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Whether you are a complete novice or already own your own account this book has something to offer you. Over fifties are joining in the Facebook fun in huge numbers; age is no barrier and this book proves it.

Want to keep up with the grandkids? No problem. You Can Facebook will show you the ropes step by simple step and let you surprise the kids by inviting them to be your friend.

Are you way past that and want to know how to upload photos of your own or start a discussion group? We have got it covered. You Can Facebook was co-written and designed by someone who is over fifty so we are on your wavelength. We promise no hard to understand language or buzz words. Just straight, easy to follow instructions; with a bit of humor thrown in.

This book was designed to help people over fifty use the Facebook phenomena to their best advantage. We wanted to create the definitive guide to Facebook so that people who are 50 plus could enjoy everything that Facebook has to offer. So we have left nothing to chance with step by step tutorials to get you from A-Z in a flash no matter what you want to do on Facebook.

Facebook really is a whole new world with 100’s of opportunities for fun, socializing, connecting to people and even money making. No matter what you want information about,  Facebook has a group for it. There are Facebook communities for everything from belly dancing to bad backs.With our book to guide you navigating this new world will be a snap.

No matter what you want from Facebook

-          Talk to people you know

-          Find people you used to know

-          Meet people you never knew but would like to

-          Play games

-          Make money

-          Fall in love

We show you how in simple steps.  Don’t miss out on the news, the photos and the fun any longer. You Can Facebook can have you connected in minutes.
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