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From: Oliver Bowen & Kenneth Reno
Monday, 3:25 PM
Re: The Ultimate 1-Click WordPress Backup Solution!

On a beautiful late fall afternoon, two Internet Marketers graduated from the same website creation class and proudly set up their new websites. They were very much alike, these two proud marketers.

Both had used the premiere website solution available today – WordPress.

Both were better than average Internet Marketers, both had identified a great niche to conquer and both – as budding businessmen are – were filled with ambitious expectations for the future.

One week ago today I heard from both of them.

They were still very much alike.

They were still both smart, ambitious, businessmen fully capable of real success.

But there was a difference.

One of the men was forced to scrap his WordPress site and start from scratch, losing all the work he put into it. The other had already made enough to take his family to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.

What Made The Difference?

Do you ever wonder, as I have on many occasions, what causes these types of differences in people’s lives? It isn’t always a difference in knowledge or intelligence. It isn’t that one person had a great strategy and the other didn’t.

The difference lies in how each person thinks ahead and how he or she safeguards their prized business – and hard work.

And that is why I am writing this letter to you and people like you about EZ WordPress Backup. That is the whole purpose of this software – to arm you with a simple 1-click solution to backing up and safeguarding all of your prized work – and continued future success.

A Software That Is Totally Unique

You see, EZ WordPress Backup is a completely unique piece of software. It’s the world’s easiest 1-click WordPress backup solution. It is a WordPress plugin that takes seconds to install, and just another second or two to use.

Each day of the week, people around the world are using it to backup their WordPress sites – and I’m talking about every aspect. From the different themes you use, to all your plugins, posts, pages, SEO settings, widgets, everything is backed up instantly with just one click. EZ WordPress Backup gives you the ability to backup every single detail – whenever you need it.

Why Is It Necessary?

Just like what happened to one of the marketer’s in the story above, an unexpected disaster could happen at any time.

Most WordPress Themes Can Easily Be Hacked! Hosting Errors Could Wipe Out Your Site At Any Time! You Could Accidentally Edit A File That Changes Everything – And You Can’t Change It Back! You May Need To “Clone” Your Site (more on this in a sec)…

Need I go on?

If it hasn’t happened to you yet you’re lucky – I’m sad to say it’s just a matter of time. If you plan to do business online something will eventually happen. The question I have for you is this: Is it worth it to spend a few seconds right now preparing for such a circumstance, and when it happens, you can laugh it off since you have a complete backup?

I’ve designed this software to be shockingly simple to use – since backing up your site should take but a few seconds, and should provide you with enormous security and peace of mind.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Click The “Generate Backup” Button In Your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Have A Sip Of Coffee While It Works…

Step 3: “Download Your Backup” – And You’re Done!

Ever Wanted To Change Hosting Companies?

Now you can, whenever you want.

Click on the “Generate Backup” link and move to a new hosting company whenever you want. If you ever wanted to change hosting companies, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of moving your whole site over, just as I was many times, this is the perfect solution.

Being tied down to a hosting company is like holding a full cup of coffee just are you’re about to sneeze… it’s really not the best situation to be in.

A Secret Money Making Tool Too?

Just a moment ago I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down the different ways someone can use EZ WordPress Backup to make money online, just quickly off the top of my head. Here’s what I have so far:

Create a “Master” Blog and Then Clone it to Create Tons of Adsense or Amazon Sites In Minutes! Provide WordPress Sites For Your Offline Clients in Minutes! Create WordPress Sites in Minutes, and Flip Them For Easy Cash! Create WordPress Sites in Minutes, do a little SEO, Then Flip Them for Even More! Become a Blog Selling Tycoon On Flippa.com! Create Membership Sites Where You Provide WordPress Sites to Members and Collect Recurring Monthly Income!

EZ WordPress Backup was never intended to be a software to “make money” with, it’s more of a side effect. It was meant to be a security backup tool, but it’s clearly much more than that.

WordPress Site Flipping is one of the hottest money makers right now, and you’ll be able to actually create one single site and “Clone” it (create a backup of that site), and be able to sell it over and over and over. All you need to do is change some text and perhaps the header, and you instantly have another site to flip.

Imagine if you found a site style that sells like crazy? You could create hundreds of them and sell them all easily!

But remember, EZ WordPress Backup is mainly a security tool for your sites and business. The fact that you can make money with it too, well, lets just consider that a bonus. More bonuses await.

Bonus 1: Quick Flip Formula

($197 Value)

Quick Flip Formula or QFF is touted as being one of the most fool proof domain flipping systems on the internet. The whole system consists of information on how to flip $10 domain names, increase their value and flip them for hundreds of dollars. The system gives 100% full disclosure on all the techniques that are involved in earning an income through domain flipping.

While the internet has certainly grown, recently the market for domain flipping has boomed - simply, the market for domain flipping and brokering has exploded...

Bonus 2: EZ WordPress Restore

($37 Value)

This is the other half of EZ WordPress Backup. We were going to sell it separately but it’s included in your purchase today!

EZ WordPress Restore is the absolute easiest tool there is for uploading a backed up WordPress site.

It was designed to work side by side with EZ WordPress Backup to give you everything you could possibly need to backup and secure your WordPress sites, and be able to upload and clone them whenever you want.

One click, and your backup is now a brand new site. There is simply no simpler solution out there.

About those two Internet Marketers, I mention at the beginning of this letter. They both had the same knowledge and created great WordPress sites. So what made one succeed and one fail?

One of them didn’t backup their site. When it started to get traffic and a little attention it was hacked, and all the data was erased. The other Internet Marketer got lucky and didn’t have such troubles, but even if he did, all his hard work was already backed up. A hacker could not affect his business anyway.

I cannot promise you that you’ll gain instant success from using EZ WordPress Backup. But I can guarantee that you’ll be able to instantly backup every single aspect of your WordPress sites with just one click, and with a bit of work you can use it to really explode your Internet Marketing business as well. You have thirty days of unlimited use to try it out.
Special Launch Promotion: $10 Instant Discount! Only $27 Today!

An Unlimited Site License of Ez WordPress Backup The "EZ Wp Backup" Guide - designed to show you exactly how to use this powerful blog software. The "Quick Flip Formula" Manuscript & Videos - Simply put, the market for domain flipping and brokering has exploded, this bonus teaches you how to capitalize on that boom. EZ WordPress Restore – This is the other half of EZ WordPress Backup. We were going to sell it separately but access is included in your purchase today!
EZ WordPress Backup

Only $37 $27



Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Put everything you’ve read in this letter to the test by investing just $37 $27 for EZ WordPress Backup. With your order you’ll receive
EZ WordPress Backup Software EZ WordPress Restore ($37 Value) Quick Flip Formula Manuscript & Videos ($197 Value)
Should EZ WordPress Backup not measure up to your expectations, you may request a refund at any point within thirty days and receive a refund immediately.

If you feel as we do that this software is everything we said it was, and more, then simply do nothing and continue using it on as many sites and blogs as you possibly can. Click the button above to receive immediate access.

P.S. After your order your account will be activated instantly and you’ll be able to download the software instantly. Remember, you’re protected by the 30 day instant “No Quibble” money back guarantee – Just click the button above to get started!

P.P.S. It’s important to note that EZ WordPress Backup comes with an unlimited site license – You can use it on every site you own!

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