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Penthesilea Profit Package – The Best WordPress Theme for Amazon Review Sites

If you are focusing your efforts on making money with [Amazon](http://www.sevensomewhere.com/reviewazon) then you have probably been scouring the Internet for the best WordPress theme for building Amazon Review sites.

How do I know that?

Because I did the exact same thing!

I searched high and low for a clean looking theme that was SEO Friendly and that would increase my conversions but try as I might I just couldn’t find anything. So after hours of fruitless searching I decided to just go ahead and  build my own Amazon WordPress theme… and Penthesilea was born!

Penthesilea is not like most of the WordPress themes you find on the Internet today. It’s built specifically for Amazon reviews, but you could use it for promoting other physical or even digital products if you wanted to.

It’s sleek, and attractive and it has plenty of Magic Tricks built in so that you can personalise the sidebar and the header for each and every post you write (if you choose to).

I have a Penthesilea theme installed on all of my Amazon Review sites and they are by far the best WordPress themes I have used to date (ok I might be a little biased but the increase I’ve seen in Amazon commissions speak for themselves!)

The good news for you is that your search for that elusive Amazon WordPress theme ends right here, because I’ve decided to make Penthesilea available for others to use, including you!

Of course when a theme gets popular you start to worry about your sites looking like Cookie Cutter sites, which is why Penthesilea comes in 11 great flavours each with it’s own colour scheme to help make your site look a little more individual.

But what does she look like?

Penthesilea Amazon – The Best Amazon WordPress Theme

If you want to see the Penthesilea theme in all her different flavours then [click here to see the Penthesilea Showcase site](http://meltbellyfattoday.com). Just click through and then use the links in the Theme Switcher module at the top right of the sidebar to see all the different colour options available.

What’s in the box?

Here’s what you get in the box of goodies I’ve put together for you:
SEO friendly theme – I’ve optimised the theme so that you only have to worry about optimising your content. It’s widget friendly too and includes shortcodes and custom fields to make it easy for you to add adverts, YouTube videos and other Magic Tricks into your reviews quickly and easily. You can even vary the header and sidebar on a post-by-post basis. Easy to install – I’ve designed the WordPress theme so that you can install it quickly and easily. You need to be spending your time writing reviews not fiddling around with theme settings. You should be able to get yourself up and running with this one in less than 20 minutes (might take a little longer the first time). Recommended Plugin Pack – I’ve tried and tested a number of WordPress Plugins to improve SEO, usability and conversions, and even an Exit Popup and I’ve packaged them all up for you – including step-by-step instructions to optimise them. Pretty Amazon Links – Does it feel like you spend hours building links to the Amazon products that you want to promote? Make one tweak to the file I give you and upload it to your server and then it will take literally seconds to create those affiliate links! Multiple site use - You can use this theme on as many of your Amazon Review sites as you wish. Free Lifetime Upgrades – This theme is the one that I use personally on my own Amazon Review sites, and I am continually looking for ways to improve and optimise it. The good news for you is that you’ll get access to any upgrades absolutely free! Foreign Language files included – You’ll need to carry out the translations yourself but this language support makes the Penthesilea Theme perfect for targeting those untapped foreign markets!

[Click here to download the Penthesilea theme now](http://3.7somewhere.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1295960972)

And it doesn’t stop there either. My little brother was so impressed with the Amazon commissions that I earned last Christmas that he wants a piece of the action too. So I sat and documented my whole “making money with Amazon” strategy for him, and this Penthesilea Profit Strategy Guide is available alongside the Penthesilea theme in the Penthesilea Member Zone!

The Penthesilea Profit Strategy Guide will take you by the hand and walk you through my personal Amazon strategy, from choosing a niche, to selecting great products, to writing a review, and of course, getting people to come and visit your website.

And it doesn’t stop there either, once inside the Member Zone you’ll also have access to a Support Forum at no extra cost. If you have any burning questions on how to make money with Amazon, or you just wish to share your goals and successes with other people who are on the same path to success then you can do just that inside the Member Zone forum

I love the Penthesilea theme, and I’m sure you will too.

To celebrate the launch of the 11 new flavours and the Strategy Guide I’m offering access to the Penthesilea Member Zone where you can read the Penthesilea Profit Strategy Guide and download the fabulous Amazon WordPress Theme for the ridiculously low price of $37.

Yep you read that right I said just $37!

But it’s only until the end of March 2011.

And this isn’t one of those stupid scarcity tactics where I threaten to put the price up just so you’ll buy today.

You either want to take advantage of what I believe to be the best WordPress theme for Amazon Review sites, or you don’t.

But at some time in early April I will be putting the price up to something much more realistic.

Oh and you don’t have to worry about any One Time Offers or expensive upgrades either – the price you see is the price you pay for lifetime access to the Member Zone, the Strategy Guide, the WordPress Amazon Review theme and all the other goodies you’ll find in there!

So if you want to get serious and really make money with Amazon click on the Download button and let’s get started


The best WordPress theme for Amazon Review sites

Whether you’re  a member of [Dan Brock](http://sevensomewhere.com/profitzon)‘s [Deadbeat Super Affiliate](http://sevensomewhere.com/deadbeat-super-affiliate), or the [Amazonian Profit Plan](http://sevensomewhere.com/amazonian-profit-plan) this WordPress theme will help you increase your conversions, and it works great with the [ReviewAZON](http://sevensomewhere.com/reviewazon) plugin too!

[Click here to access the Penthesilea Profit Member Zone](http://3.7somewhere.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1295960972)


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