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"Strange" Exercises Will Remove Your
Back Pain
In the Next 15 Minutes

Personal Story:
How This Permanently
Cured My Brother-In-Law's Back Pain.
(See Below). 

"Will Give You
The Immediate Relief
and Cure You Want!"

"... reveals a self treatment approach that has helped hundreds of his patients

Can help you avoid expensive treatments that do not work, and will give you you the immediate relief and cure you want.

This Treatment System is based on years of practical results and real world solutions.

Take my word for it, this will really help. Get it!"

Laura Miller, B.P.T.
Physical Therapist,
Daytona Beach


From the desk of: Tom Nicholson
Time: 2:31 pm

Dear friend,


My brother-in-law, Peter Ruckoldt, lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin near the corner of Taylor Street and Melody Drive.

Although only 36, he suffered from excruciating Back Pain almost all the time.

He couldn't stand, yet he could not sit. You should have seen him walking around like a 98 year old man.

He had to sleep on the couch (instead of with his wife), propped up with pillows.
Even then, he regularly awoke at 2AM & could not find a comfortable position. Laying in writhing pain until dawn. Watching more boring late night TV than you can imagine.

He had been plagued by this for so long, he thought Back Pain was just something he had to live with, then he became depressed, feeling like a semi cripple.

Living on pain pills. Nearly suicidal with pain. Anyone who has Back Pain knows what misery is.

On June 23, he visited a Back Pain specialist in sheer desperation. The specialist examined Peter for a few minutes... then announced "we're going to get rid of this Back Pain right away."

Peter was skeptical. He had tried everything to get rid of the pain.  

Then, the specialist told him to lay down on the exam table.

He had Peter perform a certain stretch that had NOTHING to do with his back.

Peter's Back Pain was GONE... instantly--
And He Could Enjoy Life Again!

Within a day he was able to play sports, resume his normal activities, play with his kids.. WITH NO PAIN. When he told me about this "miracle visit" to the specialist, he was so excited he was jumping out of his seat!

As long as my brother-in-law uses this simple exercise every few days, his Back Pain has never returned.

This Quick Exercise Will Eliminate Your Pain As Well...
(Without the $1,239 Specialist Fee)

It took only 15 minutes with these exercises and his chronic Back Pain was gone forever.

This specialist was using a set of easy exercises that you could perform in a few minutes each day, in the comfort of your home. These methods have been proven over and over to cure Back Pain.

You may have forgotten what it is like to not have pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.

Listen to me: YOU DO NOT have to suffer from Back Pain any longer.

As you read every word on this webpage, you will discover how to apply these same methods

to CURE your own Back Pain.

I've created a brand new, heavily researched exercise program that will teach you how to apply these same methods to CURE your own Back Pain.

In a few short minutes you will possess the permanent Back Pain cure you're searching for.


You will be able to run, dance, breathe again: return to your activities - care free! Enjoy any sport you want: golf, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, even horse back riding! You will sleep through the whole night without that constant throbbing pain STABBING your back. You'll be amazed at how tall and slim these exercises make you look. Watch your energy, confidence, and self esteem increase because of how much better you feel. You will sit comfortably at your desk for hours, even on a backless chair - without feeling like your back is getting twisted into knots. Live a healthy, strong, relaxed, and pain free life!

Imagine, it can be yours within a few minutes of starting my program.

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn
In My "How To Cure Your Back Pain" Videos

How to sleep at night with no pain (See Video 6 and Manual, page 52) 7 easy exercises that will cure your Back Pain in as little as 15 minutes. You can play sports, even sit for hours with no pain. (See Videos 1-8) Two simple sleeping adjustments which could cure your Back Pain by themselves! (They also make you sleep deeply and wake up rested and cheerful!) --See Preface, Video 1 How an inflatable rubber ball (7 inches in diameter) can cure most cases of Back Pain (See 1:22 in Video 1). 5 computer techniques which can eliminate computer-related Back Pain. You will have new energy and enjoyment at work. (See bonus manual pgs 11-20) Do you make these 8 mistakes when lifting objects? These 8 mistakes are making your Back Pain worse! (see manual, page 53) Two "postural dysfunctions" that are responsible for most Back Pain. (pg 26)
4 Simple "self evaluation tests" you can perform in the comfort of your home to help you pinpoint exactly what's causing your symptoms. Free yourself from the anxiety of doctors visits and medical bills. (manual pg 21, 25)
A Detailed, Step-by-Step, Hold you by the hand "Self Treatment Plan" that shows you exactly what YOU need to do today eliminate your Back Pain. Get Your Joyful, Pain-free Life Back! (See Videos 1-7) How to self-diagnose the cause of your Back Pain pain by looking in the mirror for 5 minutes. No more frustration from being shuffled from one doctor to another! (pg 14) 7 Activities children naturally do which keep them free from Back Pain, happy, and carefree-- and how to integrate these activities into your life. (Children almost never get Back Pain)
(See page 18) A postural problem common in teenagers which causes Back Pain in adulthood. After correcting this you will feel like you are 17 years old again! (see pg. 59) Is it possible to vaccuum and mop without pain, even before your Back Pain is fully healed? What is Kyphosis Lordosis? (20% of women have it, and 15% of men have it. It is easily cured by my program) (See Video 5 and Video 6) A common treatment mistake that significantly reduces your chances of fully recovering from Back Pain. (See manual, pg. 28) 10 Questions to ask yourself which will keep you free from Back Pain for the rest of your life. (Manual, pg 21, 25) Why most of the exercises you are doing could be aggravating your Back Pain! (see page 3)

Listen to what customers of my previous products said:

Relieved My Symptoms!

I especially found useful the exercise that had to do with stretching my shoulders back by leaning in a door frame with my arms up. I found this relieved my symptoms well.

Lachlan Willing

Haven't Had An Issue
For 16 Months!

"Thanks, I haven

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