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Whats Your Purpose


Discover Your Life’s Purpose Now!

You are just seven simple steps away from answering the most
empowering and important question that you can ask in your lifetime.

At some stage in everyone’s lives you will want to know what your
Life Purpose is. Most people ask when it’s too late. Discovering and
living your Life Purpose is the key to self-mastery and to living a
full and happy life. Don’t leave it too late.

What’s Your Purpose? SEVEN STEPS TO FIND YOUR ANSWER™ is the only
dedicated program that guarantees to find your Purpose in 7 steps.

Richard Jacobs guides you by video through each step which will
deliver your Purpose Statement in your Book of Life. People speak of
an IMMEDIATE SENSE OF RELIEF on discovering theirs because it feels so
familiar – like an old friend.  

Purpose is discussed as a key to life by all of the ancient and
modern teachers and philosophers and, until now, discovering your
Purpose has been by chance or by many years of self-study. _TENS OF
THOUSANDS_ have discovered their Life’s Purpose through the
groundbreaking work of Richard which is effective and fun.

Every Step creates a metaphor that goes through you and  you receive
a deep insight and clarity about yourself about your values, your
gifts, your talents and your abilities whether they are hidden or if
they are known and how they apply to your contribution in life which

Through metaphors you will name the things that you don’t normally
take time to address and you will engage in a deep and authentic
conversation with yourself. Your answers will be true and unfettered
by self-doubt. Each step, because it invokes creativity, is about more
than one thing so you gain rich insights which are really useful for

- Brings clarity and SIMPLICITY TO LIFE.

- Find out what you love to do.

- It shows how more authentic choices can be made even in a poor
environment which gives you TOTAL FREEDOM.

- WHATEVER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES you can make choices now that will
serve you and others.

- It brings freedom and a path to progress and shows you how to
release talents and abilities and gifts.

- REVEALS YOUR VALUES and therefore what we want to be and cuts
through the current distractions.

- You will unite your favourite qualities and not choose between them
and show you the possibilities of honouring your highest ones and
becoming YOUR OWN ROLE MODEL - the route to self mastery and
greatness. - Live your values now – don’t wait and make YOUR

- Become value-able.

- This is about making headway in life and not waiting for the world
to discover you which causes frustration and resentment.

- You define yourself with what you give not by what we get and

- Reveal what you want to give.

- YOU DETERMINE THE IMPACT you would like on the people and
situations around you.

- It determines the feeling and message that would you like to
emanate and cements your guiding principles and the feelings that you
would like to experience for yourself and for others.

- REVEAL YOUR CORE MESSAGE and how you would like others to feel
when you walk out of the room.

- Determine what’s important to you in a clear and concise and

- Become more effective and learn not to dissipate your energies.

- Inspire people around you. Lose your fears and step beyond your
boundaries and BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

Imagine how far and fast you can go if your talents, values and
contribution are pulling in the same direction?

- Re-ignite self-esteem by recognising, cultivating and indulging in
your talents and re-learn how to participate by giving of yourself and
become involved in the harmony of life.

- Become a person living your highest possibilities and powers and
see yourself become purposeful.

STEP 7:   
Reveal your PURPOSE STATEMENT – Your true essence and meaning in
the world. Knowing your Purpose and living it is the most important
thing that you can do in this lifetime, bringing happiness and
fulfillment enriching your world whatever you currently do and the

Using the Seven Steps: Richard dissects the steps and brings meaning
to your answers and explains the insights in to the program giving
examples of other people that he has facilitated through the process.

and there's the BONUSES:-

Bonus #1

An amazing Video explaining exactly how to get the best out of the
whole process.

Bonus #2

Free limited access to the Tribe of Purposeful People with the
online membership site – NORMAL PRICE $19 PER MONTH
including access to the author Richard Jacobs.

Bonus #3

Investigating Your Answers video – Normal value of $15.

You Get Instant Digital Access When You Sign Up Today!

The value of this product is at least $149 but if you buy today once
you click the add to cart button below, and make the small $47
investment to get your hands on this amazing test... you'll
immediately be taken to the download area...So you can start in as
little as 2 minutes from now.

This is a great offer and the price will be increasing to $97 very

Comes With A 60 Day
NO-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Sign up immediately. 

I totally believe this is a life changing test and will reveal your
life's purpose.

If for any reason within those 60 days you don't feel I have helped
you to find the answer, I will give you 100% of your investment back.

You only stand to gain today. So click the add to cart button below
then you'll be immediately taken to your personal test.

People Who
Found Their Purpose


"After taking the test I was so inspired I begged Richard to help
with his mission to share the test with as many people as we could so
they too could find what out the answer to the ultimate question. "

People Who
Found Their Purpose


"Hi Richard, just wanted to say SUPERB! Just taken the test and it
was brilliant. Well done for such a great product for answering such
an amazing question. I can't wait to tell everyone about it."


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