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This website is dedicated to help every bowhunter pursue and bag
that MEGA WHITETAIL BUCK! Contained within are tips, tricks, and
secrets to help increase your odds of success in locating, hunting and
bagging the buck of a lifetime. Notice how I said "increase your odds"
and not "guarantee". This is what I like so much about hunting mature
whitetail bucks with a bow. In my opinion, there is no bigger hunting
challenge, as the odds are definitely stacked in the bucks favor. You
can do everything right and one small sound or slight twitch of
movement can make the difference between success or failure.

My MEGA whitetail is the buck to the right in the header above. It
is the current Montana State Record Non-Typical taken with a bow and
arrow. He is a 9 X 10 with dual main beams, triple and double eye
guards, and scores 210 7/8. For kicks, can you spot the other MEGA
whitetail (photographed live) in the header.

Many people believe it was total luck that allowed me to bag this
truly magnificent animal. Certainly there was luck involved, but I can
also tell you that I "increased my odds" for success by implementing
sound hunting strategies that I am going to share with YOU.

A MEGA buck truly is in the eye of the beholder. To me, it is that
buck YOU have deemed special. The buck may be the largest in your
State, County or area, or it may be that 6, 7, or 8 year old buck
whose antler size has decreased but is virtually impossible to hunt,
or it may be unusually wide, tall or even contain sticker or drop

It may be a buck you have never seen before. You have seen his sign
in rubs and scrapes or even have heard about him from farmers,
ranchers or the mailman.

It really doesn't matter what your criteria is, it is all about
setting a goal, enjoying the outdoors, and working to achieve that
goal. If you do this, you will feel very accomplished whether you are
successful in bagging that animal or not.

This is what bowhunting is all about!


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