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[Submit Master](software/sm/submitmaster.html)
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Welcome to Bookshock.com

    Welcome to Bookshock.com. Feel free to browse the diverse content that is constantly growing. Below is a description of some of the books, games, articles and software that is brought to you by Bookshock Publications.

  Whats New

    [Making 3D Games with Reality Factory](pdftitles/mk3drf/mk3drf.html) - Learn to make 3D games quickly and easily, with this step by step guide to using the Reality Factory Game Engine. The most sophisticated open-source game engine available, that is freely available to anyone.

  PDF Books

    Bookshock offers its titles in a PDF format. Why distribute in PDF format? Digital PDF formats save the reader time and money. You can download a demo chapter of the title and preview it before you make a decision to buy. There are no third party shipping charges and there is no wait to receive your book. It all happens online with a few easy clicks. Best of all, PDF books can be printed just as they are viewed. This gives you the choice of reading from the computer or a reading from a personal printed copy. Our debut title is [Faster Flexibility](pdftitles/fastflex.html). It is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in improving their health or athletic performance with stretching.

  Bookshock Software

    Bookshock is a distributer of software as well. Our specialized titles are meant to be affordable and practical. All of our software is available as an immediate download. No need to wait for a delivered product or an email to confirm your order. Our latest release is [My Watchful Eye](software/mwe/watchful.html) - The latest in affordable security software for remote viewing and logging of motion.

  Online Articles

    These online articles are diverse and educational. See the [Articles Page](articles.html) for a brief description and a link to the articles Bookshock has online. Bookshock is always adding content so don't forget to stop by and see what's new.

  Online Games

    Bookshock offers these online games for your personal entertainment. We hope you enjoy the puzzles and mental challenges that they may present. See the [Games Page](games.html) for a description and link to each game.
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