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Are you tired of masturbating the same old way you have since you were a kid? Have you wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on sex toys, only to find them time consuming and disappointing? Perhaps you are concerned that your current masturbation technique may be hurting your sex life and damaging your ability to perform with a woman?

If so, I understand. Like you, I used to simply pull and jerk to get my satisfaction. When that wasn't good enough, I went out and bought a very popular sex sleeve – only to discover that it took forever to use and was nasty to clean up.

Then, I discovered a secret masturbation technique that blew my mind. It gave me the orgasm of a lifetime – and I didn't even need to use my hands. Better still, I discovered that not only could I do it several times a day - it actually helped me be a better man in bed.

The next time I got laid, my penis was harder than it had ever been, I had incredible stamina and I was able to get it up and keep it up over and over again.

I was also more sensitive and found that sex felt better than it had in
years – because I wasn't desensitizing my johnson by rubbing it raw night after night.

I felt like a new man!

What shocked me even more was that it felt just as good every time I did it – I never got “used to” the feeling!

Of course, as soon as I learned about this technique I wanted to tell the world about it. But, then I realized it's not exactly the type of thing you can just bring up with your buddies in a bar.

So, I sat down and started writing about my experience – so that I could let other men like myself learn a better, safer healthier way to get off – and experience the most powerful orgasms ever.

Now, for the first time ever you can learn first hand about this sexsational secret technique simply by ordering my ebook, The New Method: A Modern Mans Guide To Ecstacy.

Stop Letting Your Selfish Pleasure Destroy Your Sex Life
– There Is A Better Way  
When I first learned how to drive, I was happy if I could get myself to the store and back safely. But I knew that I could do better, drive faster and be safer. So, I kept practicing and learning how to drive.

That's how it is with all serious adult skills – we don't give up trying to get better simply because we've mastered the basics.

But for most guys, masturbation is different. Once we manage to jerk long enough to squirt we figure we've got the job done. Which means that lots of us get our rocks off the same way today that we did when we were 12 years old.

The problem is that traditional masturbation can have a disastrous effect on your health and your sex life. Just take a minute to consider all of the problems associated with the conventional methods of choking the chicken:

  It can make your penis less sensitive – making it harder, if not impossible to orgasm through vaginal intercourse.     It can make it hard for you to get an erection when you are with a woman.
It trains you to orgasm as quickly as possible – which can leave your partner angry and frustrated.     Over time, you may find that it takes almost forever for you to orgasm – which increases your chances of getting caught masturbating.     Your hands can cramp up, your wrist can get sore and you can even risk pulling a muscle in your arm.     It can become difficult to get hard without dangerous pills and medications.      
Doesn't it seem like you are risking too much, just for a few seconds of pleasure? Sure, it feels great to have an orgasm - but there has to be a better way that protects your sexual health and makes sure your partner is never left high and dry.

That's why I feel that it's so important for men to learn my technique. When you discover this sinsational secret, you'll discover:
    You can get hard on a moment’s notice without putting any harmful chemicals into your body.     Your erections will last longer.     You'll gain total control of your penis – so you can make it do exactly what you want, when you want it to.     You'll be able to orgasm in seconds when you are in a rush, but hold back on your climax for hours if your partner wants to ride you all night long.     Sex will feel better than ever – because you won't be dulling your natural sensation.     You won't need to use your hands at all – so you can say goodbye to cramps and sore muscles.     It will become possible for you to orgasm 10 times or a more a night if that's what you or your partner wants.      
All you have to do is take the plunge and order
The New Method today – risk free – and you'll be on your way to
becoming the healthy sex god nature intended you to be.

Face It: Even The Most Popular Sex Toy On The Market Is A Gross Rip Off – That Will Simply End
Up Wasting Your Precious Time!

When I first started to realize that jerking my penis was having a bad effect on my sex life, I went out and bought the popular sex sleeve that you see advertised on the Internet.

I figured that the problem was my penis had gotten too used to my rough hand, and needed something that felt more like the real thing. So I spent well over a $100 on this product – figuring that if it was so popular, it must be the real deal.

I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I was. Using it took forever, it was disgusting and didn't even begin to feel like the real thing.

So, I sent them an email saying, “I feel I deserve the right to criticize your product. I paid $100 for it, and I'm absolutely not satisfied with the investment.”

They didn't even bother to reply to me!

So, today I'm going to tell you exactly what's wrong with that popular sex sleeve – so that you can save your money!
  It's not very tight! I have an eight-inch long penis – so I should have felt a snug fit. Instead it was as loose as a goose!     You need to heat it up in hot water for up to 30 minutes before you use it – which is not an easy thing to do if you have roommates! Plus, who wants to wait around for a half hour when they are in the mood!     If you try to use with without warming it up first it will be so cold, it will ruin your hard on!     Unless you want it to get moldy, you have to spend a lot of time cleaning it up after you are done. You have to wash it out, dry it and then powder it with corn starch. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do after I have an orgasm is to wash my load out of a sex toy. It's really foul!     It doesn't feel like a vagina! It feels like a loose piece of rubber. You'd have to be on drugs or a virgin to think it even remotely resembles the feeling of a woman's body.     Until it's completely dry, it sticks to everything! But you risk ruining it if you use a hair dryer, so you have to leave it out to air dry – where anyone could see it!     While it's usually too loose, sometimes it acts like a suction cup and literally pulls itself out of its casing – while attaching itself like a leach to your penis! This is not fun in any way, shape or form!     Between washing out the cornstarch, heating up the device, using it and then washing it and re-powdering it, you have to spend at least an hour and a half or more every time you want to get off. Who has that much free time on their hands? When I'm hot and bothered, I want to shoot my load. I don't want to feel like I'm doing the dishes or heating up a baby bottle!       Once I "used" it there was no returning it! Don't get suckered like I did – you'll get a better orgasm from your right hand for free than you will from this thing!

Of course, whenever you pull your pud you risk hurting your sex life – which is why I strongly urge you to order The The New Method today and find out about a natural masturbation method that will make you feel like a real man!  

Stop Wasting Hours Of Time Masturbating
– Just Get Off And Get On With Your Day!

  Most of us, these days, live very busy lives. Sure, we need to get off when we get horny – but can we really afford to waste any more time than we have to masturbating?

When you use your hands or a sex toy to get off, you can end up spending a lot of time just getting yourself ready for orgasm – particularly if you've already rubbed yourself raw.

The New Method is different. Using this technique you can orgasm as quickly as you need to and then simply go about your business. You won't have to spend a lot of time trying to climb Orgasm Mountain – you'll already be at the peak!

In fact, once you learn this technique you'll find that you are able to orgasm in only three minutes – less time than it takes to smoke a cigarette!  

Wouldn't It Be Great To Be Able To Shoot
A Massive Load Like A Porn Star?

We've all watched porn. And we've all seen that magic moment where the guy pulls out of the girl's mouth and gives her a facial. While this can be a highly erotic moment, it also makes some of us feel inadequate.

Sure, it looks hot – but then we notice how much sperm the guy is able to shoot. We know that we've never been able to produce strong, masculine loads like that.

That's because traditional methods of masturbation drain our testicles – leaving us able to only produce small, sometimes even clear, ejaculations.

The New Methodsolves that problem. When you use this incredible technique you'll be able to ejaculate full loads each and every time your orgasm – and give your partner the facial of a lifetime!

What's even more incredible is that it won't take you a lot of time to build up these massive loads!

You'll discover that once you master The Method you'll be able to have a heavy orgasm in three minutes or less – so that you can get ready to get it up again and keep cumming over and over again all night long!

This New Method Will Bring You To New Orgasmic Heights Without Hurting

Your Sex Life Or Causing You Any Personal Embarrassment!

This masturbation technique is so incredible that it has turned me into a man on a mission to educate my fellow dudes about how they can have the orgasm of a lifetime each and every time they want to get off.

The New Method is simple to master and can even feel better than real sex. The secret is that your orgasm comes from your prostate glad. That's why many men have such strong orgasms when their partner puts a finger in their butt during oral sex - she is literally stimulating your prostate directly with her finger and milking it.

But, face it - most guys don't want to shove a finger up their own butts. I know I don't.

The New Method works because it shows you how to directly stimulate your prostate – instead of your penis – without sticking anything up your butt. In fact, you don't use your hands at all.

You could use The New Method even if both of your arms were in a cast!

Now, obviously I can't reveal the secret of the New Method here. But, I can tell you a few reasons why it's better than using your hands or wasting money on useless expensive sex toys.
  You don't need to waste money on lube.     You can finally have a full prostate orgasm without rectal insertion     This method can get you off 10 times or more a night!     You'll discover a new way to pleasure yourself without wasting money on sex toys!     It's so easy to do, almost any man can use it to get off in three minutes or less!     It feels so good – almost better than real sex – that it could be a threat to the future of life on Earth!     It won't tire you out or make you sweat. It just makes you cum!     You'll be able to orgasm discretely and privately, without ever having to worry about someone asking you what you are doing!     You'll never have to worry about your wife, girlfriend or roommates finding your hidden stash of embarrassing sex toys again!     Throwing out semen-soaked bananas or sweat socks is gross – and with the New Method, you won't have to!     It will help you learn the basic moves of Tantric sex – which will rock your partner's world!     It will help you learn the basic moves of Tantric sex – which will rock your partner's world!     You'll produce the biggest ejaculate loads ever – time and time again!     The Method allows you to use Kegal exercises to build up the muscles in your pelvic floor!     You'll never orgasm too quickly again!     You won't have to use pills to get it up! You can get hard in several seconds!     It's so easy to do, you can get off in three simple steps!     You won't have to set up a special night to masturbate. You can just get the job done and go about your business!     It feels so much more natural than using a sex sleeve!     The method helps build up your natural sex muscles – so you can make love like a porn star!     It works with your body's own natural momentum to generate the orgasms your body really wants you to have.     You'll never have to replace a worn out sex toy again!     The thrill of having instant orgasms!     Your partner will think you are the best lover she's ever had!     The Method will show you how to have an orgasm in under three minutes!       Just imagine how your life will change for the better once you can have easy powerful orgasms quickly and discreetly, while learning how to satisfy your woman more than you ever have before.

All you have to do is order The New Method today and you'll be on your way!    

The New Method
Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

  I'm not here to jerk you around. I want to make sure that you are completely satisfied after you use The New Method to bring yourself to new heights of sexual pleasure.

I know this method works – because I use it several times a day – and I'm positive it will get you off like you've never felt before.


How Much Would You Pay For A Technique That Will Give You
Powerful Orgasms While Improving Your Sex Life

More likely than not, your current method of masturbation is hurting your sex life and leaving your partner frustrated. This could lead you to spend hundreds of dollars on pills that may or may not improve our performance.

If you try to switch to using sex toys you could easily spend $100 on a sex sleeve or hundreds and hundreds of dollars on blow up dolls – and still not be satisfied!

So, how much would it be worth to you to find a technique that really works – and that you can use over and over again to have monster orgasms and a better sex life for decades to com?

Don't worry, I'm not greedy!

If you order The New Method: A Modern Mans Guide To Ecstacy today, it can be yours for only $29.95 – less than a year-long subscription to Penthouse Magazine and it will be an instant direct download too.


Order The New Method: A Modern Mans Guide To Ecstacy Today

    There is nothing sweeter than the orgasms you'll get when you learn The New Method. But, as I said before, I am a man on a mission, so I want to make my offer as sweet as possible.

You'll receive:   Special Bonus : Special illustrated diagrams that show exactly how to use this method to generate the orgasms of a lifetime!      

All you have to do is order The New Method: A Modern Mans Guide To Ecstacy for only $29.95 today!do is order The New Method for only $29.95 today!  

Nothing Will Ever Replace The Intimacy Of Being With A Real Woman

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