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Master The Art of Managing List(s) of Millions of Email Addresses
with this Proven, Easy to Use Software.
Alias Email List Manager is a very powerful software for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista allowing to remove duplicate and invalid email addresses from your lists as well as sort them, split them, merge them, and much more.

Are you running a business on the web ? Are you a website owner ? Then you most probably have a list of subscribers that you email regularly. Either to promote new products and make more sales and/or to get them back over and over again to your website.
Every successful net entrepreneur has such a list of email addresses. The more lists or subscribers you have, the more successful you are.
I am using Alias Email List Manager to manage mailing lists for my customers. Most of the lists I get have opt out lists, dups, and mal formed addresses. I tried your software along with several others and yours worked the best for the price. Very nice software.

Dean Starkey

I researched for many, many days a list management software until I decided on two of them to download and try. No contest, yours was the best software for anywhere close to the money.

Jocelyn Myers

..:: How to collect email addresses ? ::..
Ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter directly from your website using the HTML code provided by List Hosting Companies or by using a Tell-A-Friend service where each time a visitor tells a friend about your web site, his email address is collected (if he has opted in for it).
Now if you have a budget, you can even buy email addresses from different companies around the net and quickly grow your business.

..:: How to manage your list of email addresses ? ::..
As you can see, you can build your list of potential customers very rapidly. But nothing guarantees that your list will be without duplicates or that your list will not contain any invalid (or unwanted) email addresses.

Also the delivery of your email addresses may be daily for example. So you will have to merge all these daily files and again remove duplicates and invalids.

This is particularly important if you are a seller yourself : you don't want to sell 10.000 email addresses to a customer with 2000 duplicates and 1000 invalids. You want to sell a high quality list.

You might also need filtering these addresses as your customer is not interested in email addresses from China, for example.

Our software, Alias Email List Manager will do all of the above and much more. Discover its features and screenshots below for more details. It will really ease your life.
..:: Screenshots ::..
[ ](screenshots/index/main-managelists.gif) [Manage Lists tab](screenshots/index/main-managelists.gif) [ Merge Multiple Lists tab](screenshots/index/mail-mergemultiplelists.gif) [ Address Validation tab](screenshots/index/main-addressvalidation.gif) [Mail accounts tab](screenshots/index/main-mailaccounts.gif) [ Message Selection Criteria window](screenshots/index/main-messageselectioncriteria.gif) [Console tab](screenshots/index/main-console.gif)

..:: Alias Email List Manager main Features ::..
..:: Very powerful
Can manage lists of millions of email addresses without problem. Our optimized algorythms ensure high speed processing.

..:: Works with any record format

The list(s) can consist of just one email address per record but also, besides the email address, several other fields like IP Address, Date, Time, First Name, Last Name, ... Each of these fields should be separated by a separator of your choice such as TAB or a comma.

..:: Remove Duplicates

Records containing identical email addresses will be deleted. In other words, once the same record is found several times, only the first occurrence is kept.

..:: Remove Invalids

Email Addresses will be checked syntactically. They will also be checked against invalid or rejected domain extensions (e.g. cn for china), against rejected keywords (e.g. abuse) and against a list of your Black Listed email addresses.

..:: Perform Stats on Domain Names

This is very useful if you to see the distribution of your list across the main ISPs such as AOL.com or MSN.com

..:: Split Lists by Number of Entries or By Domain Name

Create several smaller lists from a bigger one. For example, you can split a list in two; one containing only your aol.com email addresses and the other one the remaining ones.

..:: Save as Bcc list

Save your list as a comma separated string. You can then easily copy and paste this string in the Bcc: field of your favourite email client, such as Outlook Express, in order to send a message to your List

..:: Merge Multiple List

Several Lists can be merged into one. Very useful when you get email addresses daily and/or from various sources.

..:: Compare lists

Two lists can be compared at the same time. This will allow you to know if many email addresses are common to your two lists.

..:: Save senders' email addresses from emails

Extract and save the senders' email addresses from emails matching specific keywords without downloading them to your computer.
Usefull to automatically remove people wishing to unsubscribe from your list and emailing you for that.

Please now read the [Online Documentation](onlinedoc.htm) should you need further explanation.


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