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"Discover How To Make Large Deposits Into Your Bank Account 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year, From A Number Of Little Known, Vastly Under-Utilized Though Highly Lucrative Income Streams That You Can Build NOW!"

Dear Friend,
If you ever wanted to know how to make large deposits into YOUR bank account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from a number of little known, vastly under-utilized though highly lucrative income streams, then this is likely to be the most important letter that you will ever read…

Make money effortlessly – like a magician!

Now here’s the thing, many of the Streams of Income I am talking about in Cash Flow Magic! are where you do the work once and get paid for it over and over again. In fact I still receive royalties every three months from a simple little book I wrote many years ago. My motto is, do the work once and get paid for it over and over again…it’s elegant, it works and I will show you how to do the same – effortlessly! This is the secret of real wealth!

Magical expansion can make you rich!

When I had my motorcycle shops nearly forty years ago I sold motorcycles. But I had Multiple Streams of Income, even way back then. We made wealth from repairs, spares, tuning, welding, plating, frame building, rentals, tools, accessories, crash-site pick-ups, motorcycle insurance and commission on hire purchase fees. Then I rapidly expanded and ended up with the largest chain of motorcycle shops in South London and had managers run them for me. Only then I realised that I had a massive PASSIVE INCOME that allowed me time off to do all the things I wanted to do. Race motorcycles, read and write books, travel the world and go off larking. All of which I did! Incidentally, when I started that first shop, I only had the first weeks rent in my pocket…

And cash still rolls in … like a magic money magnet!

These days I make money from books, manuals, audio programs...but there’s more, all synergistically linked to the same. There are consultancy fees, speaker fees, workshops, seminars, mentoring and coaching fees and of course every time I raise a few million pounds for a client, I get a commission on that too (and hopefully some shares and options!!)…and there’s more. I am a hired brain, a professional problem solver and individuals and corporations pay me on an ad-hoc basis to solve their problems.

YOU can make money in bad times,
NOTHING can stop you!

YOU will be able to develop fabulous income streams that will continue to pay YOU – month-in-month-out – just like clockwork – no matter what the economic climate, no matter what is going on in the world. Believe me, YOU’LL get paid and make money no matter what! In actual fact some of the things I’ll share with you, will make YOU more money in depressed times – no matter how bad it gets! This is NOT a book or manual it is an extraordinary SYSTEM – Cash Flow Magic! that is a powerful hard-nosed step-by-step blueprint, showing YOU how to create Multiple Streams of Income. Simple as that – no BS!

IMPORTANT: I don’t want you to get the impression that I am some super-brained business guru with a high IQ and University education. I’m not! I left school at the age of fourteen and signed up as an apprentice carpenter. I didn’t read my first book until I was twenty. A book entitled ‘Think & Grow Rich’. That book and other mind power books changed my life and I will share those important secrets of mind-power with you – the ones that really work! It is crucial for you to realise that everything I show you is step-by-step and simple and ordinary people all over the world are using my techniques – and because I am a good teacher and simplify things – gain stupendous results for themselvs!
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Yes, I’ve been at it forty years, made all the mistakes and done post mortems on successes and failures of mine and literally hundreds of others, but what has created the real Cash Flow Magic that makes it a no-brainer today, is the computer, Internet and mobile communications. Today it is a thousand times easier than I had it and I’ll show step-by-step how to capitalize on all this latest wizardology.
EQUALLY IMPORTANT: Never mind the pie-in-the-sky when you die by and by. This SYSTEM - Cash Flow Magic will show you how to get yours down on the ground while you’re still around – with ice cream on top! THEREFORE it takes into account that you MAY NOT have capital, skills, business acumen, knowledge, time or other resources. I'll give you ALL the tools – by the bucket load! The only thing you need to bring to the party is the desire or need to make money/create wealth!


This EXTRAORDINARY wealth-creating life-changing SYSTEM – Cash Flow Magic!
will show you how to:

Do something that you can do and start making stress-free money immediately – it’s a no-brainer!

Start substantial businesses, even if you don’t have any capital – at all! And that’s MAGIC!

Walk away with hundreds, sometime thousands of pounds – just for talking to someone. And go around the next corner and do exactly the same thing again, creating real wealth!

Get someone to give you fifty percent of their business for free – quite legally and morally.

Generate big commissions doing something you just love to do. Ker-Ching!

You will be shown a blueprint of a magical GREEN MACHINE that you can easily create. It will spew out so much hard cash, that it will allow you to experiment and also investigate other streams of income.


More insider secrets than have ever been
revealed before…

How to generate MAGICAL amounts of FREE publicity for you and your business – which would easily cost over $250,000 using paid advertising.

How to easily raise thousands in seed-corn finance from magical places. You will be amazed as to where the start-up money really is – and don’t forget I have raised millions for early stage and start-up companies and shown others how to do exactly the same. Real wizardology!

How to go directly to where the magical BIG MONEY is – secrets about marketing to wealthy and affluent people who have huge amounts to spend on products and services. Create wealth yourself!

How to sell your business for a much higher price than you’d ever expected. Become the envy of your competitors when your business sells for 5 to 10 times more than theirs.

How to access and join ranks with elite entrepreneurs, in the UK and abroad and finally become wealthy.

Foolproof step-by-step instructions will turn your dreams into CASH reality! Money Magic of your own!


And there’s more Wizardology…MUCH MORE:

In Cash Flow Magic! – You will also learn:

The paradox of ‘thinking’ and how BIG MONEY IDEAS only come when you’re ‘NOT THINKING’ – Eureka!

More sources of passive and residual income than you can poke a wand at – so easy too!

How I got literally tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock for FREE – over the telephone! Ker-Ching! A rael case of creating wealth without capital!

Why I didn’t accept an offer of over $2,000,000 for my [www.wealth.co.uk](http://www.wealth.co.uk) domain name and what certain domain names can mean to YOU.

Wizardology of how to create substantial passive royalty income from books, songs and films and perhaps you don’t have to write a single sentence yourself – but the cheques come directly to you!

The true meaning of exponential growth and compounding - and why this particular magic really is the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World!’ Truly Awesome! Truly wealth building!

Why filthy rich people invest in guns and poor people invest in butter…a real eye opener!

Much of what needs to be done to create massive streams of income can be done with simple tools like a telephone and a computer, in the comfort of your own home with day-time TV blaring away, sitting in your jim-jams or underwear - like me - really! I don’t even turn the TV off when I decide to go for a quick spin on one of my motorcycles or power up the speedboat!


This MEGA SYSTEM – Cash Flow Magic! truly is Comprehensive Wizardology!

So yes, there’s still more…You’ll learn:

The power of Joint Ventures (JVs) and how to really enrol others, even if you don’t know them, to help you with various promotions that you may want to undertake.

How to create Magic Internet revenue streams and why it can be beneficial if you are not a programmer, IT buff, computer literate or an Internet fan. Those who create real wealth don't do the work themselves.

How to attract 10,000 genuine customers for your products or services with absolutely no advertising or PR budget.

How to work closely with top ‘Millionaire Makers!’ Believe me, everyone needs a mentor.

Why I am called King Millionaire Maker and The Wizard of Ker-Ching!

How to weave your own magic with a mastermind group and business network. You’ll even be invited to join ours.

How to discover all the things that have been holding you back and once you recognize them, simple methodologies for overcoming ALL of them!

Literally hundreds of magical ideas and most importantly how to generate your own ‘Million Dollar’ ideas and turn them into hard cash. Ker-Ching!

A magical publication that’s read by 500,000 top people every week, where you can advertise for peanuts! This is a killer app…

How to create multiple cash flow businesses that earn YOU money while YOU sleep! Ker-Ching!

And last, but by no means least, learn how I increased my profits from 17% to 117% and then onto 1117%. Advanced Wizardology!


"The concepts are truly priceless - anything that you want to do can be done. Expands your horizons to the higher echelons." Paul Rothwell

"A true success. I believe it is worth it's weight in gold and absolutely 'mind blowing'" John Warmann

"Fantastic content. Mind blowing. Life changing." Cris Morgado

"Title very much suited to what was delivered" Eugenie Winter

"Multiple Streams of Income Truly remarkable, Mind Blowing - Turbo Success, How Reprogram the Biocomputer is incredible as I have been successful before, but have been trapped." Tony Anderson

"I am in awe of this incredible wealth-building cash-generating material" Rick Vadgama

"Absolutely fantastic! Answered many questions and dealt with many outstanding issues for me". Tehmina Zaman

"I value this material at £100k to infinity – in a word priceless" Greg Millhouse




MP3 Program Turbo Success - How to Reprogram the Human Biocomputer, featuring Ron, Valerie Singleton and Peter Hobday. Using the surprisingly accurate analogy of a computer this material takes us on a fascinating tour of the way the brain functions – the way we think, act and feel. All is determined by the programs that have been put into our brains – by our parents, teachers, friends, the society we live in and even ourselves. On these brilliant audio program you will discover how many of the programs in your own brain are stopping you from achieving what you want from life. With the help of these material you can completely overhaul your life and finally become the person you want to be. Most powerful personal development program available today. At a recent CASH FLOW MAGIC Boot Camp an hour before the finish Ron asked every attendee to write on a slip of paper their name and the value they perceived that had received from the boot camp…he then went on to do the final mind blowing one hour consolidation of the boot camp and then asked every one if they had received further value from the final hour of the boot camp and to write that figure next to the first figure. A full ninety percent (90%) of the attendees wrote a mind blowing $1m + $1m. What Ron had showed them in the final hour was the consolidated accelerated version of TURBO SUCCESS - HOW TO REPROGRAM THE HUMAN BIOCOMPUTER... and that’s part of this package as well - on four mind-blowing mp3 downloads.



Good Fun, Good Message. Reviewer: Rob, from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Date: May 30, 2007 The computer technology that is detailed in this book is a bit 1985 but the message behind the theme still rings true. I love Ron Holland purely because he’s so quintessentially British and down to earth (has anyone ever used the word quintessentially’ and not followed it with ‘British’? Sorry!). This has some complex themes and is a good basic overview of how the brain works and how you can help ‘tune’ it to your advantage. As with all Ron Holland’s books its fundamentally the same message – ‘visualise your success’ but hey it’s good enough for Churchill, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison AND Ron G Holland so it’s good enough for you!
Practical Reviewer: twylas, Date: May 19, 2007 Ron Holland highlights how the right and left brain utilizes information we have consciously or unconsciously programmed into our selves. He succintly shares how to manifest successes after a person understands how to program the bio computer (brain). Using personal stories, he explains how we all operate daily on the positive or negative feedback loops impregnated into our brains. He explains how to reprogram success by reprogramming the bio computer and he shares how to use our reticular activating system (the critical 140 billion cells in the brain) to increase success in daily performance. This is a practical and powerful NLP training for anyone who wants more success in every area of their lives. Inspirational and "do-able" techniques.
Impressive Reviewer: mizzhutch, from Farmingdale Date: February 04, 2007 I have to say that I was impressed by this audio book. I have been reading self-development books for the past year and I have read about creative visualizations many times but Ron really explains it to you perfectly. The more I hear about it, the more I want to do it and learn how to do it correctly. Using the computer as an analogy for your brain was perfect for explaining why it is so important to visualize. I am definitely going to listen to this audio book over and over to get this technique down perfectly because I know visualization works from past experiences but I am far from perfecting it.




MP3 program Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu featuring Ron, Valerie Singleton and Peter Hobday. Heralded in the Midas Report as the most definitive book ever written on the subject. It’s extensive, detailed instructions for getting out of debt and making a business extremely profitable – along with a gold mine of ideas for reducing overheads and massively increasing your profit margins – it is totally priceless. Step-by-step it takes you through all the challenges that you may face – from getting creditors on your side, negotiating with your bank and getting your debtors to pay up, right through with coping with the emotional worry and getting other people to pay your debts for you. This material has the capability of changing your life forever. Powerful stuff!! At a recent CASH FLOW MAGIC boot camp it transpired that over 30% of the audience had both business and domestic / consumer debt problems. You may be pleased to hear that Ron’s incredible Debt Free With Financial Kung Fu, written up (in the Midas Report) as the most definitive program for getting out of debt ever produced - is part of your mp3 package!



My name is Ron G Holland and you may have heard me on radio, seen me on TV or read about me in the press. I have been written up as Top Biz Guru, The Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur, Business Genius Maverick and – The Wizard of Ker-Ching! Over thirty years ago my first business book, Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu! was published, and ever since then, I have been assisting folk around the world create Multiple Streams of Income, turning lives around and undeniably have helped create many millionaires along the way...now it’s your turn! Wealth is on the way!

"Ron G Holland , quite possibly the very greatest business and self development guru in Britain." - Fleet Street Publications

Author of the international bestsellers Talk & Grow Rich, Turbo Success and Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu and fifteen other business books. He has been written up as Top Biz Guru (Making Money) and Britain’s Leading Motivational speaker (Success Now). Ron will be the first to tell you he doesn’t work hard - he never has. Although he is 59, he has a very young wife and an eight-year old daughter who take up huge amounts of time – and energy! Then there is racing-motorcycles, that he has been passionate about since he was a teenager, and he still rides regularly himself and regularly spends two days a week preparing them for weekends racing. Ron insists on five holidays a year (last year Romania, France, Monaco, Lapland and USA) and in his free time he is a passionate country walker and hill climber (often in the Lake District and Scotland). Almost out of necessity and to sustain his lifestyle Ron developed what he calls The Real Secrets of Multiple Streams of Income.

What The Press Say About Ron G Holland



"Ron raised us £1.5m when everyone else had failed" Michael Kraftman

"Ron reduced the cost of our marketing by two thirds and increased its efficiency by 50%" Neil Murphy

"Ron Holland held our hand until we had the first million in the bank " Andy Hunt

"Ron helped saved two of my companies – incredible man. " Harry Richards

"Introduced us to enough clients to turn our company around." Steve Noble

"I have been an associate of Ron Holland’s for over twenty-five years and have seen Ron pull more rabbits out of hats for more clients, than anyone else I know. " Des Vadgama

"Ron sold my business for three times more than I thought it was worth" Kathy McQuire

The Press:

…..the incredible Ron G Holland, quite possibly the very greatest business and self development guru in Britain.’ Fleet Street Publications

‘Business Guru who practices what he preaches’ The People

‘King Millionaire Maker’ Business Opportunity News

‘Britain's Leading Motivational Speaker’ Success Now

‘Top Business Guru’ The Guardian

‘Genial Genius of Selling’ Brisbane Reporter

‘Master of Success’ Metropolitan

‘ The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.’ Business Opportunities

‘Everything he says makes good business sense’ Midas Letter

‘Top Biz Guru. Over twenty five years of accolades’ Making Money

‘This man can help you raise the money you need…Guaranteed!’ Success Now

‘Genius Business Maverick’ Success Formula


The complete SYSTEM and the FREE GIFTS only $397, $197, $97

The complete SYSTEM

YES! I want to invest in the cash-producing, money magnet making CashFlow Manual and learn about The Real Secrets of Multiple Streams of Income
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RON G HOLLAND - IRON GLAD, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We have been offering and honoring this guarantee for over thirty years!!!

You must be 100% satisfied with your purchase or you get you money back! No Quibble - No Questions Asked. If you are not happy with your purchase simply delete the electronic products within 60 days of purchase stating where and how you made the purchase and an immediate refund will be made.

Onward and Upward

Ron G Holland

The Wizard of Ker-Ching!

P.S. The Cashflow Magic is my latest home training manual that will help you to create massive cashflow with multiple streams of income and transform your life. Try my simple and devastatingly profitable methods and experience massive improvements to your wealth and business abilities. The Cashflow Magic comes with two MEGA POWERFUL bonuses and an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee to make your purchase one hundred percent risk-free.


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