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Are you ready to discover the 101 TOP Places in Istanbul, which have only been visited by small percent of people so far?

The 101 Most Beautiful Touristic Places in ISTANBUL REVEALED !

Do not miss the opportunity to nearly see



Hi, my name is Erdal YILMAZ. I have been living in Istanbul for 26 years. For the last 5 years,  i have been working as professional tour guide and accompanying tourists from all over the world. During this time range, i had more than 1000 foreign tourists travel in Istanbul. I guarantee you, tourists have not sufficient information about the number of top places worth to travel in Istanbul. Of the all tourists i accompanied so far, 95% could count 7-8 top places. the remaining 5% could increase the number up to 20. But this is because this second group have been in Istanbul before.

But this is actually not the truth. In Istanbul, thre are hundreds of places to visit. This is why i have written the e-book: "ISTANBUL-TOP 101". Palaces remained from empires, over 100 year old-mosques-churches and synagogues, bosphorus with unique views, museums consisting of all world culture, historical shopping centers etc..

Istanbul is a world city. Everyone should visit at least once during life. This is the only city in the world built on two continents. It connects the asia and europe with bosphorus bridge. Istanbul also links the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. 


The history of Istanbul dates back up to 300.000 years and as a capital city to 1600 years. Firstly, it served as capital to Byzantine empire, and then to the Ottoman Empire. It is the largest city of Turkey with a population of over 13 million. Istanbul represents the heart of the economy of Turkey.

Istanbul is also the capital of art and culture with a rich tradition in opera and ballet, art exhibitions, theatres, concerts, festivals and museums.  Istanbul is a blend of eastern and western cultures. Over 400 year old-bazaars and ultra-modern shopping centres  coexist. Almost all highly visited places such as Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque , Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque and The Topkapı Palace are located here. 

This world city hosted many civilizations and cultures for ages. It has been a medium where people from different religions, cultures and nations lived together. The Topkapı Palace is also the oldest and widest historical palace in the world.

Istanbul was announced as the Europe Cultural Capital in 2010. Many cultural activities has been organized last year. I am sure that you want to have seen these. In only 2010, 6.5 million tourists from all over the world visited Istanbul.

Istanbul has the largest population among all cities in Europe. One of the most famous magazins in the world, The New York Times, performed a survey about the world cities and they asked people which city in the world during 2010 they wanted to see more. The result of survey was clear: ISTANBUL..


Every year millions of people visit Istanbul from the countries like below



I want you to learn more about this dream city.


  ...is a powerful economy 

Economical datas show that Istanbul is getting closer to the FIRST. At the moment, it is one of 30 most powerful cities in the world. 
According the survey carried out by Forbes, a leader economy magazine, Istanbul had 35 billioners by 2008 and this made Istanbul FOURTH among all cities in the world. 
  .. has high athletic potential.
2012 World Salon Athletics Championship will be organized in Istanbul.  Istanbul has 3 great football teams: Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas 
Istanbul is also one of the hosts for Formula 1 Grand Prix races. This is one of the most important sport organization in the world. Every year at least one Formula organization is held on Istanbul Park track which covers a total area of 2.215.000 m2 
The Ataturk Olypic Stadium hosted Europe Football Championship Final in 2005 as well as The Sukru Saracoglu Stadium hosted 2009 UEFA Cup Final.  Istanbul will be "The 2012 Sport Capital" of Europe.  The 2010 World Basketball Championship was done in Istanbul.  Every year the Eurasia Marathon (42.195 m) is organised in Istanbul on the road between the asia and europe. 
  .. represents the heart of art and music
International Film Festival is organised in Istanbul every year. It is one of the most important festivals in Europe.  The International Jazz Festival was held in Istanbul in 2010.  Every year, International Music Festival is organised in Istanbul.  In 2010, International Opera Festival was held again in Istanbul. 

...is the point where science and technology  interact
The International Science Festival was in Istanbul in 2008.  The CeBIT Informatics Eurosia , The International Information and Comminication Technologies fair, will be organized in 2011 in Istanbul.  Animalia Istanbul is an international fair for "Animal Breeding and Technologies" and it was performed in Istanbul in 2010.  Istanbul is one of the main centers for "United Nations-Hydrogen Energies Technologies".  "FOTEG ISTANBUL", is an international fair on food processing technologies and was performed in Istanbul in 2010.  "International Metal Processing Technologies" is also another fair organised in Istanbul.  Have you ever seen a UFO? Istanbul has one of the few International UFO museums. 

Istanbul is really a perfect city to visit. My first visit was 5 months ago and at that time i travelled 2 important palaces and 3 great museums. However, with the help of "TOP 101", i am planning to definitely see more than 50 places during my next trip. Thanks a lot Erdal..

                                                    Andreina MARINO - ITALY

I highly enjoyed being able to travel around this city which connects asia and europe. The last time i visited Istanbul, my tour guide made me travel around 14 touristic places. But now, i understand that there are lots of places to visit. Istanbul is really a dream city. Thanks for introducing other great places.
                                          Ricardo CARDOSO - PORTUGAL 

What will you find in "ISTANBUL-TOP 101" " ?

You will enjoy being at the center of asia and europe

You will learn the top touristic places in Istanbul which you have never seen and heard before

Your general culture and history information will increase as much as 3 fold.

You will find somethink from your own culture and country

You will see the city in which the İslam is most contemporary experienced

You will learn the friendliness of turkish people

You will be convinced on how easy turkish language is.





I spent my most romantic moments during my trip in Istanbul. Watching the view of Bosphorus was a unique experience. I wish i would have met TOP-101 before. So, i wouldn't have spent my time for only 7-8 places in Istanbul. Also turkish national foods were wonderful.

                                                    Matthew BROWN - CANADA

The national festivals in Istanbul witness very colourful scenes. During my last trip to Istanbul, in the April, 2010, i experienced unforgettable thinks. I am aiming to go to Istanbul again and to visit another perfect places. Thank you Mr. Yılmaz.

                                                           Nikita RANGAN - INDIA


"ISTANBUL TOP 101": A Wonderful Source of Travel Guide.

But there is more for you to benefit from my e-book. You will not only see 101 places but also there are some valuable gifts beside "ISTANBUL-TOP 101"



VISA INFORMATIONS:  How is the visa system of Turkey? How can i get visa? What are the visa prices? Which type of visa should i prefer? What are the visa requirenments for my own country? 




PRECAUTIONS + SAFETY + WEATHER: What are the health precautions to take care about before travelling to Turkey? How will be the weather conditions during my trip? Is there any travel precautions? What about the travel safety?When should i go to Turkey?


CONSULATE AND EMBASSY INFO: Turkish embassy and consulate adresses and contact informations.



SELECTING TRAVEL AGENCY: How to choose travel agencies and guides. What should i take care about? 



TURKISH SPEAKING AND PRONOUNCING: How can i get connected to turkish peoples. What are the language structure and important words. How can i express my basic needs?


TRIP PLANNING GUIDE:Where should i begin from? How can i organize my time most eficiently? How many hours do i have to allow myself to visit many places? 


LOCAL TRANSPORT GUIDE: Airports, ferries, metros, seabuses, trams.. What are the fast transport choises from one point to another? What about the prices?


NATIONAL DAYS:  What are the important days for turks? Can i attent these national days? Are they entertaining?


TURKISH FOODS AND DRINKS: What should i eat during my trip? What are the most important foods which can not be tasted out of Turkey?



ADDRESSES AND PHONE NUMBERS: What are the phone numbers and addresses which i definitely have to know? What can i do if any unwanted problem arises during my trip? 


ECONOMY GUIDE, MONEY EXCHANGE: How can i fulfill my need for money? What is the currency exchange rate of turkish money unit TL? What are the expenses which i have to take care of?


SOUVENIR GUIDE: What are the souvenirs i can buy from turkey as a travel memory?



RAPID TRAVELLING GUIDE: How can i enjoy travelling in Istanbul in a short amount of time? If i have only 24-48 hours to experience Istanbul?


ROMANTIC EXPERIMENTS  What are the addresses where i can experience romantic moments?


 The sum of all bonuses = 103 $ But my special price for you including TOP 101 + BONUSES is only 29,90 $





That's really funny to be aware of more touristic places in a world city. Because i have many alternatives to only small number of places, my next visit to Istanbul seem to be an excellent trip. Also it is nice to know that most of my money will remain in my pocket :) I thank you for this nice contribution.
                                                Vladimir IVANKOV - BULGARIA

Most of the tourism agencies direct tourists to the very well known places but the important think is to widely travel in a city spending time most efficiently. This is why i am suggesting ISTANBUL-TOP 101 as a travel guide to my friends. Thank you again.
                                                             Juan ALONSO - SPAIN  




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ISTANBUL-TOP 101 is comprised of issues which are mostly needed by tourists planning to travel to Istanbul.

No mosque, no church, no synagogue, no museum will be remained without having seen.

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