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Showing Different Ads To Different People Makes Sense


My name is Paul Forcey and I like to have options, I like to give people who visit my affiliate sites options as well. We don't live in a one size fits all world so why show people who are interested in different things the same adverts?

If someone is interested in Motorbike wheels then it makes sense to show them ads on mortorbike wheels and if someone is interested in Motorbike leathers then why not show them ads on just leathers and not wheels?

Sell more

Yes I know it may seem crass to admit that we want to make more money out of each customer but that is the reason we are doing this isn't it? You put ads on your sites hoping to make some money so why not show the ads with the best chance of selling something.

Makes sense doesn't it? If you show people an ad for the thing they are interested in then they are more likely to buy.

Your site is all about motorbikes and is nicely split into categories, so why not show different ads in each category..Because you can't..

Yes You Can!

You can show adsense in one part of your site and amazon in another, you can put a clickbank ad on or nothing at all.

This is a widget based system you can put your ads wherever a widget will go.

Anything You Want To Show

You can put text messages that only appear in certain categories, you can put images that will only appear when someone comes to a certain category. You could display specific discounts to people in one category only.

Do some testing and see which ads make you the most money in each category.

You can test adsense/amazon/cpa/clickbank all on one site in the same space on your site, just try different categories.

Best of all it is simple to do. Just drag the widget to where you want the ads to appear in your theme and ad the code you want to use and pick the category.

Bingo! That ad will now appear to anyone who visits that category.

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It doesn't matter if you use a Mac or a PC

It does matter if you have Wordpress, this is a wordpress plugin so if you don't use Wordpress then please don't buy as it won't work.



p.s as I said this is an early sales page so no smart and witty P.s yet.. Just a great plugin at a great price

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