!" when they attempt their magic, you will hear a totally different phrase every time you perform and the question: "Just how did you do that?" will be asked in the same amazed tones everywhere you go.

During each month of your training period a new room will open up where you will learn new tricks which will amaze your friends, build on your skill base and give you top tips on how to improve your magic. Learn my top tips and special techniques so you can customise many of the tricks to really make them your own. Remember that these magic secrets are just for you and are not to be shared with anyone else which is why all Chris Burton Magic members have to sign a pledge of secrecy. In fact after you realise just how great this training is, and how it is so unlike anything you have ever seen before, you would not want just anybody knowing your new magic secrets.

Magic Overload

"Secrets of Card Magic" is suitable for complete beginners who have never done a single trick in their life to, those with some magic experience and even veteran magicians who want to polish up their act with new and exciting magic skills. With an easy-to-digest, month-to-month learning style, developing your new skills will come naturally and easily to you.

There is no feeling of information overload here where you are just given a mountain of new informaiton and left on your own to simply get on with things."Secrets of Card Magic" puts you in control of your learning at all times. You learn from me, but at your own time and pace, and remember, you get to 'look over my shoulder' as I talk you through the entire process.

You really don't need any special skills or formal education to succeed with "Secrets of Card Magic" as everything is clearly set out and explained. Remember I really want you to succeed and I believe I have put together the very best membership site I could to help you get there fast. If only I had something like this when I first started and I would have learned a lot faster!

The training room doors remain open to you for as long as you are a member so you never have to rush through the process or skimp on the learning phase. If you are on month three and want to go over something you learned in month one then hop right back there and go back over what you need to know. Believe me, you will become a better magician by developing the right mental attitude to learn things one step at a time.

If it takes more than one month to get through some sections then don't worry either because you are in control and you are the one who sets the pace.You probably won't be able to set aside six hours a day like I did at the beginning but with "Secrets of Card Magic" you won"t need to. Dip in as often as you want but take time to fully master the techniques you will learn and your dedication and persistance will pay off.

Learning four or five great tricks and really mastering them like a pro is the way to go. Then move on and learn some more top tricks, and then some more again. Before you know it you will be well on track to becoming an outstanding magician. How much better is this than trying to get your head around 50 new tricks all at once and then getting caught out time and time again because you don't really know what you are doing. This won't happen to you when you learn the "Secrets of Card Magic" way and I really can't wait to welcome you on board.

So How Can I Become a Member Of "Secrets Of Card Magic"

If you go out and buy a standard one trick magic DVD it is going to set you back around £25 while a one-on-one session to learn new magic skills could easily cost you £60 to £100-per-hour or even more.>

With that in mind I could easily charge £50-a-month for the top level training which waits for you inside "Secrets of Card Magic" and, believe me, at that price it would still be a bargain.

However I also remember what it was like to start out and I am very well aware that most would-be magicians could not afford to pay for training at this price so I simply made the sky-high charges disappear in a puff of smoke.

Now, for a very limited time, I am throwing open the doors to "Secrets of Card Magic" so you can step inside and take your own personal 30-day tour for just £20.95. Once inside you will have access to street magic, close up, mind reading, XCM, productions, self working magic, flourishes, sleight-of-hand and so much more. I know you will be delighted by what I have put together for you and as an added bonus I am also going to throw in more than £50 worth of special gifts for you.

This welcome gift pack contains products I have personally selected for you so that you can start perfecting your own magic tricks in the shortest possible time. You will receive: Your own personal Secrets of Card Magic membership card which will make you part of my Secrets of Card Magic club and get you into special events that I will be holding in the future. A pack of the 'magician's favourite' Bicycle playing cards to get you started in magic, and one of the magician's best tools, a Sharpie pen! (I'll explain why, in the members' section. A complete Secrets of Card Magic video guide to card magic, which gives you a complete run down on card moves, names, and the key terms magicians use. A special 'mystery' bonus, which I won't tell you about now but which is waiting for you once you become a member today. Feel free to fully explore the site for the entire 30 days, check out your bonuses, ask questions in the special members' forum room, practice and learn some really cool magic and watch your skills as a magician.

After your month is up you will be charged just £9.95 each month after that for your ongoing membership of Secrets of Card Magic. There is no extended contract for you to sign, no hidden charges and if you think that Secrets of Card Magic is not for you then you can cancel your membership at any time.

Fast Action Bonuses

OK then I am a magician after all so it would be wrong for me to let you go without pulling a few surprises out of the hat for those who take action fast and join today.

You will receive a special welcome video giving you a step-by-step breakdown on card magic and everything you need to know to be able to do amazing mind-blowing magic.

I have also put together some really hot welcome gifts just to get you started with your new career in magic and you are going to like what I have lined up for you…

Here's what you will receive:
• A Brand new pack of bicycle cards (poker size) to get you started. Bicycle cards are the number one card for magicians and you will find out just why they are the top choice for magicians the world over when you watch your welcome video.

• A Sharpie pen so you can make your magic even stronger. Confused? Don't worry as all is explained by me on the welcome video.

• Also you will receive a VIP membership card to show that you are now part of this exclusive "Secrets of Card Magic" club.

Look I really would love to tell you all about the third bonus gift but all I can say now is its one big secret! Hey I'm a magician so I need to keep at least one secret back from you right now. Trust me you will love it but that's all I am saying on the subject for now.

Wow...that's some list of FREE Gifts, right? A total of well over
£50 in bonuses alone.

These bonuses really are free there is no catch so congratulations and enjoy your gifts. I must say that I'm not to sure how long I will keep these bonuses online, the offer could come down at any time so if I was you I would grab this offer with both hands right now.

So are you ready to be part of "Secrets of Card Magic?"

[](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?burton21/1/Secrets_Of_Card_Card_Magic_Membership) If you are ready to learn some of the most amazing card magic out there today then you will not be disappointed…

For just £20.95 you will have full access to Secrets of Card Magic for 30 days which includes street magic, close up, mind reading, XCM, productions, self working magic, flourishes, sleight-of-hand, the experience guide, the discussion forum room and so much more. After 30 days you will be billed for ongoing membership to Secrets of Card Magic for £9.95 per month. In less than five minutes from now you could have access to the exclusive online club for £20.95

Wishing you great success in magic.
Chris Burton

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting £50 worth of bonuses for just a fraction of that price. Everything to get you started in card magic, in fact. So if magic is what you want to do, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.
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