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Discover How to buy a house

after suffering A foreclosure

or bankruptcy

Secret buying technique that

banks don’t want you to know!!      

I know that you are either losing your house, filing for bankruptcy
or its already taken place.

Stop kicking yourself,  you’re not alone. 

There are millions of people that are in

the same situation that you and your family

are in.

The problem is that when its you, it feels like its only you!


What would you think if there was some way that you can buy a house
right now, even with your credit or lack of.


In fact, how about buying a house and not even having your credit
checked.  And not ever signing a loan document.


How would you like to sign a sales contract on wednesday and the next
friday be moving into your new home?  Move in 9 days!


***Suppose there was a way to BUY a house that would actually cost
less than renting.


Picture yourself moving into your new home in 9 days!!

Lets put a stake in the ground, and take back control!


If you had an opportunity to purchase another house and live where
ever you wanted, would you do it for you and your family?


If you knew of a program that utilizes a little known secret on how
to buy a house without using any credit or signing for a loan, would
you look into it?

You Need a FRESH Start    


My name is James Baker.  I would like to tell you my story.

I grew up in the little town of Brook Park Ohio.  Located on the
west side of Cleveland Ohio.  I had a great job working with one of
the big 3 auto makers. 

My wife and I saved our money and decided to invest a large sum into
a real estate development deal with 39 other investors in Fort Myers,

Needless to say, the builder, developer and appraisers were in
collusion with each other and the project turned out not to be worth
anything near what it was suppose to appraised for.

After our entire group lost several million dollars in the deal, we
brought a class action suit against everyone that was involved.

Obviously, the easiest thing for a company to do when they get sued
is to file for bankruptcy.  That is what they did.  We lost the
case.  And the developers moved to another town.

My wife and I tried for several years to pay off our creditors
without much success.  We finally decided to file for bankruptcy all
along while the banks were trying to foreclose on our home.

Although filing for bankruptcy was quite embarrassing, emotional and
a major hit to my self esteem.  My biggest fear was:


Not knowing when we would ever be able to buy a house again


And - where we were going to move.  (Bad credit, can’t rent or

Take back CONTROL!

Besides the legal advice that my lawyer gave me.  He gave me
something that went beyond measure.  Something that I hope you will
take to heart.

Filing for bankruptcy is like putting a stake in the ground.  You
see, up to that point the circumstances were controlling me. Now I had
a plan to control the circumstances. 


I just wanted you to know what my family and I went through.  If you
feel the need to verify my story, you can find it in the records
department in Elyria Ohio.

I was down, but NOT OUT!

I decided then that I was going to figure out a way to find a great
place for me and my family to live.

Soon after, I discovered a little known SECRET buying technique that
will enable a person to purchase a home:

Without any credit

Without any credit checks

Without a huge cash deposit

Without signing any loan documents

Without needing to buy in a war zone

With homes that can be found in any area of the country

In any price range from a little $50,000 house to a $1,000,000 house

Get Ready to be WOWED

Introducing the “Fresh Start Program”.  The ONLY program offered
on the web designed to help families purchase their next home right
after suffering a foreclosure or bankruptcy.

You have four (4) options...

1 - Do nothing and stick you head in the sand

2 - Live with family or friends  ☹

3 - Try finding a place that will rent to you

4 - to buying a home without credit, credit checks or large down

I need to get started now....

Push the button below

The investment for the Fresh Start Program is usually $147.  You can
get an instant discount of 1/3 off to reduce your investment to $97.

Examine the Costs

Buying is Cheaper than Renting....

Let me tell you two more stories.

One of the last houses that I purchased was a 4 bedroom, 3 full bath,
living room, formal dinning room, family room and finished basement. 

It was a 1900sf cape cod with a beautiful hardwood center hall foyer.

It had brand new carpet through out.  New kitchen floor, cabinets
and counter top.
The house was located in one of the most sought after school
districts in our county.

I put $100 down and closed in 9 days without signing for a loan or
having my credit checked.


Ok - one more story.....

An investor that I know had a buying opportunity offered to him.  It
was a 4000sf ranch on a large private lake in Georgia. 

Rather than buying and flipping this house for a profit, he put $10
(ten dollars) down, as a down payment and decided to move into the

The Fresh Start Program

With the Fresh Start Program, you will be able to:


Locate your DREAM HOUSE (no need to settle for something less)


Buy without credit (My secret technique guarantees that you will


No credit checks


Low, Low, Low down payment.  In fact, you are the one to determine
the amount.


Step by step:


    from analyzing the value


    to negotiating the sale and getting the best deal


    to filling out the contracts


    to closing the deal

Also included:


Quick start (read this first guide)


My Fresh Start Program manual (107 pages)


All of the contracts and forms that you will need

Instant Download

(No waiting.  You can get started Immediately)

Special Bonus! (Absolutely Free)

Asset Protection

(Value of $297)

I’m going to include in my “Fresh Start Program” a complete
section that explains how the ‘Big Boys’ (the rich and powerful)
legally hide their assets.

This is the exact technique that I use and all of my investor friends
use when we purchase property.

This section will have all of the tips and forms that you will need
in order to keep your name and the ownership of your new home out of
public records.

You will legally own your new home but no one will be able to find
out unless you tell them!!


Our stories are probably just about the same.  At least the first
part.  You were working hard, probably saving some of your income. 
Things were pretty good.  Maybe you were even investing for the

And then - it hit. 


The economy turned sour


Stocks and investments failing


Maybe an illness or divorce


Layoffs everywhere and you lost your job 

Whatever the issue -

You are probably going through a foreclosure or bankruptcy right now
because of it.

Let me help you create a GREAT ending to your story.

Here is Your chance for a FRESH START

Your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised when they find
out that you purchased a new home.

Lets get you into your new home NOW!

Just $97


(c) Jim Baker, Data Solutions, Inc.  

My Story

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