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You will receive your registration code instantly on the web and a copy via email for your records. You will then be able to activate The Spyware Detective to clean all errors found in your registry.

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Yes, I understand that my order is safe because it's protected by an unconditional 56 days money back guarantee. If I am not completely satisfied with my purchase, I can simply send you an email anytime within the 56 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

Registration is a one-time charge of only ($39.95) $29.95 and includes a 1 year upgrade licenses ( Upgrade to the any new version released for 1 year ) .

Purchase a 2 year upgrade license for an additional $9.95 ( a $24.95 Value ) -- Upgrade to any new version released for 2 years.

Privacy Policy: Your email information will never be sold, rented or shared with anyone, ever, for any reason. You can also consult our [Privacy Policy](privacy.htm).


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