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FREE Dog Training Presentation:

The "Weird Secret" that Makes Your Dog WANT to Obey!

As Seen On...
by Krista Cantrell, Dog Whisperer, Award-Winning Dog Trainer, Cognitive Animal Behaviorist

In this FREE presentation below, you'll find:

** The one weird secret of nature that makes your dog want to obey

** How to unlock your dog's natural instinct to follow you as his leader

** A popular but flawed method of training that actually makes your dog misbehave

** The common mistake dog owners make that forces your dog to ignore your commands

** How to cure 14 dog obedience problems in less than 10 minutes a day


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"I Finally Understand..."

"Krista doesn’t just tell you how to do it… She doesn’t just show you what to do… She involves you. You learn her secrets, 10 second shortcuts, strategies, and tactics… and the  psychology behind training dogs. Because of Krista’s advice I finally understand how to love my dogs and be leader of the pack.  And it’s so easy..."

- Helen Parkhill


FREE 15-Part Video Series:

Discover the Simple Secrets to Raising the Perfect Dog!

Now FREE for a limited time, get my 15-part video series on how to unlock the hidden dog training secret that solves 14 of the most common dog obedience issues. You'll see...

* How to become the leader your dog wants to follow
* The easy way to stop leash pulling permanantly
* How to banish problem barking for good
* The magic formula that stops jumping
* A super-simple strategy for no-hassle housetraining
* How to teach your dog to pay attention and ignore distractions
* An easy way to calm fearful or timid dogs
* And more!


"If it wasn't for Krista, I would have had to
get rid of my dog..."

“Before I came to Krista I was seriously considering getting rid of Hannah because I was so frustrated I just didn’t understand what I needed to do to work with her. Now Hannah and I have a great relationship based on trust and love, and it’s all because of my work with Krista."

- Annie & Hannah


"The best dog I've ever had thanks to Krista..."

"After several lessons with Krista, Jesse was a changed dog. Not only did she work with him, but she worked with me. And that's where the key is -- in learning the connection between you and your dog. It's simple. It's easy. If I can do it with him, you can do it with your best friend. Jesse by far is my best dog ever. Thank you, Krista!"

- Donna Patterson & Jesse James



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