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That is my best month yet...

As you can see, this is not some flash-in-pan system that will only work for a short-time... I've been in the trenches and I actually know what it takes to make profitable bets.

Imagine being able to place the exact same bets that I do and pulling daily profit like this...

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I’m going to get you started as soon as possible but first I want to go over a few things…

First I want you to take a look at some earnings I just made not too long ago… so you can see what you’re in for…
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Yes, go ahead and soak it in… you’re on your way to seeing consistent profits like these.

First Off…

I know what you’re going through as you try to make the most successful bets each everyday but always seem to fall short.

What are you using to make those bets?

Is it an outdated betting bot

Is it some tips and tricks some guru punter said would work

Are you trying to go at it all alone with no help

If you’re suffering from any of those three problems… suffer no more because today is your lucky day. All of your betting problems end right now…

Dear Friend,

Let me start things off by telling you who I am and how I got started so you can understand exactly how I came to making so much money as a punter.

I have been a punter since I started college.

It all started off as a hobby… I won every now and then. I can honestly say at first I lost more than I made… but do you think that would stop me from making bets?
NO, Not At All!

But when I sat back and actually saw how much I was losing… I was blowing a lot of money that I didn’t really have to spend. I had no choice but to create a system that would stop my losing by 100%.

Being a full-time college student and working a night job… I really didn’t have much time to do a lot of research to create a fail proof system.

But I knew how much money you could make with betting because I seen it with my own eyes.

I had a dorm room neighbor he was a little older than me but he always use to show me some of his earnings from betting online and I always wondered what he was doing… what he was making made it seem like he was cheating.

For a college student to be making more than the professor, it just didn’t seem right.

I wanted to ask… but I was always the kind of guy to figure things out on my own. So I would have the satisfaction of knowing I could make more without having any help.
That’s Where I Got Burned...

I had already finished school and still didn’t have a solid plan. I don’t know about you but when get out of school do you ever know what’s next?

I sure didn’t. I was connected with numerous job opportunities… but none of them offered the starting salary I hoped for getting right out of college with a masters degree.

I spent all that money on an education, I’m going to need a decent salary so I could pay off all those student loans… and no one could offer what I was looking for.

But I’m glad I kept my dorm room neighbors number and he kept the same number. I had to call him and ask him to give me a few tips… or at least get me started in the right direction.

We talked for a while and he told me he doesn’t even do anything with his degree all he is a full-time punter…

He told me how much he made a month just off betting…
... I was like no way!

He gave me a few pointers on where to get started and I ran with it. I followed his direction and become a full-time punter also and haven’t looked back since.

Over £6,497.22 in October

Nearly £6,000 The Following Month

At first I had to get some type of capitol coming in so I could become a full-time punter so I did some minor online marketing work and let me tell you, its way to much work to make a buck.

It might of took me exactly 2 years to be able to create something that works every single day without fail…

…and do you know what you’re about to get?
Introducing a *NEW* Copy & Paste Betting System!



I will give you insider secrets every week straight to your email or cell phone to be able to make the same bets I make to profit big!

You will be able to get information only a few punters have to make the big bucks in online betting!

I will stick by your side through the whole process of you making BIG BUCKS in the betting world!
This is what I’m NOT going to do:

I’m not going to bore you with a so called secret guides that you have to read and hopefully get something out of it

A robot that comes with no instructions on how to use it

I’m not going to leave you hanging in the wind

You will be able to sit right alongside me as I show you how to make more money than you EVER would at a regular job... trading time for money.

These days, I'm NOT too worried about where my income is going to come from... I have over £30,000 sitting in my bank account...

These profits haven't even been touched!

Yes, I know you want to be shown the way and not left in the dark.

This is like nothing else in the world… getting one on one with one of the top punters in the world its unheard of.

Over £1,200 Just a Few Weeks Ago!

£1,064 in Profits in Just 7 Days!

Most top punters won’t waste their time giving away their secrets and giving them away straight to your email or cell phone because they’re too busy spending money… but I know how it feels to need help.

You will see a big difference in how excellent Guru Betting Tips is compared to any other guide or robot.

It’s like being in the classroom with a professor… just without the boring lecture. You get all the good stuff leaving out all the BS!
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The money speaks for itself.

I already know you see the opportunity in Guru Betting Tips and your ready to get started… but first I want to make this even easier for you:

Our 60 Day 100%
Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to try Guru Betting Tips and see with your own eyes that it flat out WORKS!

If you aren't making the kind of profits you were expecting, just let me know and we'll refund your entire investment… no questions asked!

Now you have everything in front of you to get started right now on becoming a full-time punter and making more money than you could at any job you may apply for.

Here are the type of consistent earnings you can expect when you become a member of "Guru Betting Tips"...

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but there is some bad news…

There is only a limited amount of space for this offer. I can only let so many people sit next to me and make the same bets I make. There are only 300 seats available…

But I know if you get started right now you will be able to get your seat before it’s too late.
…and you get a guarantee with your seat. How can you lose?

You can’t, it’s not possible.

And the price makes it even easier…

Yes, I’m Ready To Get Started At This Ridiculously Low Price.

I understand that I will be getting professional betting tips from a professional bettor.

I simply need to watch for your tips and profits! I don’t want to waste anymore time! I'm clicking the "Instant Access" button right now...

This is everything you will ever need to make money... there will be NOTHING else to buy once you make your purchase!
Today Only £47

To Your Betting Success,

Ronald McCutchen

P.S. I started just like you and I know how it feels to lose a lot of money, but no one will take you by the hand and teach you how to make money like I will. This is your only opportunity to make it big in the betting world.

P.S.S. Seats are running out… only 197 left and their going fast. I know you’re ready, get started RIGHT NOW don’t waste anymore time because you don’t have much left before the door is shut forever. You will never find another offer like this anywhere, don’t lose your opportunity!
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