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The opportunity to buy a stock right before a massive advertising
campaign begins is the only sure-fire way to consistently pull in huge
profits with penny stocks.

It's like trading with top secret insider information... except it's

Since you're on this site, you already know that I've been using this
secret trading strategy to make a fortune with penny stocks.

Tens of thousands of dollars, each and every month...

... but that's not how things have always been!

Hi- my name is Doug Graham and this is my story...

I could barely find a reason to get up in the morning.

It was 2004 and my life sucked.

I couldn't make any friends, I was slaving away at an on-campus job I
hated, and my grades were plummeting lower and lower every quarter.

I was worried that my GPA would continue dropping - which could've
subjected me to "academic disqualification" - so rather than be forced
out of school, I quit in June of 2004.

To put it mildly... my parents were not happy!

But they did agree to let me move back home as long as I "buckled
down" and got a job.

Even though it was my own doing, it was still totally depressing to
be back at home wearing nothing but boxers watching Judge Judy in the
middle of the afternoon...

Can you picture it?

... there I was, hunkered down on my parents' couch watching another
courtroom drama play out when a commercial came on that caught my

"High-Flying Tech Stock Signs Landmark Contact... More Details

It was my local news station talking about Sirius Satellite Radio's
big 28% jump after announcing that they signed a 5-year, $500 million
contract with Howard Stern.

I didn't know much about stocks at the time, but as I watched SIRI
run from $3 to $9 the next few weeks, I became obsessed.

If there was any way for me to make that kind of money (without
torturing myself with a "regular" job), I needed to be a part of it.

I became so obsessed that...

I Literally Spent 12-14 Hours A Day On The Computer Researching

My parents thought I had gone mad!

They'd leave for work in the morning and see me hunched over my

... mumbling random numbers and ticker symbols like a crazy person!

*Think Rain Man without the autism*

When they got home in the evening, I would be in the exact same
spot... except there were now candy wrappers and empty soda cans
strewn about - the only proof they had that I moved all day.

They didn't get it, but when I mentioned the magic word of trading
stocks for a "job," they backed off and let me run with it.

About a month into this neurotic cycle, I took a few hundred dollars
I earned from my on-campus job and made my first two stock
purchases... Local.com when it traded under the symbol INCX and a new
publicly traded company - DreamWorks - which still trades as DWA.

All my obsessive research had paid off!

Both trades made impressive percentage gains for big Nasdaq stocks,
but the tiny amount of money I put into each company meant that my
actual dollar gains were puny.

I wasn't discouraged by my lack of funds though. After discovering
winner after winner early on, I realized very quickly that I was a
natural at stock trading and...

I Was Determined To Find A Way To Profit
From My Abilities!

During that crazy month of research, I built quite a strong following
on all the message boards I was posting on every day.

I began discussing what stocks I liked each trading session, and most
of them (including INCX and DWA) moved up nicely right after I picked

People began sending me emails and private messages asking for my
latest pick, so the next step I took only seemed logical... I built a
website people could visit to see my trading ideas.

I was excited to see so many website followers profit from my advice,
but it was frustrating that I didn't have enough money to make a
meaningful profit from any of these trades myself...

But that all changed in June of 2005 when a member emailed me a stock
symbol I'll never forget...

I received multiple emails nearly every day asking for my opinion on
different companies, but NBDR was the first _penny_ stock I ever came

I liked what I read about the company, the CEO sounded sharp when we
spoke on the phone (I did some serious research), and
technically-speaking, the chart looked poised for a run up as well...

... so I decided to invest the majority of my money at the time
(about $1,500) into NBDR.

By this point I was aware of the fact that penny stocks were capable
of making huge percentage gains, so I was definitely hoping that my
first penny stock purchase would give me a bigger dollar profit than
INCX, DWA, or any other "big" stock could.

But nothing could have prepared me for what happened next...

After I bought the stock, I sent out a short write-up on the company
to my followers and something incredible happened...

The Stock Skyrocketed The Next Few Weeks
And I Cashed Out A 61% Profit!

I was ecstatic at the money I made, but also very nervous. I wondered
if what I'd done was legal?

I spent a few months doing research and was relieved to discover
that... as long as I disclosed to my members I intended to sell my
shares as the stock went up, it was completely legal.

Now, let me be super clear about this... I was not making money at
the expense of my followers.

After they received my email reports, they would in turn spread the
word on the companies I discussed to their family, friends, and other
online investors as well.

This helped create a snowball effect where we had excitement and
momentum continually picking up steam... which gave my members PLENTY

Think about it... this strategy only works as long as everyone makes
money. The second my members begin losing money with my picks is the
exact moment they stop listening to me.

I've been making money like this for 5 years now because everyone on
my team makes money.

In fact, I've made so much money by "accidentally" starting these
penny stock promos, that I went from making a decent $30,000 when this
all began in 2005 to $1 million by 2008!

Here's indisputable proof...

The reason my occupation changed to include the word "Advertising"
was because after everyone saw what happened with NBDR, tons of people
began offering me money to discuss specific stocks.

But I made a vow to only accept the offers that were attached to
stocks I would have done write-ups on even if I wasn't getting paid to
do so; stocks that I would be comfortable enough

Putting my own money into

Putting my own mother's money into

Putting my priest's money into

Needless to say, this process eliminated about 95% of the companies
that were presented to me, but with the few that remained - things
worked out fantastically!

I'd let my members know if I was paid for mentioning a certain stock,
they kept making more and more money, I kept making more money
everyone was happy!

Personally, not only was I making more than ever from the paid
promotion side of things, but I was able to keep bringing in big bucks
from trading these stocks as well!

Take a look for yourself at the huge gains that are possible with
penny stocks.

You will NEVER see a stock like Microsoft, Google, or Apple come
close to doubling or tripling in a few hours or days like many of
these stocks just did

















EXPLOSIVE POTENTIAL: These stocks from August 13 - November 26
returned an average gain of 103.1% Wow!

In fact, I even opened up a new account with E-Trade a while ago to
show you how my initial investment of only $500 turned into over
$32,000 with just six stocks like the ones above...

This is what trading penny stocks is all about!

This might seem impossible to you, but I've seen it done before, and
I have no doubt that I'll see it again for those of you who are able
to join my newsletter.

And it's not just my brokerage account... check out this recent bank

So are you sick of me showing you how much money I've made with penny
stocks yet?

My guess is that you probably are, but you have to understand that
I'm not trying to look like a rich jerk who's just showing off. I have
no intention of looking conceited or full of myself.

I haven't forgotten where I was just a few years ago!

I simply want to make it crystal clear to you that 1) I really have
made a fortune with penny stocks, and 2) I can help you do the same...
because like I mentioned earlier, in order for my trading strategy to
continue thriving, I need you as much as you need me.

Well, that's not entirely true...

I suppose I could keep things running as they have been the past few
years. After all... if it ain't broke, don't fix it... right?

But I'm not satisfied simply doing the same thing over and over

If There's Any Way For Me To Improve My Strategy
For Success With Penny Stocks, I'm Going To Do It!

The thing is... I never set out to be a stock promoter. So
originally, I never cared about having a strategy as it wasn't until
several months after my first paid write-up that I realized there was
even a name for what I was doing... stock promoting.

As such, I wasn't utilizing any of the more-traditional methods stock
promoters used to get the word out on the companies they were

While they were using online ads, fax blasts, commercials, and full
page spreads in national publications, I was simply sending emails to
a small - but powerful - list of investors and letting word of mouth
take it from there.

As a result, my operation thus far has worked like this:

And as should be clear to you by now, what I've been doing has indeed
been lucrative, but what I've decided to do now is expand my operation
to work like this:

In fact, after spending the last 2 years figuring out how to best
incorporate some of the traditional methods of stock promoting into my
existing operation, what we've ended up with is...

A Greater Profit Potential Opportunity For Penny
Stock Investors Than Ever Before Seen!

For the first time ever, I'm giving the general investing public a
formal invitation to join my team and become part of that "new
members" category depicted above.

These members will be in a position to buy a stock literally right
before thousands of investors, including myself, pile into that same
stock at increasingly higher prices.

Imagine how much money you could make knowing for instance that the
$.05 stock you just bought was going to be purchased by a wealthy
investor (me), email blasted and faxed out to thousands of other
investors (legally... no spam), advertised all over Google, and
perhaps even placed in a commercial airing on CNBC or Fox Business

And this all takes place AFTER you buy the stock!

Each share purchased at $.05 could easily scream multiples higher!

Now, the specifics for each of my campaigns might not follow that
exact formula, but let the main point be clear...

You Will Be Buying These Stocks Right Before A
Massive Influx Of Capital Comes Flowing In From
Thousands Of Other Investors!

So, how much is that opportunity worth to you? How much would you pay
to see your money double, triple, or explode 10x higher with each of
my weekly stock picks?

$500 per year... $250 per year... maybe $97 per year if you're lucky?

If you guessed $97, you were right... but instead of $97/year, I'm
only going to charge a one-time fee of $97 for a lifetime

Yes you read that correctly... a one-time fee of only $97 is all it
will cost you to begin pulling in more profits from penny stocks than
you ever thought possible!

However, as you may have guessed... there is a catch.

If you're the type of person who can't handle the occasional losing
stock pick, then I want you to leave this page and close your browser
right now.

Yes, you can get wealthy beyond your wildest dreams trading penny
stocks with my help, but that path to riches is not without its bumps
and bruises.

Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Sometimes you'll lose
money. And it would be irresponsible for me to not make that aspect of
trading clear.

But if you're willing to accept the risks that come along with making
so much money, congrats!

You Have The Opportunity To Make Thousands Of Dollars
With My Stock Picks Each And Every Week!

There is no doubt in my mind that joining the "Penny Stock Promo"
email newsletter is the best money-making opportunity you will ever
come across.

I can say that confidently because this exact opportunity is what
made me a millionaire, but I understand that even after seeing
everything I've shown you... you may still have some questions.

So let me answer them for you...

Q: Is Doug Graham your real name?

A: No, I use a pseudonym because I value privacy and discretion.
Everything you've read here is 100% true and accurate, and that really
is me in all the pictures. I just don't want my real name and personal
info plastered all over the internet.

Q: Why do I have to pay $97 for this? If joining your newsletter is
as good as you say, why not give it to me for free, let me test it,
display: inline !important; " value="Get Free Trades!" />

No Spam Pledge: I will never rent or sell your email address to
anyone for any reason.

What's important to remember here is that the opportunity you have in
front of you isn't just based on theory or some improbable results
that no one could ever achieve in the real world.

I am a real person. And I have verifiably made well over a million,
real-world dollars with the exact opportunity you have the ability to
take advantage of right now.

Just a few years ago, I was a pathetic college dropout who spent the
majority of my day wasting away on my parents' sleeper sofa...

... but thanks to my success with penny stocks, I made an astounding
$990,885 in 2008 which breaks down to $82,573.75 per month!

This is life-changing money that has allowed me to create the type of
existence that most people can only dream of.

Ok ok, that's not really my house or car. I obviously have enough
money to buy these things, but I've chosen to live more modestly

There is something that means much more to me than any material item
I could ever buy, and that's the security that having so much money

I no longer have to worry about being forced to take on a job I hate
ever again.

No more cold calls or cubicle. No more sucking up to a boss you hate.
No more 9-5 rat race. No more casual Fridays.

And no more stress about paying the mortgage, buying groceries, or
the kids' birthday presents.

Essentially, that's what this opportunity is all about...

A Life Of True Financial Freedom That's Not Just
Enjoyable But Completely Free From The Many
Stresses Of Life!

If you're lucky enough to sign up while this offer is still valid,
here's what you can expect after becoming a member:

I release one stock pick each week on average. You will almost
always receive these stocks on Friday evenings in order to give you
the entire weekend to prepare for purchasing them the following
Monday. In the event that I do not release a pick one week, it's
always because I'm preparing for an even bigger-than-usual pick the
following week.

All you have to do is pay the one-time membership fee of $97 (you are
never billed again) and you will receive my "Penny Stock Promo"
newsletter for as long as it exists, which I plan on being at least
another 5-10 years.

With all of that said, I wanted to make the process to join as
worry-free as possible. So what I decided to do is give you a 60-day,
money-back guarantee.

I can't fathom why you might want a refund, but I understand that our
current economic climate has made it difficult for people to part with
any amount of money, for any reason.

So if you are unsatisfied with your subscription for any reason
during the first 60 days after becoming a member, you can get your
money back, all $97 of it, with no questions asked.

The funny thing is that I know...

Nobody Will Want A Refund!

Why would someone want to receive $97 back when that small fee has
made it possible for them to get thousands upon thousands of dollars
in return!

Ok, so maybe there will be one crazy guy who requests a refund just
to prove my last statement wrong, but the point is...

After you buy your first stock pick with me and effortlessly watch
the profits pour in, you'll be so happy you didn't have to pay $500
per year like I thought about charging, you may start crying!

Considering the iron-clad refund policy described above...

You Don't Even Have Anything To Risk!

Trust me... when you purchase a subscription to my newsletter, you
will profit!

There's virtually _no way you can lose_ having the ability to jump
into a low-priced stock that you know is about to be purchased by
thousands of other investors.

You can do one of two things right now...

... begin making more money than you ever thought possible,
side-by-side with a stock promoting millionaire - or you can go back
to your regular life while people more driven than you choose to start
their new life of financial freedom.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Make the smart decision to become a member right now before this
offer is gone for good!

Try Doug Graham's Newsletter 100% Risk-Free

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