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Recently registered with other handicapping services looking for winners? But those winners turned out to be losers from those other handicapping services? It happens, there are a lot of people on the internet today trying to pick winners and make easy money. But they never come through, do they? Well your request for winning picks has been answered with us, Victorious Picks.

Welcome to Victorious Picks. Here at Victorious Picks we specialize in [NFL Football Picks](../getPicks.asp?pickData=1&nPage=1), [NCAAF Football  Picks](../getPicks.asp?pickData=5&nPage=1),[ NHL Hockey Picks](../getPicks.asp?pickData=4&nPage=1), and [MLB Baseball Picks](../getPicks.asp?pickData=3&nPage=1). [Victorious Picks](../) has been in the sports handicapping business for 10 years now and have had 10 straight winning seasons. We stayed underground for the past 10 years dealing with local clients in the community, and now we are ready to take on the world by exposing our winning success online.

Why Join?

Start winning in sports the correct way, slow and steady wins in the end. No 99% chase systems here, no lock of the century, decade, year, week, etc. Here at Victorious Picks, we use a combination of software, statistical modeling, public money movements, and a handicapper consensus program. What this means is that all of our handicappers have to agree on a play for us to release it to our clients. That’s why on most days we only release between 1 and 3 plays per day. With our consensus picks, you will definitely see your winning % and bankroll grow. Our handicappers spend hours every day researching and finding the best possible selections. Top priority is making you money because if we don’t we know you will go somewhere else.

Yes it is true that only 2% of people make a living betting sports. Yes it is true the only way to make a living betting sports is strict money management, strict discipline, and countless hours analyzing the sporting events.

What is missing?


Here at Victorious Picks, we specialize in money management, strict discipline and over 5-6 hours of analyzing the sporting events daily. It is a well known fact most gamblers bet too much per game and the wrong game, and that is what keeps the sports books in business. Most gamblers bet on their favorite teams and bet too much with their hearts and not enough with their brains, and that is what keeps the sports books in business.

Now of course money management and strict discipline are not the only keys to success in sports betting. You need to have winners as well of course. Here at Victorious Picks, we specialize in NFL Football Picks, NCAAF Football Picks, NHL Hockey Picks, NBA Basketball Picks and MLB Baseball Picks.

How do you know if the Sports Handicapping Service like Victorious Picks are telling the truth about their picks history and their money record?

Simple, ask that service if they are monitored.

Are we here at Victorious Picks monitored?

YES! Here at our website! Our website has a built in [3rd party sports monitor](../getPicks.asp?pickData=0&nPage=1) that is controlled by our website designer. Every time we add a pick they are added into the site and cannot be deleted or changed.

This is what sports investing is all about. How much money you are up each month. It is like the stock market, except we make you money! Why would you want to play the stock market these days with how the economy is? Go underground and discover the sports investment world. Let us here at Victorious Picks do all the hard work of breaking all the games down for you, and let us make you money each month.

How much do we charge?

We are the cheapest, yes, the cheapest sports handicapping service on the internet today. With our outstanding winning record we should be charging and arm and a leg. But we don’t!

We do recommend that you purchase monthly. With monthly packages we can show you a return on your investment over a period of time, as compared to a one day pass. All of our picks are guaranteed. Meaning, if you purchase a monthly package, we guarantee a profit or else we give you your money back, you have 60 days to request a refund.

How much money do you need to invest?

With our strict money management and strict discipline plan, you can start out with just $100

Not only do we give you winning picks, we tell you how much to bet on each game according to what your bank roll is.

Are you ready to invest in sports betting and have a profitable return on investment?

If you said yes, [CLICK HERE](../accessPlans.asp)

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Game Date
1/18/2011 Game Time
8:00 PM Charlotte Bobcats Chicago Bulls NBA Total Pick (Full Game) [ Get Pick & Write-Up](getPick.asp?pickID=2362&pageID=404812401) Our Record (Last 365 Days)

[ ALL PICKS](getPicks.asp?pickData=0&nPage=1) 145-71-8 67% +206.01 Units
[ NFL PICKS](getPicks.asp?pickData=1&nPage=1) 47-20-2 70% +66.05 Units
[ NBA PICKS](getPicks.asp?pickData=2&nPage=1) 3-2-1 60% +12.8 Units
[ MLB PICKS](getPicks.asp?pickData=3&nPage=1)         
[ NHL PICKS](getPicks.asp?pickData=4&nPage=1) 70-37-4 65% +99.23 Units
[ NCAAF PICKS](getPicks.asp?pickData=5&nPage=1) 25-12-1 68% +27.93 Units
[ NCAAB PICKS](getPicks.asp?pickData=6&nPage=1)         

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