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"Pro Photographer Reveals The Secrets
Of Starting And Running A Thriving
Photography Business, That Pulls
In Clients As Regular As Clockwork"

Aspiring Photographers Struggling To Make Ends Meet
Are About To Be Handed The Keys To More Projects,
More Recognition And More Money. . .

Dear Photographer,

Running a photography business can be one of the most exhilarating things a photographer can ever do. But it can be fraught with hidden traps and problems if they don’t do it the right way.

Many have come unstuck by NOT thinking it through or getting the right advice from someone who’s been there before them.

Someone Who’s Spent Many Years Dealing With
All Kinds Of Problems, Both Photographic And Business

Someone who’s got everything worked out and who still runs their very successful business bringing in a good income and enjoying the photographer’s life style more than ever.

So, if you’re starting out in the world of photography and want to get up and running in your own business in the fastest time possible, then what I’m about to tell you will steer you past all the traps, problems and roadblocks and get you to where you want to ultimately be… taking pictures and being creative, while the business side of things runs smoothly in the background.

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The Long And Winding Road...

My name is Gil Cox, and I’ve been a professional photographer running my own business for many years.

As a boy I became entranced with a camera my father had at the time. I would spend hours playing with the controls and marvelled at all the buttons and knobs all over it. I often dreamt what it would be like to be a professional photographer.

I knew at that early age it was something I wanted to do, even though my father wanted me to become a Hoover Salesman!

This early passion for photography eventually led me to Fleet Street in London, but not as a pro-photographer, but as a messenger boy for Associated Press.

I soon worked my way up to fulfil my dream of becoming a fully fledged Pro Photographer, working for various Press Agencies like Associated Press, Central Press and International News Photos amongst others. All icons in the business.

Eventually being in demand all around the world as a high class portrait photographer.

I’m still actively involved in the business and it’s time to share my wealth of experience in this profession with you...


How To Start A Photography Business

In this MP3 recording and transcript in PDF format in case you prefer to read rather than listen, I reveal all you need to know to realise your dream of starting your own photography business.

This is an in-depth interview where I share with you all the knowledge I’ve gained and the valuable lessons learned during my time in this wonderful profession.

Here’s what you’ll learn...

What two things you MUST concentrate on when setting up your photography business. Without these two vital components, your chances of staying in business will be severely limited...

How the steep decline in marriage rates is actually good for your Wedding Photography business. Believe it or not, falling marriage rates over the last 50 years can make you more money...

The quickest way to build up a portrait business. Using this easy to reach supply of subjects, you can swiftly build a great portfolio of work to impress prospective clients...

Starting your business doesn’t have to be expensive or a money drain. You’ll discover the very basic equipment you need to get you up and running without costing you an arm or leg...

26 hot photography niches you can specialise in. Here’s a complete A to Z of areas screaming out for talented photographers. Which one will make your fortune?

Why one particular niche is stunning visually, but can be the hardest to sell. It seems a strange thing to say, but it takes a lot of work to make it in this niche. Find out what that niche is...

What a Wedding photographer must NEVER do at a wedding (and it’s nothing to do with drink!). Avoid this advice and you could be the most unpopular person at the wedding...

The most important documentation you must keep to make sure your business is sound and pays its way...

A great tip for keeping surplus money in your business to make sure you don’t fall foul of the tax man or any other Government agency!

How to avoid the Copyright minefield.

Two things a new photography business MUST avoid. Get these wrong and you’ll be out of business faster than a high speed camera...

What to do if you can’t set up a proper studio. Two top tips for starting out without the luxury of a full-blown studio. They’re the next best thing and you can be in business in hours if you wanted to...

The quickest and easiest way to get your first portfolio together. Having a good variety of work to show potential clients is a massive advantage to your new career. Here’s what to do to set yours up from day one...

Wedding Fair tactics. Selling yourself at these events is vital if you want to get your name out there. But you must AVOID one critical mistake...

How to make maximum money from wedding photography. There’s a never ending market for wedding photographs. Follow these hints to charge more and make a great income for a few hours work...

Should you use a contract or not? Contracts can either be a blessing or a curse. So would a simple information capture form be better? Find out the Pros and Cons of each...

The essential information you must collect every time a client books your services for a wedding shoot. The last thing you want to do is upset your client and the guests. So armed with this information, you dramatically improve your chances of a smooth shoot on the day...

How to take payment for each job. Use this simple strategy to get paid fairly for the work you do. Just follow this system so you get your money every time and your clients will be happy to pay you for what you’ve done...

How to protect your digital photos if you post them online or on CDs before you get paid for extra copies. There’s a couple of foolproof ways of protecting your work so clients have to come back to you for reorders...

A solid-gold way of ‘attracting’ clients to you and making you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. It’s 100% certain your competitors are NOT doing this and will leave them gasping in amazement as you steal clients from under their noses!

How to photograph clients who are tense and difficult in front of the camera. Use these techniques to calm and relax them. Once you do this they’ll be eating out of your hand and do anything you want...

Should you ‘enhance’ photos before giving them to your client? There’s no doubt about it, digital photos can be ‘altered’ in many ways. But should you do it or not?

How to make your wedding photography website interesting and valuable to visitors. There are a few strategies you can use to not only get a booking from your website, but use it to stay in touch with clients to offer further products and services...

How to gain valuable experience before doing your first wedding shoot. Here’s a great way to get involved really close to the action, so you pick up all the little tricks of the trade only seasoned professionals would know...

And a whole lot more!

And that’s just some of what you’ll be getting. So I think it's plain to see how this MP3 and accompanying transcript can impact your business building plans almost immediately.

But you don't just have to take my word for it...

See What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say
About “How To Start And Run Your Own Profitable
Photography Business!”

Hi Gil, I just wanted to drop you a note to say a big THANK YOU for all the information and help you gave in How to start a photography business. The information is second to none and invaluable to anyone starting in this fascinating and rewarding business. I really enjoyed and got a lot from not only how you started your business but how you grew it as well. Thank you again and I highly recommend it.

Neil Stafford

A day spent at one of Gil’s portrait seminars was so inspiring I couldn’t wait to show off the skills I had learned. I was having problems with my portrait photography, suddenly my portraits were of much greater value and my style went up by leaps and bounds. My prices were raised along with my confidence and profits increased greatly. Photographers of the future take a leaf from Gil’s book, your clients are your business, make them look and feel good and you can’t fail.

Karen Coaker

You definitely helped me to take better portraits and also saved me time as I would otherwise have had to learn by trial and error. The tips you gave on controlling and getting the best from younger sitters was invaluable.

Vicki Walton

The problems I had were a poor understanding of posing and handling people. You gave me the confidence of handling people and knowing the reasons why what I was doing would create the right results. I have now been able to build on that and develop my own style.

David Guthrie

I would like to thank you for the knowledge imparted, giving inspiration and revitalising the motivation necessary for portrait photography. You covered all aspects in a very informative way

Grahame Mellanby

Thank you very much for the follow-up. Outstanding customer service; we need more of that by businesses these days. Again, thank-you for the quality service...

James Torgerson

As promised, herewith my first portraiture session ever, I had the edge, thanks to the tips I found in your eBook! Thank you once more for all the trouble you took to help me.

Ria Katzke

South Africa

I just downloaded and read through your e-book, Let me commend you for a piece that is noticeably higher quality than so many of the downloads I have looked at in the photography field! (I've been a commercial photographer for almost thirty years.)

Jay Bitzer



Now if you’re itching to get started with this right away, then just let me say this...

If You Say ‘Yes’ To This Bargain $27 Package Now,
I’ll Make It Even BETTER By Giving You
These Incredible Bonuses

How To Take Superior Wedding
Photographs That’ll Keep You In
Demand For Years To Come

“Wedding Photography Tips”

As you read this revealing book you’ll find every tip you’ll ever need to pull off the stunning shots you want, so your clients will be raving about them to their friends and family.

Get these under your belt and you’ll have a full order book in no time.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover inside...

5 Reasons A Professional Photographer Is Best For A Wedding. As a photographer, you should know why someone should hire you over having his or her Uncle. You may have to bring these points up from time to time with a prospective bride and groom to clinch the sale...

The Importance Of A Wedding Photography Shot List. Ensure each of your brides, grooms and their families create what is called a shot list. No matter if this list is large or small; it will play an integral part in the success of your photo shoot...

5 Mistakes First Time Wedding Photographers Make. It’s quite common for first time wedding photographers to make a few mistakes along the way. These five mistakes are some of the most common. Avoid them and your first experience will be far more enjoyable...

Getting Great Detail Wedding Shots. The mark of an excellent wedding photographer is their ability to create unique and beautiful photographs. One-way to get some very special wedding shots is to focus on the smaller details of the wedding...

Have Fun As A Wedding Photographer. It’s very important for you to focus on enjoying yourself if you hope to take great looking pictures. The more formal and uptight you are, the more your photos will reflect those same images. Here’s how to do your job and have fun doing it...

Expect The Unexpected. It may sound negative to say something will go wrong on the wedding day shoot, but that’s what happens sometimes. But with a bit of thinking outside the box, you can make the most of the situation...

Showcase Your Photos At The Wedding Reception. With the use of a laptop at the reception, you can show off the photos you took over the course of the day. Guests can come over, watch the slideshow and react to the pictures (hopefully in a good way!) Here’s how to do it...

Why A Second Camera Matters. Anything you can do to reduce the risks of actually losing the job or not being able to fulfil your duties is worth planning for. That includes having a second camera. Here’s why...

Selecting The Best Wedding Photo Backgrounds. Finding the right background for each of the formal wedding photos you take, can be one of the most challenging aspects of the day. Here are some tips for selecting the right backgrounds for the shots...

What To Look For When Checking Out The Location. Taking the time to visit the location ahead of the wedding will make a difference in the final shot. It doesn’t matter if the location is indoors or out, there are several things to remember...

What Couples Expect From You. As a wedding photographer, you know the importance of getting the job done properly. Not only will it make your bride and groom happy, but it also helps them refer you to others. Here are some basic questions to ask to make sure you both know what to expect on the big day...

Value $27

Plus 2 Extra Bonuses

The Essential Profit Tools That All Photographers Must Have In Business...

Value $47

Camera Bag Essentials...

Value $9.95


OK, If This Is So Good,
Why Am I Offering It At Such A Low Investment?

That’s a great question and one you deserve an answer to...

Look, I know from personal experience just how hard it is to get a business up and running, I really want to see you make a success of this.

I realise that when you’re starting out there isn’t too much cash to spare and because I know how much quicker my business would have achieved the success it did if only I had this information at the time.

You’ll Save Considerable Time, Stress And Heartache
To Get On With What You Do Best – Taking Great Photos!

Not only are you getting my entire photography business knowledge, and getting it in the best format – MP3 audio and PDF, you're also getting the highest quality experience.

My information is right to the point with no fluff or awkwardness, and guaranteed to keep your attention.

Listen: I could easily sell this information for a lot more than I am.

But I know you need to watch every penny when starting out, so at only $27, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a snip!

So with that in mind...

Let’s Just Take Another Look At What You’ll
Be Getting In This Amazing Bargain Investment...

How To Start And Run Your Own
Profitable Photography Business

The detailed MP3 recording and PDF transcript where I reveal all you need to know for living your dream of starting your own photography business!

Bonus #1

How To Take Top-Notch Wedding Photographs
That’ll Keep You In Demand For Years To Come

“Wedding Photography Tips”

Downloadable ebook where you’ll find every tip you’ll ever need to pull off the stunning shots you want, so your clients will be raving about them to their friends and family!

Value $27

Bonus #2

The Essential Profit Tools That All
Photographers Must Have In Business

Download these must have profit reporting tools that will tell you how much your business is costing you to run, how much revenue you have brought and most IMPORTANT, how much profit you have made.

Use these essential tools to make projects of future profits and help you decide on the fees you charge. Available in easy to use Microsoft Word and Excel files they will help you plan your business and make it as profitable as possible!

Value $47

Bonus #3

Camera Bag Essentials

The complete list of items to keep in your camera bag that will help you out in nearly all possible eventualities and emergencies! Attach this list to the inside of your camera bag and check it every night before a booking, it WILL save you on more than one occasion as you realise (in time) that your missing an essential part of your kit!

Value $9.97

That’s a total bonus value of $83.97 you receive completely free when you invest in ‘How To Start A Photography Business’ today.

And another thing: I want you to feel totally comfortable when you purchase this product, and the best way to do that is to take the full risk on my shoulders.

So the fairest and safest way is to offer you...

My 60-Day Money-Back
Golden Guarantee

Here's what I want you to do. I want you to get your hands on this practical Photography business building resource TODAY. Then go through it. If after ten minutes you don't already feel you've gotten many times the value of your investment... then I demand you contact me... and I'll return every penny of your purchase to you... quickly and quietly... no questions asked.

Your guarantee is good for full 60-days from purchase. If you’re not satisfied at all, then simply contact me for a full refund of your purchase.

That’s a FULL refund, not partial or pro-rated.

The last thing I want is a dissatisfied customer. So I don’t want you to feel as though you’ve been cheated in any way.

So you really can’t lose when you invest in How To Start And Run Your Own Profitable Photography Business and the bonuses!

This Is The Real Deal, Not Waffle Put Together
By A Mass Book Publishing Company

Listen: It’s not often you get a real life Pro to open up and give you the inside story about how he came to be where he is, what he had to overcome and how you can benefit from it.

In this resource I lay it all out for you. Don’t make the mistakes I made. Just listen-in and you’ll hear the things you really need to do to make it running a photography business.

One thing I know for sure, people who are ambitious and want a short-cut to get themselves up and running in the fastest possible time will gain a LOT from this.

If that’s you, then I urge you to grab your copy of How To Start And Run Your Own Profitable Photography Business and start TODAY.

What To Do Now...

To get your hands on How To Start And Run Your Own Profitable Photography Business just hit the order button and you’ll be taken to our safe and secure order processing system.

With just a couple of clicks of your mouse you’ll be downloading the MP3 recording, transcript and the bonuses.

And don’t forget, you’re fully protected by my 60-Day, Money-Back, Golden Guarantee.

I’m taking all the risk on my own shoulders, so you really can’t lose.

Get this right NOW and start your own Photography business, so you can kiss goodbye to the day job, become your own boss and live the creative and exciting life of a photographer.

You know deep down that’s what you really want to do. So do it now while it’s fresh in your mind and before anything else crops up.


Best of success,

Gil Cox

P.S. Remember, the photography field is fiercely competitive. Just about anyone can pick up a camera and start taking photos can’t they?

But here’s the thing: It takes more than ability with a camera to create a lasting business and thrive in the market place. What I share with you will give you a business edge and outlook that’ll pull you out of the shark infested sea of struggling photographers, trying to eke out a living, and put you on your own safe island of prosperity.

P.P.S. Don’t forget you’re fully covered by my 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You really can’t lose as I take all the risk on my shoulders.

P.P.P.S. This is snip at the price. And if I’m realistic, it should be on the market for two or three times more than it is. As a special introductory price I can’t keep it this low forever, so grab you copy right now while it’s so low.

It would be a real shame if you came back in 6-months and it’s three times the price, wouldn’t it?


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