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Instant Video Article Software Tutorial

Attention All Struggling Affiliates And Internet Marketers...

RE: Your Huge Video Profits Right Here...

From: Reiner

Dear Frustrated Marketer,


People from all around the world watch videos every day on Youtube,
Metacafe, Dailymotion, and all the rest... There are plenty of them.

I bet you know, that video marketing can skyrocket your online
business almost immediately. Whether it's your blog, your website, or
even an affiliate offer you're promoting.

Sadly... You have no idea how to create videos that actually sell.
And fact is, if your video doesn't sell itself... You'll always keep
failing with your video marketing.

Don't worry though... In just a few short moments from now, you're
going to discover a secret weapon that I've been using for a very long
time now...one that will shock you...

But before I let you know more about this 'underground tool'' let's
talk about YOU for a moment.

You're frustrated aren't you?

You're trying to drive some free traffic to your site, but nothing
seems to be working right?

I know how it is... I've been there.

You see I love traffic. You can call us web traffic geeks if you
want. Our passion is to look for new ways to drive traffic to our
sites, and we can spend hours upon hours each day searching for new
traffic strategies.

Turning Old Articles Into Stunning Promotional Videos?!?!

A few months ago, a neat idea came to my mind... What if I could turn
my old dusty articles that have been sitting there on my hard drive
for years into stunning promotional videos?

Now, I know that it sounds a bit like a dream, but I started digging
for answers anyway. In today's world, almost anything is possible if
you have enough money... Right?

So I began to looking for programmers who could create a powerful
software that anyone could work with. But of course I was really
skeptical that they could actually create such a gorgeous tool, I
really was.

After 3 months of research, I got a call from a russian programmer...
"I can create your software sir, but it will cost a fortune, are you
sure you want it badly?" says the guy...

Hell yeah! Of course I want it badly I screamed over the phone.

And after 8 months of developing, testing, and improving... It's
finally here...

For A Very Limited Time We Are Releasing It To The Public... And You
Can Be A Part Of It, But ONLY If You Act Fast Enough...


Instant Video Articles

Creating professional videos on the fly has never been easier.

Using our cutting edge software you'll be able to produce hundreds,
or even thousands of videos promoting your online business 24 hours, 7
days a week.

The best thing about our software is that you don't have to be a
computer geek in order to use it to produce your videos.

All it takes is just a few simple clicks of a mouse and voila! Your
video is ready to be uploaded onto hundreds of video sites out there.

Here Are Just Some Of The Software Features:

ADD YOUR URLS INTO THE VIDEOS - With one simple click you can add any
URL to the video you're creating. Be it an affiliate link, or your
website link; as long as it's a URL, you can add it with ease.

CREATE AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF SLIDES - Using its easy interface,
you'll be able to create as many slides asyou want. Feel free to
create one slide, or even one hundred.

ADD BACKGROUNDS OR IMAGES EASILY - Images make your video look A
WHOLE LOT better, that's for sure. Not to talk about the higher
conversions that you can get when you use images in your video. People
like images, and you can add as many as you want, in every part of the

ADD BACKGROUND MUSIC - This is powerful. Music is proven to change
moods. Play a simphony and your viewer will become relaxed. Play
techno and he will shut off your page immediately. Use this function
smartly and you can be sure that your conversions will skyrocket.

Convert your video to FIVE different formats
(AVI, MOV, FLV etc) - If you want to publish your video in other
formats than the usual YouTube format, feel free to do so. You can
export your video in various formats including AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, and
many more...


You Can Even Submit Your Video To YouTube Through The Software To
Save Time!

This software is so powerful, it will make your eyes itch when you
see the videos it creates for you. And with these videos you'll be
able to drive thousands of visitors to any website you desire.

I'm sure you're thinking... Why should I believe you anyway?

After all, it's my software, so I can brag about how powerful it is
and how easy it is to work with from day one.

But I say... DON'T TRUST ME.

I know that sounds a bit weird, but I'm serious. Don't just take my
word for it...

Wow Reiner, That's A Great Offer! I Want Your Secret Weapon Now,
But... How Much Will You Charge For It?

Well, I Have To Be Honest With You Here.

I could easily sell this software as a high end product for $297,
$497, or even $997.

I mean, this software is so damn powerful, that you can easily
generate immense amounts of money in a week or so.


I'm not going to charge you anything near that. Not a chance.

You see, I care about your success, I'm not here to rip you off. Your
success is my success, and I really want you to get out of the rat
race once and for all.

That said, I know that you're broke, exactly like I was before I had
this powerful tool in my hands... So here's the deal...

Even With This Dirt Cheap Price, I'll Back You Up With A 100%
IRONCLAD Money Back Guarantee...

I know how difficult it is to spend your hard earned money on
something that you see for the first time.

You may not be sure that it will work for you and a bit hesitant to
put your money on the table. But let me tell you this...

You Have To Act Fast If You Want Something To Happen... Order Now
Before It's Too Late...

I really don't know for how long I can keep this offer available to
the public, so if you're hesitating or anything... Stop thinking and
act now!

Order your "Instant Video Articles" copy now and start producing
videos like the pro's...

Best of Success,


P.S. Now you have two options. You can keep struggling to drive
traffic to your website, or you can simply DOWNLOAD MY \"INSTANT VIDEO
WEBSITE FROM ANY VIDEO SITE YOU KNOW. I don't have to tell you which
option you should choose right? Go ahead, order now...

P.P.S. Remember that you are fully covered with my 100% money back
guarantee. What the heck could happen? If you don't like the software,
or you don't think that it helps you drive traffic as promised, simply
ask for a refund and I'll give you back every red penny you paid for

P.P.P.S. If you don't order now, I don't know if you'll ever be able
to order again. As I told you before... This offer is VERY limited and
I'll remove it from the market soon. God knows when I'll relaunch it
again, and maybe I'll never do. Do the smart thing and order your copy

Risk Free Acceptance Form:

Yes, Reiner! I Want...

"I understand that by acting now I'll be one of those smart movers
who will ever put their hands on this unique software..."

"I also understand that this offer can be taken off the market soon,
and it can happen every moment..."

"It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order button below
and entering my credit card details this instant!"

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