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"Now Available:  A 'Secret Weapon' You Can Use to Build A Massive Opt In List In Minimum Time, Without Going Broke or Dealing With Spam!"
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I have used Co-Reg Master and I can say that it is a perfect tool for increasing your list of subscribers.  Actually I think there is not any similar script like this one in the market.  If you're looking for ways to double or triple the subscriptions to your newsletter, this is the tool.

                                                                 -John Delavera [ Software 4 Profit](http://software4profit.com)

From the desk of
Floyd Fisher

Dear Webmaster,

Everyone agrees, Co-Registrations are one of the best ways to build large opt-in e-mail lists in a very short time. Yet still, 99% of webmasters aren't taking advantage of them, and it's no surprise... why?

They are scared of it...and for good reason.

Since the dawn of the internet age, so-called gurus have told people 'just buy leads' and the purchase of them has become synonymous with co registration.  This is a dangerous practice, and has some serious flaws.  Here's a few of them:
Highly Untargeted  Most co reg leads are of the type "send me more info on (place your subject here)" meaning they aren't asking for info directly from you (and may not be interested in your particular list of offer).  This means you going to need tons of leads to generate any list of a decent size. Expensive  No matter which lead source you use, be prepared to spend some serious money!  Marketers I've talked to admit to spending at least $5,000 (and that is dirt cheap btw) just to get a list large enough to get any kind of return on their investment. Carries Huge Risks  Let's face it, if you buy leads, you're going to have to deal with spam.  If you're lucky, all you will lose is an autoresponder or web host.  People have gotten fines of millions of dollars, been sent to jail for years, one person got an $11 billion dollar judgment against them! Is that the kind of risk your business needs?
Years ago, if you told me co registration was safe, I'd have laughed in your face.  But I've been doing some research and discovered something....

They Know Something You Don't!

There are people who are using co registration every day.  Clued in folks like Mark Joyner, Tellman Knudsen, small businesses like yours, and even large Fortune 500 companies all use co registration to build massive lists quickly.

So, if they are using it, there has to be something to it.  And there is:  They know something you don't.  Please allow me a minute to explain.

Co registration is an advertising technique where you put a signup for a list you own on a website you don't.  It's usually done via a checkbox on a form where you get to sign up for the 'other list' as you're signing up for a main list on the website, or the 'other list' is offered after the person signs up for the house list.  Pretty neat, eh?

These people don't buy leads, they advertise their own list on other people's websites.  I call this personal co registration.  And besides growing your list, it has some good side benefits as well, including the following:

Zero Spam Risk  It's your list they are signing up for, not some generic 'shared list'.  So it's just like putting an opt in form on your website.

Zero Cost  When getting started, you can use joint ventures, which cost nothing out of pocket.

Highest Quality of Lead Available  Leads generated this way want to hear from you and are receptive to your offer.  This is the kind of lead you really want.

Branding  When someone else recommends your list to others, there is a transfer of authority taking place.  This brands you as an expert to others and makes it real easy to build relationships with the leads you generate.

Works with any marketing method  So you don't have to make wholesale changes, just add this in and watch the explosive results begin almost immediately!

However, not everyone has enough programming skills to integrate co-registrations like this, as it often involves learning how the used scripts work and then creating routines to handle the co-registration process. Certainly not possible for the average webmaster.

Another option would be to hire a programmer to do the work for you, but with the average programming fees, you could expect to pay from one hundred, to several hundred dollars just for adding co-registrations to one of your forms (one person admitted to me they spent $10,000 on programming to put co registration on all their websites).

So I thought... "There should be a way for the average Joe webmaster to add co-registrations to forms (and websites) without having to learn complicated programming languages, or having to pay someone else outrageous amounts of money"... and that's how I came up with...

Dec 12, 2005
Want proof co registration via the co reg master really works?  [ Check out this case study.](Case_study_10_11_through_12_11.html)

Co-Reg Master - the quickest, easiest way to add co-registrations to *all* your forms, without writing a single line of code!

If you want to add co-registrations to your site (and believe me, you do), there's no better solution than using the Co-Reg Master software.

So how does it work?

Once you install Co-Reg Master in your server (it only takes a couple of minutes) you simply add the co-registration offers (with their respective checkboxes) to your forms (or you can use our quick start guide and add them to your thank you for subscribing page). Every time someone submits one of these forms, Co-Reg Master will register them to the offers they have selected and then let your scripts take care of processing the form as they normally do.

You can also add these co reg offers to forms on website besides your own as well, so it only takes one Co-Reg Master (yours) to power an entire personal co registration network!

In this manner, you can also exchange co-registration ads with other webmasters (coding all forms involved to use your Co-Reg Master), so whenever someone performs any of these actions at your partners' sites, they have the option to register for your own offers! Now that's powerful, with just one or two exchange arrangements you could easily double your opt-in subscriptions!

Co-Reg Master will work silently in the background, and won't interfere in any way with the usual submission process. In fact, your visitors won't even notice what's happening behind the scenes.

Other Killer Uses

There are other really good uses for purchasing a Co Reg Master besides building lists of unusually large size fast.  Here are a couple:

Passive income Let's say you are into building virtual real estate sites to produce passive income.  Did you know there are CPA programs that pay you to get visitors to sign up for other people's lists?  You could drop such co registrations into your vre site and increase your income tremendously!

Advanced List Techniques  Or let's say you hate co registration (you would have to be crazy), but you want to do advanced techniques like sub listing?  You could use a Co Reg Master to ask your readers specific questions, and depending on their answers, you can now split the list into specific mini lists you can now send laser targeted content (and ads) to!

Offline Promotion  Let's say you wanted to do offline promotion with your leads instead of using email.  You can save the mail addresses in a database, print the info onto envelopes (you can alter the attributes so it prints straight away onto an envelope via notepad by simply adding spaces).  Or you can print the info, hand it to your in house telemarketer and call them.

Dear Floyd Fisher:

My first month's results using your co-registration system are astounding! I'm
absolutely delighted to report that I have 731 new subscribers in only one month. After almost a year of struggling to get subscribers, this is really hard for me to believe. I got almost as many new subscribers last month as I did in the whole preceding year without co-registration! I can't thank you enough!

Just for a little background, Floyd, I've tried many different strategies to get
subscribers--Pay per click search engines, traffic exchanges, classified ad's, paid advertising in other people's newsletters. Nothing--absolutely nothing--compares with what your co-registration system has done for me. Before I was lucky if I got 3 subscribers a day...and I do mean "lucky." Most of the time it was only 1 subscriber, and often none for days at a time. (Those were very, very costly subscribers too.)

What's really cool about this, Floyd, is that after the initial setup, I did
absolutely nothing to get these subscribers...nothing at all, and I don't have to
worry about search engine optimization (SEO). I don't care where Google, MSN, or any other search engine ranks my site. My success is now totally independent of the search engines!

Speaking of search engine ranking...last night I got a very interesting surprise. I
was astounded to find my site had climbed way up. In the last month--since I started using co-registration--my search engine ranking improved considerably. This could be because now I have every other newsletter owner's site pointed at the co-registration page on my site. As you know, "one-way links" to your site are a recognized way to boost your search-engine ranking! Is having your own co-registration system a sneaky way to get one-way links, or what?!!!

Thank you again, Floyd. I am absolutely sold on your co-registration system! I love it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With deepest appreciation,

Julian Kalmar
"Spreading happiness throughout the world." (tm)
Founder, The Happiness Campaign (tm)

"Ok, but what exactly can Co-Reg Master do when my users select one of my co-registration offers?"


It can send the form's data by e-mail, send it to any CGI/PHP (or any other) script, post it to another form (just as if the visitor was filling and submitting the form) or write it to a database.

Let's put it in layman's terms. This is what your form could look like...

And when submitted, Co-Reg Master could do any of the following...
Send the following e-mail to subscribe@xyz.com

"John Doe has requested to be subscribed to the newsletter.

E-mail address: johnd@email.com
IP Address:"
Pass the information to any script, like this:

Post the information to another form, located on:

Write the following line to ezinedb.txt

John Doe|nexo5@chasque.net||

All of this is 100% customizable, you can format e-mails, URLs, forms and database entries any way you want!

"But I know absolutely nothing about programming, can I still use Co-Reg Master?"

Of course! You don't need any programming knowledge whatsoever. Just follow Co-Reg Master's step-by-step user's guide and you'll have working co-registrations on your site in no time!

Managing your co-registration offers is also a breeze with the help of Co-Reg Master's web interface, where you can control every aspect of your co-registrations right from your web browser.  You can also use the built in counter function to see how well the co reg offers are performing, which allows you to test and track to see what works the best.

We even threw in a 'cut and paste' style quick start guide so you can get started the minute you install the co reg master with a ready to go form and all the necessary instructions to add offers to you admin section in seconds!

If you still have any kind of trouble or questions about using Co-Reg Master, you could get my help 24/7 through my support forums or e-mail, at no cost.

Act Today and Get the Following Bonuses:

Subscriber Fire!:  Now you can put together your own in house CPA program in minutes.  People can sign up, generate leads for you, and get paid in a points system they can redeem for either products or cash as you desire.  Has an mlm component for added viral kick.  Retail value:  $67

Squeeze Page Simple:  If you're using squeeze pages, you know that the best way to get the most out of them is to test and track.  Squeeze Page Simple has the ability to create multiple, tracked signup forms and after people sign up, you can send them a thank you page you can personalize as you wish.  Great for executing an one time offer that really converts.  Retail Value:  $47

"Ok, but how much will is cost me to get my hands on this software?"

Look, I could sell this for several hundred dollars, and even at that price it's a steal of a lifetime.  But since I believe in this script so much (and believe you need to have this script), I'm offering you a limited-time opportunity to download it today for a special price of only $97! I don't know how much longer I'll be able to offer Co-Reg Master for this ridiculously low price (I've already upped it twice, and I'm not afraid to do so again), so act quickly and get your copy today!

And to make sure you have absolutely no risk, I'm offering you my...

60 Days, "100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back" Guarantee!

I am so confident that Co-Reg Master will work for you, and that as soon as you start using it you'll see amazing results, that I want you to try it risk-free. Download the software, try it for a full 60 days. If anytime within those 60 days, you are not absolutely thrilled with the results, simply send me a note saying you want your money back. I'll immediately give you a full refund, no questions asked!

You have no reason to not give Co-Reg Master a try, so...

Click Here To Buy Co-Reg Master For Only $97
Through Our Secure Server Today!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?floydfishe/1/co-reg_master)

Note: Your copy of Co-Reg Master will be sold by Clickbank, Boise, ID. The Co-Reg Master software will be provided to you by Scriptclone - Syracuse, NY instantly after payment.

PS:  Do not delay and let your competitors get this before you do or you'll be sorry! Order now!

PPS:  If the only thing holding you back is cost, take note.  The quality of lead this software produces is on par with leads costing $5 and up, meaning you'll come out ahead very quickly.  Even if you only generate 10 leads a month, the $97 cost of this amazing script is recouped in 60 days!

PPPS:  Do not be fooled by the free co reg scripts abounding the net.  All of them only send emails with forged headers (meaning they can't be used with services such as 1shoppingcart, which blocks such emails), and none of them record and transmit critically needed info such as ip address and date time stamp (necessary when dealing with the occasional spam complaint).  Only Co-Reg Master has these features.  You do get what you pay for!



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