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"5 Major Reasons Why Your Business Profits Are Stalling Or Even Falling Like A Ton Of Bricks ...

... And What You Need To Do Right Now If You Want To Stop Your Competition From Eventually Eating You Up For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner!"

If You're Even Remotely Serious About Achieving Sustainable Long-Term Business Growth And Success For Your Business, Then I Urge You To Read The Rest Of This Letter...
Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Born in Detroit, Michigan, raised in Chicago,
Illinois, Educated in Boulder, Colorado, polished in
London, England, enlightened in San Francisco, California,
introduced to Ken Chee in Brisbane, Australia and writing
this foreword from Jakarta, Indonesia, 2010
Current resident of Orlando,Florida, USA
"Ken's Words, Wisdom and Experience Can and Will Prove to Be a Timeless Inspiration to Others and Certainly to You ... He is Great to Have As a Guru."

It is not easy to present information that can have a positive effect on millions of lives, one at a time. It is not easy to write what you know with clarity and conviction. It is not easy to live the kind of life that is both an inspiration to others and a pure joy to yourself. I agreed to write this preface for Ken Chee because he has done all three with mastery. And I know that his words, his wisdom and his experience can and will prove to be a timeless inspiration to others and certainly to you.

Unlike Ken, I did not begin with an overall strategy. I have lived my 77 years following a master plan that was known only to the Great Spirit, but not to me. Yet, they were revealed to me as time passed and life was lived. I did, however, do everything that I could have done - authoring or co-authoring 58 books in 62 languages that have sold 21 million copies - by writing to solve needs that I perceived in the world.

As Ken wisely suggests that you construct a business based upon strategy, return on investment and systems, three solid foundations for the pillars of your success, I was not guided by a master such as Ken, but had to learn those things as I went along. Thankfully, he imparts the knowledge for creating them so that you will be protected from groping and figuring them out too late, if at all.

A wise man said that as deep as sorrow gouges a hole in your spirit that will also be the depth of your joy. Ken was blessed by tragedy at a very young age, which has allowed him to amass a great amount of compassion, tempered by intelligence, which he graciously passes on to you in the forthcoming pages. I use the word graciously because he is such a wonderful and compelling writer - making every sentence he writes a joy to read and a privilege to learn. Few authors have presented such important information in so refreshingly and understandably a manner.

You, the reader, deserve a high five and a pat on the back for having the taste and discrimination to have selected Ken's book to read from amongst the nearly countless books that are available to you. Some believe that you can judge a person by the books in his or her library. It is obvious to me, though we have yet to meet, that you are a master of business knowledge.

That skill cannot be over estimated these days and in the days to follow. It will be enhanced and polished by the words you are about to read. I was honored to bestow upon Ken Chee, official recognition as a Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer. He was a treat to train. And you will soon agree that he is great to have as a guru.

From: Ken Chee

Dear Frustrated Business Owner,

Are you worried that your business profits are shrinking and sinking down the drain?

Are you worried that your lack of sustainable business growth and profits can only mean that your competitors are going to overtake you, steal your customers and eventually kick you out of the business you worked so long and so hard for?

If you're not, you can probably leave this page right now, because you obviously don't care about the long-term growth and success of your enterprise. BUT if you are worried, that's good! Because it only means you seriously care about your business and how you want to see it succeed enormously in the future.

Well, first let me describe the typical business scenario you're most likely going through right now...

You've been in business for the last 3-5 years and your business has been turning a decent enough profit every year to stay in business so far. In fact, you could say you're doing relatively well, since 90% of all businesses close down within a year!

However, you're worried about the lack of business growth in the last couple of years. Or worse still, you may even be losing revenue and your profit margins are thinning due to intense competition.

And you know you NEED to do something! New ideas, new ways ,or new strategies on how you can improve your business quick, because you know doing nothing is just committing entrepreneurial suicide.

But the trouble is you not sure what's the best way to move ahead of your competition...

And Right Now You're Utterly Frustrated With Your Business!

You seem to have reached a point where no matter what you do, you just can't seem to bring your business or your profits to the next level. It's like you're stuck on this never-ending plateau and you don't know when you're going to reach the next peak in your business growth. If ever!

Well, I can right now reveal to you why your business is NOT doing as well as it should be. Why your profits have been stagnant for the last couple of years and why you just can't bring your business to the next level.

It's because your business lacks a BRAND.

And without a strong and defining brand for your business, you're just a another face in the crowd. In a the sea of millions. And that's why your customers DON'T remember you and have no compelling reason to buy from you, even if you think otherwise!

Don't believe me?

Take This Quiz And I'll Prove It To You!

I'm going to show you 7 words, and when you see a word, I want you to think of the first thing that comes into your mind immediately. Are you ready? Ok, let's go...
Fast food -
  Computer software -
  Coffee -
  Luxury car -
  Search engine -
  Razor -
  Soft drink -
Here's What You Were Thinking Of...

Now if you're done taking the quiz... your answers almost always come out like this:
Fast food - McDonalds
  Computer software - Microsoft
  Coffee - Starbucks
  Luxury car - Mercedes-Benz
  Search engine - Google
  Razor - Gillette
  Soft drink - Coca-Cola
Surprised? You shouldn't be! You think of these companies (and you BUY from them) because they've built their businesses into MASSIVE brands. And they have embedded their brands so well into your brain that the moment you think of buying jeans, batteries, cigarettes, or sportswear; you immediately think of Levi's, Duracell, Marlboro, and Nike!

Do you know how powerful this is? Do you know what this level of branding can bring to your company?

Kick Ass Branding = Massive Profits. Period.

And these companies make multi-billions of dollars every single year. I know it sounds far off to you. But what if your business could just make 0.1% of that? Wouldn't that be something?

What if your business brand could dominate your own niche the the same way these companies dominate theirs? Do you still think that your business can survive long-term without a strong and defining brand?

No way.

And your competitors who DO understand the power of a brand will dominate your marketplace. And maybe you are already starting to see it happening in yours.

5 Major Reasons Why Your Business Will Eventually Tank...

If you DON'T start building a strong brand business right now, I can guarantee your profits and business success are going to be eventually flushed down the drain. In fact I can give you 5 BIG reasons why your business is going to go downhill:

Without a strong business brand...
Your business will lack clarity in what your marketplace truly needs. And because of that you will NOT be able to deliver the right offers to your market; wasting valuable time, money, and resources in the process.
  Your company's message will be inconsistent and cause confusion in your consumers, and in serious cases, even mistrust in your business itself!
  Your staff will suffer from low morale and a high turnover rate, because they see no sense of purpose in working for your company besides their monthly paycheck.
  You have no Unique Selling Proposition to differentiate yourself from the competition, which will eventually wipe you out!
  And sooner or later, the products/services your business offers will become commodities. And when that happens you have no choice but to compete with your competitors by offering the lowest prices around, leaving you with paper-thin profit margins and zero business growth.
Now as you went through the list and if you noticed that your business is already suffering from one of the reasons I've given you above, you know what I'm revealing to you know are critical business situations that REAL businesses face today. And your business needs to step up right now!

OK... So Who Am I To Tell You What To Do?

Before I get rude, let me formally introduce myself. My name's Ken Chee and I've been in the advertising, marketing, and branding industry for the last 5 years.

At the age of 27, I started my advertising agency business, Just Media, with just $9(!) and within 18 months, generated $1.2 MILLION in revenue for my startup business. I've addressed over 40,000 people as one of Asia's authority speakers in the areas of entrepreneurship, brand strategy, ROI marketing and advertising.

In 2005, I was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Honoree Award from the President of Singapore, Mr SR Nathan.

Ken Chee Receiving The Spirit of Enterprise Honoree Award
From The President Of Singapore, Mr SR Nathan.

The Spirit of Enterprise Honoree Award is given to the top entrepreneurs in Singapore every year, and I was selected as one of its esteemed honorees.

8-Figure Results For Your Business!

You see, I don't believe in creative advertising that only serves to make your business 'look good'. I'm in the business of creating "Ideas That Sell" that produce REAL, quantifiable results for your business and your bottom-line. In other words, your advertising must make money for you!

And that's why to date, my business clients have added over $10 MILLION in total to their bottom-lines, by directly implementing my ideas and strategies into their marketing models. Here are just some of them:
Just Some Of The Major Brands My Brand Agency 'Just Media' Has Worked With.
I'm not telling you all this to show off to you (ok... maybe I am). I show this to you because I want to prove to you that I walk the talk. I know what makes a successful business tick and what it takes to make it extremely profitable in a short period of time.

And if you want to learn how to grow your business to the next level, it only makes sense to learn from someone who knows exactly what he's doing.

I know exactly what to do to make sure your advertising makes money for your business, because I've worked with over 142 companies over the last 5 years including the big boys like Audi, Levi's, and Hugo Boss helping them produce real measurable marketing RESULTS.

"Broke The Million Dollar Barrier In Just 2 Years!"
On behalf of our management team, I want to express our heartfelt appreciation to Ken Chee and Just Media for being such a powerful force as our exclusive branding and advertising agency since 2003.
You have been instrumental in our 200% growth these past 2 years , helping us break the million revenue barrier through creating various unique, out-of-the-box tactical marketing campaigns.
We look forward to move this relationship to new heights and your company truly lives up to its motto, “Ideas that Sell”.
Thank you so much! I also salute the 101% commitment and the high level of competency from your team.

Ms. Wendy Kwek
Founder & Managing Director of Executive Directions
Spirit of Enterprise Award 2004

"Great Job Done For Hugo Boss SOUL!"
It was a pleasure working with the Just Media team and a great job done for the Hugo Boss SOUL campaign.
From conceptualization to completion, the event was well orchestrated and it effectively encapsulated the essence of our Brand DNA, all within an amazing turnaround time.
Rachel Teo
Brand Manager for HUGO
Cosmopolitan Cosmetics Pte Ltd

What Kick-Ass Branding Can Do For Your Business!

Now let me ask you one question.

When you saw all those testimonials earlier, which testimonials created the MOST impact for you?

I bet you the testimonials from the BIG companies like Lexus, Canon, Panasonic, and Fujitsu impressed you the most, and convinced you that I really am an expert in marketing and branding.(I really am, by the way :-).

Now why do you believe that even though you've never met me in person before?

Because you were thinking that if these big global brands can approach me for marketing and branding advice, I really MUST know what I'm doing. Or these big boys wouldn't have come to me in the first place!

And because I had these BIG brands to back me up (and you trust these brands), so by proxy you now also trust me as an expert even though this may be the first time you've come across me.

So you see... that's the power of a BRAND!

6 Reasons Why Branding Will Explode Your Business Profits Now!

Now you understand how powerful a brand can be for your business, here's how your business is going to transform literally overnight when I apply these techniques into your business.
The more your customers value your brand, the more they will buy your products and services, and recommend them to other people. They will also pay a premium for your products, allowing you to increase your prices and your profit margins instantly!
  As your brand becomes more valuable, you'll find employees who will clamor to work for you. You'll find easier to attract and hire top talent into your company. Also because your employees value your brand, they understand what is needed to done to run your business the way your brand define it.
  A strong brand will multiply the value of your company (90% of the asset value of some major corporations lies in their intellectual property), and assures your company has a profitable future. This makes your business attractive to investors and shareholders.
  You will find your suppliers giving you better service at a lower total acquisition cost, because suppliers also like to be associated with strong brands. This benefits their own reputation in the eyes of current or potential customers.
  Retailers, distributors and wholesalers will give you more "air time" and shelf space for your products, thus enhancing further the value of your brands in the eyes of your consumers.
  Opinion leaders like the media, politicians, and non-government organizations are more respectful of strong brands, thus giving your business a competitive edge over your competitors.
In a nutshell, your brand will build strong and powerful relationships with your market internally and externally, because it instills trust and confidence in what your business stands for.

"Campaigns Generated 200% ROI Instantly!"
The team in Just Media is business-savvy and result oriented. They did their best to understand my business and propose campaigns that work, echoing their brand vision of creating Ideas That Sell, generating 200% ROI in our campaigns instantly! Working with Just Media offers me the assurance that they will go the extra mile to ensure the success of our projects.
Ms Sally Teo
Marketing Manager
Seraya Energy Pte Ltd

"Real Results, Professionalism And Value Creation!"
At InterContinental Hotels Group, we believe in delivering an unforgettable customer's experience through our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence at all our hotel chains. And we are very pleased that the Just Media team has effectively encapsulated the essence our Brand DNA in all the communication projects we have done. I strongly recommend Just Media's services and strategies if you demand real results, professionalism and value creation in your organization.
Ernest Lim,
IT Director
InterContinental Hotels Group Asia Pacific

"One Of The Best Sales Campaigns Ever!"
In our feedback from Eyecare customers in the last two weeks, 85% of our target audience have heard of our brand from TV, Word of Mouth, Radio and Billboards. We had one of the best sales on this campaign ever since our company incorporated 3 years ago.

Dr. Abdulla Zahir from Maldives
Managing Director
Eyecare Opticals

Now that you understand that you need a strong brand to back you up, before your business can reach its next of level of growth...

Here's how I'm going to supercharge your business brand for you...

Here's What You're Going To Discover Inside:
Chapter 1 - The Soul of Your Business
The one singular reason you MUST be clear about before starting a business! If you don't have this written down and clearly defined, your business is bound to fail!
Chapter 2 - Clarity. Power. Results
How to align your business with your personal values, set clearly defined goals and create a focused action plan for success.

Chapter 3 - Insight Vs Intuition
A lot of businesses start of on pure speculation. But successful businesses are based on precise market insight. 4 ways to discover market insights that will decide if your business idea is boom or bust.

Chapter 4 - Problems That Will Make You Rich
Why PROBLEMS will make you and your business rich and successful. (Don't understand this? Read this chapter to find out)

Chapter 5 - Knowing Why They Buy What They Buy
One simple 'Laddering Exercise' that will unearth your customer's core beliefs and motivations about purchasing certain brands or products and how your business fits inside.

Chapter 6 - Key Drivers and Psychographics
Discover what drives your customers purchasing decisions based on their v_____, b______ and d___________. Because once you understand what drives your customers, you can get them to choose your brand again and again.

Chapter 7 - Seven Differentiation Strategies That Will Dominate Your Niche
Discover the seven differentiation strategies that you can apply in your business today that will allow you to dominate your niche successfully AND cost-effectively.

Chapter 8 - Eight Critical Elements in Constructing Your Brand DNA
The eight critical elements BRAND DNA and why you must align all of them for your brand to be successful. Miss out on anyone of them and your brand becomes inconsistent and ineffective.

Chapter 9 - Knowing Your First Million Dollar Formula
Discover what it takes to reach your million dollar goal. (If you don't even know what you need to do daily to reach your million, you will NOT achieve your goal!)

Chapter 10 - 3 Steps and 22 Marketing Tools and Strategies
The 3 steps and 22 marketing strategies that will increase your sales instantly. Works every time without FAIL. (Don't believe it -- test it out for yourself!)

Chapter 11 - Deadly R.O.I. Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
The 5 deadly R.O.I. mistakes you must avoid -- if you want your business advertising to create results for you.

Chapter 12 - Five R.O.I. Marketing Principles to Make You Rich
The 5 R.O.I. principles that will have your customers wanting to buy your products/services like hot cakes out of the oven!

Chapter 13 - 19 Tips for Writing Powerful Marketing Material That Generates Instant Results
19 simple tips you can apply immediately to create POWERFUL advertisements for your products, brand and business.

Chapter 14 - 7 Mistakes You're Making on the Internet That Are Losing Money for Your Business Every Single Day
7 mistakes you MUST avoid if you want your website to start generating more sales and leads for your business right now. (98% of websites suck!)

Chapter 15 - Brand Mastery Case Studies
5 real-life case studies of companies that applied the Brand Mastery principles and achieved increased results and performance. (You definitely want to read more about this.)

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So How Much For Brand Mastery?

I'll get straight to the point.

The price of Brand Mastery is the same for almost any book you can find in a good bookstore. It is yours for just...


And if you need further reinforcement that this book is the right purchase for you, I offer a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

My ROCK-SOLID 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever that you are unhappy with your purchase of Brand Mastery ... simply ask for a FULL 100% refund within the next 60 days and I will return you every single penny - no questions asked!

Just send me an email with your receipt saying that you want a refund and I'll return you every single penny. No questions asked. It's that simple!

[ ](order.php)

You absolutely have NO risk at all with a deal like this. Simply download the entire Brand Mastery book and learn ALL the marketing and branding strategies I reveal inside. If you're not satisfied with what I teach you, then I'll give you back your money and you still get to keep the book! That's how confident I am of what I'm about to teach you inside the book.

Enough said. Take action now!
[] Yes Ken! I'm Ready To Boost My Business Branding, Profits, And Success To A Whole New Level And Leave My Competitors In The Dust! I understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server, and once it is processed, I will be able to access my products and bonuses immediately  ... even if it's 2am on a Sunday. I understand that the product will be delivered to me digitally. I will be given instant exclusive access to enter the "Brand Mastery" Members Area where I will be able to download my purchase. I understand that I have 60 days to test drive and use every bit of information that's revealed inside Brand Mastery and if I am for any reason whatsoever not 100% thrilled with Brand Mastery, I can get a FULL refund. No questions asked.
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What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose... except your future business success.

To your long-term business success,

Ken Chee

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