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One gloomy day....Andrew looked up from the TV startled. The constant shouting of the last two weeks had stopped when the front door slammed. The apartment was quiet; all he could hear was the soft noise coming from his X-box. Something was wrong; something had just happened. Andrew thought back a few minutes, "What was it she had just said?" Andrew had become so used to all the accusations and insults lately that he had stopped listening.

Standing up Andrew made his way down to the bedroom he and Michelle shared. Opening the door the sight in front of him struck him like a blow to the chest. The room was littered with pieces of clothing. The empty drawers gaped at him accusingly. The few remaining hangers swung back and forth emptily in the closet. She was gone.

Andrew stood still for a few moments, how had this happened? He knew Michelle had been angry lately, but no way would she leave him, would she? Andrew's eyes moved to the bed, on his pillow lay a single piece of paper. With a shaking hand he picked it up and began to read.

I just can't go on like this anymore. You care more about your stupid games and your friends then you do me. If only you had been honest with me about what you did maybe I could have forgiven you.
I will come for the rest of my things on Saturday, PLEASE BE OUT.

The paper fell from Andrew's hand, what had he done? He never meant to hurt Michelle; he loved her more than he could say. It had been one silly, drunken night. It meant nothing, why couldn't Michelle understand that?

As the days past Andrew felt more and more desperate, Michelle had meant the world to him, she was why he got up in the morning. If only he had told her that occasionally, kicking himself Andrew realized if only he had told her lots of things. Finally Andrew really saw for the first time what he was missing, Michelle had loved him, she had shown him that every day, she had been there for him but had he been there for her?

Andrew knew what he had done, the signs had been there and he had ignored them. Something inside was nagging him,

"What if he could get her back? What if he could show her now that he realized?" With a sigh Andrew thought to himself it was probably too late, she wouldn't want him anymore, would she?

Standing up Andrew decided that at least he could try, it may not work but she was worth the effort. It wouldn't be easy, he knew that. Probably trying to win back the love and trust of Michelle would be the hardest thing he had ever had to do. It didn't matter, he loved Michelle and maybe, just maybe she still loved him too.

Many relationships end because of lack of communication.
what if i had told her how i felt... what if i had told her how much she meant to me and how much i adored her. 
Will i ever get the chance to make her see how i really feel?
What happens next will determine whether you can get another chance with your ex or whether your relationships dies for good. 

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