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How You Can Build Your Brand, Build Your List & Build Your Business By Giving Away An eBook

"Its Time To Break Free From The Herd ... , YOU Too Can Learn The Simple  Secrets Of How To Drive your own business using the remarkable power of Traffic Exchanges , And... Turn Easy Traffic Into Easy Cash!"

My name is Mark Hodgetts.

I'm not a millionaire.

I don't drive a fast car,  sail a yacht or own a flash house.

I'm not going to show you some photo shopped screenshots of my earnings.

I do, however, do Internet Marketing for a living and I'm proud of what I do and how I do it.

So let's cut to the chase.................



Right now Internet Marketing stinks and I for one am sick to the back teeth of seeing good people being sucked into bad schemes  by snake oil salesman, conmen, liars and thieves. The stench is everywhere from the $47 Clickbank products promising instant wealth through to the insidious cycling programs that invariably will lead to somebody getting hurt.

There are traffic robots that don't deliver.

Search engines that can't search.

Payment processors who have invented there own legal tender and don't actually process payments.

Cycling programs with a shelf life of three months released by the same core group of cynical exploitive "gurus" who don't give a fig about who they hurt when it all goes bust. 

And there's all these magic systems where you can access the secret of some twenty something whizz kid for just $37 and get piles of cash just flooding in at the touch of a button.

Its complete and utter drivel.

It's time to say ENOUGH.

Its time for you and I to make a stand against all of the lies, scams, and way too comfortable alliances that make success for the average online marketer just about impossible.

If you want to Break Free from the program hopping circuit actively encouraged by several high profile "gurus" who release the same program with a different name every other week read on..........

If you've been burned by a cycler, doubler, randomizer, HYIP or any other ponzi scheme read on.........

If you're starting to worry about all the time and money you've spent promoting programs that promise everything and deliver nothing read on.....

If you're spinning your wheels and just can't seem to get over the first hurdle read on........

If you're new and are completely overwhelmed by the hype and the hoo ha that dominates the Internet read on......

If you're just plain tired of the bull#4@! read on......

Because I'm inviting you to join me and a growing band of other like minded Internet Marketers to join us in  building a real business model using proven business programs, techniques and tactics that will build your business.

Its time to break free with a unique re-brandable  system that contains your affiliate links that will put money in your pocket.

Its time to break free with a unique web based free re-brandable eBook that will build your business.

Its time to break free and learn how to build your brand.

Its time to break free and learn the power of niche related web sites.

It's time to break free and get access to quality training and advice via our member's only forum.

It's time to break free and build your business.

It's time to break from the magical promises and lies and access real visitors with real needs that you can successfully build a business around.

[Click here to Break free now](http://1.hodgeinoz.pay.clickbank.net).

The Break Free Partnership  is a way underpriced website and system based upon traffic generating and lead capturing systems that the gurus sneer at - traffic exchanges and safelists.  Now before you turn up your nose let me tell you that I've tried every form of traffic generation there is and the most reliable, economical form of lead generation for me has always been  traffic exchanges and safelists.
Here's what I'm going to tell you RIGHT NOW ON THIS PAGE...

How You Can EASILY Set Up A VIRAL TRAFFIC SYSTEM that will generate constant visitors To Your Website - Starting NOW!

How You Can Put 100% PROFIT - Straight In YOUR Pocket TODAY Using This System!

How You Can  Leverage Social Traffic Exchanges To reach A Much Wider Audience!


Just read on...

If you’re feeling frustrated and a little lost right now  because you've been clicking and clicking or trying some guru initiated system  and getting nowhere... It's NOT your fault - you are so close to success, the chances are you've been told what to use, you just haven't been told HOW - that's all.

If you’re looking to profit from all that site traffic you're working so hard for ... what I'm about to reveal will open your eyes to the hidden wealth contained within the Traffic Exchange Industry - at last, someone's pieced it all together... and is sharing the secret.


Forget the latest craze and the hype that surrounds the newest easiest latest best push button program, this business is about people.

Believe me, I've been in Internet marketing long enough to know what I'm talking about. And - as I can readily attest as soon as you forget that people need help and guidance from genuine people your up that proverbial creek without a paddle.

I'll show you how to start promoting you - your face, your name and most importantly what you stand for.
  While you think about how you can turn around your business with unlimited Traffic Exchange traffic and your own profit-making website, here are just a couple of FACTS!... I'M GOING TO TELL YOU!
What you read in The Break Free Traffic Formula, you will read NOWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB. Because The Break Free Traffic Formula is 100% UNIQUE and only a very, very limited number of qualified people have the rights to distribute it.


Let me tell you something about Internet Marketing in case you're new to this crazy Circus...

You'll come to realise that there are hundreds, or even thousands of people who "strut their stuff" in this world  but who have never experienced commerce in the "real" world.
What they don't know - they INVENT!
What they can't invent - they STEAL!
They've never been there. They've never done it. And sure as hell, they don't have the T shirts! ... In fact - They Don't Have ANYTHING

Worse still, there are program owners who 'help you'... by suggesting that you advertise their program on traffic exchanges and Google(using their affiliate links of course) knowing full well that you don't stand a chance in hell of making a sale, but they're quite happy to enslave you as their marketing  slave to help brand their program )
It stinks!

But don't be fooled by all this Internet stupidity. The Break Free Traffic Formula IS THE REAL THING. This is genuine 24karat GOLD not some tired rehash of someone else's hard work... and I constantly update it, so it will never go out of date!

You see, I WORKED MY BUTT off to understand and document effective traffic exchange strategies that work  - and now, I'm going to share them with you.
If you have followed me in this industry in the past 5 years, you KNOW that I consistently come up with new information and methods . Well, I've packed in a bunch of new ideas, twists, secrets,  and angles into The Break Free Traffic Formula and this time round, I'M LEAVING NOTHING TO CHANCE.

Now let me make this absolutely clear - if there is one thing you need to build your brand above all else, its your own top level domain name site - and for most people a Wordpress blog is the way to go. Inside my members area, I'll show you how to install and build your own blog. It's all there now - waiting for you.
Not only show you how to build your brand, build your list and build your business, I also want to provide you with a way of passing that information on to others and keeping ALL the profits.

I'm going to demonstrate to you a whole new TRAFFIC EXCHANGE AND PROFIT STRATEGY. And I'm going to show you all the bits you never even thought of and how easy it is to  combine them all into one effective seamless strategy

One thing is sure; even if you've read all the books like I have, you’re still reading this article. Which suggests to me that you haven't yet discovered the TOTAL strategy. If you had, you would already be getting loyal subscribers to your list, and be generating a recognizable face, name and brand  and you wouldn't need to be here!


Here's How I'm Going To Help You
Get Loyal Subscribers  To Your Mailing List!

OK. Let's get down to the good stuff. You've got a product or service you want to promote. Maybe you're just an affiliate for other peoples' products. The question is, how is the best way for you to get buyers to visit to these sites?

You can advertise it on a traffic exchange or safelist. But nobody knows its your product! You just entered a marketing lottery with people who play harder and have deeper pockets than you do.

You can mass email a bought list. But you'd better be prepared for a backlash of spam and the probability of being suspended by your ISP.

You can try the FFA sites and Safelists and legitimately email a couple of thousand people a day (and have 1,999 of your emails automatically trashed by the recipients).

You can...

Yeah, I know, you've already been there, and already done that. Probably several times!

Hey, it's no sin - we've all been there. I'm a sucker for a good sales pitch, too!

But The Break Free Traffic Formula will tell you...
The amazing synergy that a few simple, effective, traffic exchange  lead generation strategies can achieve.

Why automation is so important, and what's the easiest and most effective way of achieving it? You don't want to miss this one!

What are the VERY BEST Traffic Exchange Building Programs?

Where the hidden traffic exchange cash is; you'll kick yourself for overlooking this!

How to quickly build your own Opt-In list. Why it's so important.

How to optimize your splash page for best results. Forget the hype - you can do it for free!

How to effectively track advertising campaigns and to tweak them for maximum return on your investment
How to effectively use banner credits

How to generate long term residual income by recommending a tool that every Internet marketer needs

How to make tempting One Time Offers to subscribers just like the big boys do without HTML knowledge or even sourcing products!

And that's just the beginning. There's more...

  Secrets you can take to the bank... LITERALLY.

  You may have tried free-for-all links sites, free classified ads, some paid ads, you may have submitted your pages to all those thousands of search engines and you've probably used the bulletin boards to pound out your URL. You've sent off articles to e-zines and posted in forums. When do the good times roll? Where's the traffic? Where are the subscribers? Where's the money?

  What to do tomorrow morning to start getting subscribers to YOUR business.

  How to ratchet up the formula using free traffic synergies that will just amaze you.
    What NOT to buy. And why not!

  A complete, step-by-step explanation of my astonishing formula... You'll see why it's so different.
But wait ... We're not done yet!

Video Instruction on setting up websites!

Why Social Media is so important and how you can integrate it into your Traffic Exchange Marketing campaign

Sources of FREE advertising and traffic.

Inside course on setting up niche websites

All the above and a lot more is what you'll find inside the exclusive member's only area.

No other book, no other manual, no other site can give you everything you'll get here. No one!

And the information you get is not just *theory* to read and file away... you will get the EXACT instructions you need to build your brand, build your list and build your business

A Web-Based Product

Let me tell you first of all, that The Break Free Traffic Formula is a Web-Based Publication. (It is live on the web with no requirement to download anything).

Why? It is suitable for MacIntosh users, who get a rough deal when it comes to most downloadable eBooks.
  It is suitable for people with a WebTV system, who are unable to download files.
  It will ALWAYS remain updated - a perpetual up-to-date reference.
  It doesn't rely on .exe files, .pdf files, .zip files, or any other nonsense. WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get, straight on your screen.
  You can rebrand it easily and quickly, in minutes.
  You can resell it without ever having to download it, upload it, or even worry about the bandwidth! I'll host your site direct on my own dedicated servers, and I'll set it all up for you. All you have to do is send your site traffic (and I even tell you how to do that!)

Here's How I'm Going To Give You Profit
- Straight Into YOUR POCKET!

Many of the brand building and traffic-pulling  methods in The Break Free Traffic Formula can be accessed for FREE.

Which means that you can learn to build your brand and pull all the traffic you want for just the price of this publication.

Here's a fact for you... and I think it will surprise you... When you partner with me at BreakFreeTraffic.com, you are automatically granted THE REBRANDING AND REDISTRIBUTION RIGHTS. That means you can rebrand all the affiliate links, then sell and redistribute this incredible system just as often as you want
You don't even have to set up your own website... I'll provide you with a full, working copy of this site, fully hosted and ready to roll - ABSOLUTELY FREE!
You know what that means? It means you're just about to pick up a great system AND a great product. And I promise that the two together, plus the powerful knowledge of how to pull as much site traffic as you want, will recoup many, many, many times your investment in this product.


Here's How I'm Going To
Give You Even More Income-Generators.

Nearly 100% of all the links in The Break Free Traffic Formula are rebrandable to YOUR affiliate pages.

So, on top of everything else...
I'm Going To Show You Exactly How To Rebrand This Amazing eBook, Just Minutes From Now!

You see, once it's been rebranded, you can give it away as a prize, a bonus, part of a package deal, an incentive. It's YOURS to do what you want with.

Use it as a 'thank you' to people who subscribe to your e-zine. Put a link to it in your email sig file. Tell the world about it because, with your own profit-pulling links inside, it's win-win all the way to your bank!


Here's How To
Build Your Network

I just mentioned giving away your branded version of The Break Free Traffic Formula.

Why? What do you gain?

Well, apart from the obvious (a book full of YOUR affiliate links), there's a second massive passive benefit to giving away your branded e-book...

I can make it build your network for you!

You see, when you become a BreakFreeTraffic.com Partner, you are given THREE links... Your personal URL to THIS webpage, so that you can resell partner rights to The Break Free Traffic Formula. (That link also appears many times in your rebranded e-book).
  Your personal URL to the eBook, which carries all YOUR affiliate links. Readers using those links will be building YOUR affiliate commissions.
  Your personal URL to the eBook (as above) but VIA A WEB FORM WHERE THE INVITED READER MUST LEAVE THEIR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS Yes! Do you see the simple beauty of it? ... You give away access to a great product that contains 100% your affiliate links, and everyone who accepts your gift needs to give you their name and email address (which I'll collect for you, and pass on - including IP Address and Date/Time Stamp).

So as well as the affiliate links in the book, you're now building a contact list to NETWORK with


Here's what you get... Your own copy of The Break Free Traffic Formula
I absolutely guarantee that, if you follow the easy steps that I set out, you can easily BUILD YOUR BRAND, BUILD YOUR LIST & BUILD YOUR BUSINESS while directing people to the web site(s) of your choice.
  The Rebranding Rights.
You can rebrand the many hundreds of affiliate links, and take 100% of the profit from the backend sales. You can be rebranding YOUR copy just minutes from now.
  Your own Network-Builder.
You get a notification direct from us of EVERY visitor who accepts a copy of The Break Free Traffic Formula via your web pages. You'll find that people just LOVE free information, and they'll be happy to hear from you again and again once you contact them and add value.
  Special Hot Tips Pages to email your list containing your affiliate links


Here's the deal... I'm going to ask you pay a one time fee of  $37.00 as a single one-off (non-repeating) payment.

If that isn't more than fair, I don't know what is. A total cost today of just $37 . That's just $37.00 for EVERYTHING you see here - the latest version of this well-respected product, rebranding, list-building, your own website, hot tips pages, - (you'll soon discover that I like to OVERDELIVER on my promises!)

But I want you to BE QUICK, because for sure I'm not going to leave the price so low once my server starts filling up with websites (which is already happening). If you buy in at this price RIGHT NOW - TODAY - you'll never pay any more... NEVER!

The current price will NOT be maintained for long. I reserve the right to increase the price of the The Break Free Traffic Formula and Partnership  without notice.

The price you see today may well have increased by tomorrow.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more likely it is.

Will I really raise the price?

Yes. I have done it 4 times, and will do it again. I may stop offering Partnerships altogether, and only sell the eBook instead... I'd make a lot more money if I did!

But I want to share my success with you, so BE QUICK --- If you are smart enough to recognize a once-in-a-lifetime no BS opportunity when it's hammering on your door,then you can reward yourself by taking advantage of this unheard-of WIN-WIN offer...

And if you're still trying to justify to yourself why you should choose The Break Free Traffic Formula -- just take a look at the BIG money that you'll be saving with the package deal I'm about to offer you...

I should tell you - I NORMALLY AVOID PACKAGE DEALS! But I want to give you THREE amazing bonuses, because I want you to be TOTALLY happy with your purchase. Never let it be said that Mark doesn't over deliver (because I ALWAYS do!)

So here's the deal...
If you become a partner right now, there are FOUR outstanding bonuses that you're just not going to believe. YOURS to download FREE with your reseller license to the amazing The Break Free Traffic Formula.
'Facebook Marketing Craze' .
Value $29.95. by Internet Marketer Edmund Loh gives a great hands on guide to Facebook for Internet Marketers
YOURS to download FREE
'Adsense Empire' software from our own stable.
Value $37.00.
WHo else would like a big fat cheque from google every month? Learn the strategies to generate genuine passive income  
YOURS to download FREE
Value $97.00.
You Can Now Run An Article Submission Site That Gets Other People To Submit Articles, Which Builds Thousands Of Google AdSense Revenue Generating Pages Without You Lifting A Finger Plus It Builds You An Email List At The Same Time!
YOURS to download FREE
'The Full MASTER RESELL RIGHTS to all three bonuses'
Value $157.00.
It just doesn't get any better than this! I'm going to GIVE you the Master Resell Rights to those first three bonuses. With the ready-made web sites that I will provide, you can resell them and make EVEN MORE PROFIT!  
YOURS to download FREE

That's $320.95 of TOP-CLASS BONUSES ... TOTALLY FREE! Complete with 100% resale rights.

PLUS my amazing The Break Free Traffic Formula, guaranteed to pull you an endless stream of site visitors.

PLUS your own BreakFreeTraffic.com Partner Website, complete and ready to take orders .

PLUS your own Fully Re-branded The Break Free Traffic Formula, with ALL the major links taking your readers through to YOUR affiliate pages.

PLUS your own Opt-In Subscriber Page, where you can collect the details of all the people you give this product to.

And all that for not much more than the price of a tank of gas.

With a package like that, there's nothing more I can say except...

Discover The Amazing The Break Free Traffic Formula...
Teaches You to Build Your Brand Build Your List Build Your Traffic& Build Your Profits
Builds your contact list for those invaluable Networking Opportunities
Gives you  PROFIT on your sales

And all for Only $37.00


  YES Mark! I Want To Start Building My Brand Building My List & Building My Business TODAY with the strategies in
"The Break Free Traffic Formula"!
I Understand That I Will Be Given IMMEDIATE Access To The PRIVATE Partners Area So That I Can DOWNLOAD THE $320.95 OF BONUSES AND START MAKING A PROFIT!

I Further Understand That I Will Be Given My Own Web Page, Just Like This One, Where I Will Make Sales

As If That's Not Enough, I Understand That You Will Give Me IMMEDIATE ACCESS To Read The Break Free Traffic Formula So I can Learn How To Get The complete Strategy  To build My Brand , Build My List and Build My Business

And To Weigh Me Down With Value, You're Going To Let Me Completely Rebrand The Break Free Traffic Formula With My Own Affiliate Links So I Get Backend Viral Earnings Starting RIGHT NOW!

And I Realize That This Is Actually Four Programs Sold For The Price Of Just One - And I Can Handle It - Honest!

On That Basis, Let Me In At This Insane One-Time Investment Of Only $37.00 For My Full Partnership And I'll Never Have To Pay Any More Even If The Price Goes Up This Afternoon!

 [ ](http://1.hodgeinoz.pay.clickbank.net)

Our payment service provider uses technology that ensures your personal and payment information is kept confidential and secure.

(I reserve the right to turn The Break Free Traffic Formula into a monthly recurring-payment website. I also reserve the right to INCREASE PRICES at anytime without warning. You can lock in at today's prices and NEVER have to pay any more)

It's easy to order my product.

[ ](http://1.hodgeinoz.pay.clickbank.net)
Once complete, you will be taken to where you can download $320.95 of TOP-CLASS BONUSES and immediately register as a The Break Free Traffic Formula owner and partner.

And finally, you will be able to rebrand your version of this great eBook, and answer a few simple questions so that I can set up your payment buttons for you and complete your personalized web site.

An hour from now (or even less) you can be selling your own branded copy of The Break Free Traffic Formula.

I'm never more than an email away. If you hit ANY problems - tell me! You can [click here](mailto:admin@profitsentinel.net) to contact me.

Remember what I said at the beginning...

You can complete the set up of your rebrandable The Break Free Traffic Formula and start selling, even if it's two o'clock in the morning.

You can take advantage of this profitable experience even if you are using Web.TV or a Mac.

You can have your own functioning website, minutes from now, even if you don't know what HTML means!.

You can be earning money from the Internet, even if you've never earned a single cent to date!.

[ ](http://1.hodgeinoz.pay.clickbank.net)
Remember... some information is cheap (we live in the information-age), but a lot of it is just plain wrong, based on speculation, guesswork or lies.

Not The Break Free Traffic Formula. I've used it. I've tested it. I've fine-tuned it. You're probably reading this right now because of it.

It works for me, and for thousands of other people - and that's an undisputed, and indisputable fact! It's effective, and it can work for you too. At less than the cost of a burger per chapter - this is surely the most under-priced bargain you will get your hands on this year or next! (And you only need to sell one copy to get all your money back)


Mark Hodgetts

P.S. If, after reading and understanding the fabulous deal that's on offer, you have definitely decided not to purchase the partner rights to The Break Free Traffic Formula, you can [CLICK HERE](http://www.breakfreetraffic.com/exitfree.php) to read something very special.

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