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“Submit Press release, News and Business Letters to 100 Top Ranked News and Press Release Websites Automatically, With Just One Click in Less Than 5 Minutes…Truly”

Reach millions of visitors, readers, journalists and editors associated with top 100 news websites and reading news everday


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Dear Marketer,

Submitting news and press release manually is thoroughly wastage of time.
Don’t misinterpret me…press release submission actually works but when the user submits a single news article to 100 top rated news websites by going to each website, filling forms and submitting press releases, but he never pays attention towards the time wasted in this and ultimately he realizes.

“I have wasted 4 hours and still I have to submit another press release.”

After such tiresome work, you will surely ask God to send an Angel who can submit press release and articles to different news sites without your aid.

Well! God sent Angelic software for you… “News Publisher”

Just 10 minutes and your news, press releases and business letters will submit to all 100 top rated news and press release website without your aid.

Seems boasting???

Well! I can prove it because I have spent many years in submission work. I used to spend lots of time in merely filling forms, columns bla bla… and ultimately I used to scratch my own hairs. Brain dead, no relief, copying and pasting…copying and pasting

Is this your situation?

Then here I have an excellent solution which I have applied to get rid from frustrating situation.

"News Publisher"

 “An Outstanding software, that have all major characteristics which one needs to publish news to 100 different top ranked press release websites automatically.”

"No Script Installation, No Manual Logins, No Captchas, No Glitches - 100% Automated Distribution to 100 Top Rated Websites!”

This is merely definition…go ahead and read what this News Publisher have for you. It does submission to 100 websites including free-press-release, PRLog, 1888PressRelease, PR, PR-inside, Pressbox, OpenPR, PRLeap, and i-newswire.


News Publisher Does:
Automatic submission to 100 websites with just one click Automatically recognizes captcha code of forms Gives complete delivery report in two formats…PDF and HTML for the ease of user Supports hyperlinks and URLs Selects the category and publish news using targeted keywords Follows the submission guideline of all 100 news websites. No errors You merely have to provide fundamental information and rest is done by the News Publisher. Free life time support is available. Free and constant future updates from the company One-time payment only, no recurring charges Reach millions of visitors, readers, journalists and editors assosiacted with top news websites No risk

Why these Lots of websites?

Generating massive traffic demands high proficiency in internet marketing which a beginner cannot possess. Instead of writing lots of news in different styles and submitting each of them to only 20 or 30 press release directories will not increase your traffic instantly. You need to submit them to at least 100 press release directories and this task is accomplished by News Publisher within 5 minutes.

Is it easy to use?

YES! It is developed by keeping the users’ interest into view. Its user friendly platform enables you to execute it effortlessly. Here is the complete guide how you can execute it.

Click Here to Purchase

"First of all, install it to your personal computer and run it after purchasing it."

Enter your details
If you are an individual, enter your information. If you are presenting some company, enter company’s information.

Write a news or press release to submit to 100 top rated websites
Write a catchy title, summary and body of the news, press release or business details. You can use URL and hyperlink in your body.

Register to the websites
Select a specific username and password and choose the option of “unregistered”. Click on the button “start registration”. News Submitter will register to all websites within 5 minutes. Some websites demand email verification. Do it by going to your email address and confirming the activation links. It is a one-time process to activate your login ids Some websites send you password in your emails, do collect them and enter in the software window.


While submitting, you need to check the box "Process Captcha automatically". This will enable software to recognize captchas automatically.

Very after the completion of registration process, the software will deliver the report of unsuccessful and successful registrations:
You can save the report by selecting the option of pdf and html report according to your need.


Submit news by selecting the websites in which you want to broadcast your news.

Don’t forget to select the option of "Process Captcha automatically" while submitting the news. Very after the submission, a report will be generated that will tell you about the successful and unsuccessful submissions.

You can easily execute it and if you find any problem in its execution, you can get help from the company. Developers are ready to help you in every way, any time.

No Risk at All

Purchasing News Publisher is free from every danger. Your payments will be executed by authorized third-party e-commerce bank and I will not be able to know anything about your credit card or paypal account. So you can have trust and purchase it without any threat.

[So what are you waiting for??
Just buy it today for $49.99 (limited time offer) and enjoy the ease](http://1.ankitn123.pay.clickbank.net).

No recurring charges, One-time payment, free updates and technical support [](http://1.ankitn123.pay.clickbank.net)


[Start Live Help Chat](http://www.softsolutionslimited.com/livezilla/livezilla.php)
[LiveZilla Live Support](http://www.livezilla.net)


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