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Fluff Chucking for the Masses Fluff Chucking for the Masses
The complete beginner's guide to fly fishing for game, coarse and sea fish The complete beginner's guide to fly fishing for game, coarse and sea fish

The days of tweed clad aristo’s stalking the banks of exclusive chalk streams and salmon beats are all but past. Now, anyone with a fly rod and the price of a day ticket can enjoy outstanding sport at the many commercial fisheries to be found throughout the UK.

Nor is the beginning fly fisher’s quarry restricted to game fish such as trout, salmon and grayling: sea and coarse anglers too have begun trading floats for flies – in pursuit of pike, carp, mullet, bass and numerous other species.

Whether you are an accomplished match or specimen angler looking to try something new - or you’ve never caught a fish in your life -
you owe it to yourself to give fly fishing (aka ‘fluff chucking’) a try.

Contrary to popular belief, fly fishing is not especially complex; in fact it reduces the sport of angling to its basics: a rod, reel, line and a baited hook.

There is no place in the fly fisher’s armoury for sophisticated self-hooking rigs and electronic bite alarms. Rather, the successful fly fisher actively stalks his prey – applying a unique understanding of his quarry, its habits and habitat to present the right fly, in the right place, at precisely the right time.

Fluff Chucking for the Masses introduces the tackle and techniques you’ll need to make your first successful foray into fly fishing.

Included, you’ll find clear, jargon free advice on :
► selecting the right fly rod, reel and other tackle - on a realistic budget; ► understanding the different types of fly line, leaders and tippets; ► when and where to use wet flies, dry flies and nymphs; ► dwhere to buy flies for carp, pike and sea fishing; ► choosing the right venue; ► casting and mending your line; ► watercraft and fish spotting; ► fish care; ► and much more besides.

New from the publishers of The Bluffer’s Guide to Carp Fishing, and The Quest For Big Cats, this eminently readable ebook also reveals:
► 10 ‘go to’ flies that work anytime and (almost) anywhere; ► the benefits of fly tying versus buying; ► 12 casting tips to help you ‘go the distance’; ► 3 essential fly fishing knots and how to tie them; ► how to ‘match the hatch’; ► why sometimes it’s enough ‘just being there’ – at one with the natural environment.

Most importantly of all, Fluff Chucking for the Masses goes a long way to explaining the perennial appeal of fly fishing, sharing the joys, frustrations and - ultimately – sheer exhilaration that regular fly fishers experience (almost) every trip out.

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And we guarantee something else, too:
When you finally lean into your first fly-hooked trout or pike, carp, bass, or even salmon…
you’ll wish you’d discovered this most addictive and enthralling of sports years ago.

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