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JV Attraction Page For Clickbank Marketplace

Hello fellow Clickbank Marketplace searcher!

1. If you would like to check out the product salespage, click here [20 Minute Dog Method](http://20minutedogmethod.com) [Note that we have lots of different variation of salespages (video salespage, regular long-form, video squeeze page), you can find more of it inside our Affiliate Profit Center. Read on to learn more…

2. Here are 3 reasons why lots of affiliates choose to join our affiliate program and promote our products:

a) The product you’re promoting converts very well Converts anywhere from 1:34 – 1:67. What this means is that it’s easy to sell (Just send traffic to our salespage, and we’ll close the sales for you)

b) We offer great reward prizes (Who wouldn’t be thrilled by getting a [Seabob](#seabob), a luxury seatoy?)

c) You will get great affiliate support. Whatever questions you have, or affiliate tools that you need… you can be sure that we will help you out

d) You will receive awesome affiliate training materials which can help increase your sales.

If you’re interested in making easy sales, getting help and support to double or triple your affiliate income in the next few months, read more about our affiliate program below…

Who Else Wants To Get 100% Commissions While Promoting A High Converting Product?

Just send us the traffic, and we’ll close the sale for you

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

How would you like to earn up to 100% commissions from every new sale that you get from our affiliate program?

If you’ve been looking for solid products to promote, then consider yourself fortunate, because we have a high quality product, combined with proven-to-convert sales process to help close the sale for you.

My name is Tyler Foo and I’m the affiliate manager for The 20 Minute Dog Method.

We are opening up our Affiliate Program to the public, and we want to invite YOU to be a big part of it… and we’re willing to pay you HUGE COMMISSIONS just as a show of appreciation for you joining us to increase your affiliate income!

That’s not all, we really know how to treat our affiliates well. So that means you will also win great cool prizes (trust me… they are really cool but more on that later), plus you will get higher commissions.

Before We Move On, Here Are Some Conversion Stats That Will Make You Wealthy

Current Conversion Stats (tested with Adwords targeted cold traffic):
i) $97 pricing: Converts at 1:67 ratio
ii) $47 pricing: Converts at 1:34 ratio
Earning Per Click:
i) $97 pricing: $1.44 EPC
ii) $47 pricing: $1.38 EPC

How Much Money Can I Make?
We are constantly doing split-tests and multi-variate tests to give you the highest profits possible, so the product might be sold from anywhere between $47 and $97.
Here’s an earning projection chart based on those 2 price points.


Here’s Why You Should Join Our Affiliate Program And Promote The 20 Minute Dog Method

1. Awesome Affiliate Training

We provide awesome affiliate training for both new and experienced affiliate marketers. You are provided with the best and latest education in getting traffic and converting them. You are essentially getting trained how to put more money into your pocket for free!

You will also get access to The Simple Avatar Method, which is a simple-to-use method that gets targeted traffic without spending a dime.

Just look at what an affiliate that got early access to the program said:

The information contained within the Affiliate Profit Center is better than most internet marketing membership sites. And best of all is that it’s FREE! And I get to make money right away using the tools and information from MaxResults Affiliates. No more cranking my brain to research a new niche anymore…

- Jake Moore

That’s not all, you will also get access to:
- PPC strategies
- PPC Tactics
- advanced SEO strategies
- media buying information
- advanced PPV strategies
- mobile marketing strategies


2. Awesome Affiliate Tools

We are constantly testing out new methods to increase your affiliate commission. What this means is that you will get tons of proven-to-convert promotional materials like:
- banner ads
- PPC ads
- Facebook ads
- email autoresponder series that engages your list and converts well
- variations of salesletters to send traffic to (more freedom for you since some traffic respond well to certain types of salesletter

Here are the list of pages you can currently send traffic to:
- the regular long form salesletter

- the video salesletter

- 3 types of breed-specific long form salesletter
[German Shepherd](http://20minutedogmethod.com/german-shepherd.html)
[Golden Retriever](http://20minutedogmethod.com/golden-retriever.html)
[Labrador Retriever](http://20minutedogmethod.com/labrador-retriever.html)

- 3 types of squeeze pages


3. Awesome Affiliate Support That Makes Your Sales Effortless

Like I’ve said earlier on the page above, we treat our affiliates like gold. If there’s anything you need at all (new promotional strategies, new promotional tools, etc…), just let us and we will be there to provide the support you need to make sales.

You can get instant access to support using Skype, and as well as email support within 24 hours from within the Affiliate Profit Center.

Just to give you some examples, things that we’ve done to support our affiliate in the past includes:
- inserted PHP code for dynamic keyword on our salesletter to increase their adgroup’s Quality Score
- created different types of squeeze pages
- created different type of custom banners


4. The product converts very well

Our main salesletter has been tweaked and polished by master copywriter [Michael Millman](http://michaelmillman.com/copy-polishing).

We also continually improve our marketing and sales funnel so that you will get a higher conversion rate. So, this means that your affiliate income will only go up when you join us.

5. Great bonuses

To make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, we will be offering bonus commissions too. There are 2 types of bonuses that you will get.
i) sales-based.

ii) unannounced bonuses.
You do love surprises, don’t you? We just love to treat our affiliates well, so expect the unexpected bonuses when you wake up one morning and see some additional Paypal cash, or even a gift waiting at your front door.

6. Awesomely Cool Prizes

Making money should be fun, don’t you think?

The regular prizes like iPods, iPhones and iPads were just too boring for us already, so we’ve decided to offer awesomely cool prizes that you can win.

50 sales – Freerider Skatecycle

Designed by Alon Karpman of Brooklyn Workshop and Antonio Meze, FreeRider SkateCycle is a self propelled skateboard with two durable 9 inch hubless wheels that allows you to rule the flat ground and any skate park.

500 sales – Kitara

Kitara is the stringless guitar. Your ticket to a world of digital sound and effects. Easy to pick up, very tough to put down. Stage or studio, simply plug in and play.

5,000 sales – 200mph Driving Experience

This jaw-dropping event lets you break the 200MPH barrier in a safe, controlled environment on select locations and dates across the United States in our fleet of some of the fastest supercars on the planet. So far, 104 individuals have achieved their goal and belong to the exclusive 200MPH club: normally reserved only for professional race drivers. With only a limited 96 seats left before the program ends, this may be your best chance to become one of the automotive elite.

10,000 sales – Seabob Ravejet

Seabob is the perfect partner when undertaking submerged trips. Its creators managed to conceive a hybrid device between a ski jet and a bodyboard, allowing you to submerge and giving you the ability to swim like, or at least with dolphins.
The fully programmable unit allows the rider to stay on the surface or to explore depths as deep as 130 feet. The patented Li-Ion electric technology in combination with the E-jet hydro thrust transmission propels you through the water, leaving zero emission

Well, you can request for a iPod, iPhone or iPad if you really want an Apple product as your affiliate prize.

Here’s What You Should Know About The Product That You Are Promoting

Here’s the link to the main page: [Click Here](http://20minutedogmethod.com)

The 20 Minute Dog Method is designed to solve dog behavioral problems with only 20 minutes a day.

Since there are many dog behavioral problems, you can target each one of them (like barking, digging) , creating many front-end funnels for you to send traffic to.

We have unannounced bonuses too in the download area, so you can use that as a selling point too.


Warning: Not All Affiliate Programs Are Equal!
Our Unique Commission Plan Pays Out Big
This affiliate program is run through Clickbank, so you will be getting 75% commissions initially. Once a month, we will go through our sales reports and send you your additional bonus.

So What’s “This Free $10 Inside” All About?
We want to show you how easy it is to make money using our affiliate program, so we’ll throw in a bonus of $10 when you make your first sale.

That’s a 100% commission on your first sale (after Clickbank fees). It’s just like promoting your own product without having the hassle of creating a product, writing a salesletter, and doing all the technical stuffs.

Go ahead and sign up right now. Remember to include your Clickbank ID so that we can send you the unannounced bonuses.


Sign Up Form

(Free $10 Within…)

Enter Your Email:

Enter Your Clickbank ID

Let’s Review Your Benefits
To recap,

You will increase your affiliate income by joining our affiliate program because you will get
- 100% commissions
- awesomely cool prizes
- unannounced bonuses
- awesome affiliate training
- awesome promotional materials
- awesome affiliate support
- plus loads more fun that we will tell you about soon…

To Your Affiliate Success,
Tyler Foo,
Affiliate Manager
Skype ID: maxresultsaffiliates
[CONTACT US](http://maxresultsaffiliates.com/contact-us/contact.html)

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