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Dear fellow marketer,

Imagine how an extra $54k a year would change your life for the better... then imagine what $54k in a single day would do...

Imagine if you got your hands on a tool that in a few clicks generated $59, $190 or even $1000 a day...

Using nothing but your computer and this precision software tool.

Imagine... you've just stumbled on the game changing tool that in 9 clicks and in under 15 minutes can generate you CASH in your account...

Keep reading because the game has changed....

...The OLD ways of using the Internet to drive traffic are collapsing around us.

Here's why...

A quick search on Google will show thousands of online marketers who have watched their Google traffic vanish.  PPC prices are going through the roof and delivering less and less customers.

Internet Service Providers have gone to war on email marketers.  Reputable marketers are getting sued and fined for sending emails!

All the search engines have admitted that they no longer value backlinks from article sites. 

My friends – this game is over.

Here’s the sick thing about it…

Have you noticed that the Internet Marketing Gurus are singing a different tune these days?

Sure, they are still trying to keep a straight face – but they are already rowing away from the sinking ship.

What Gives?

Have they given up?

Hell no.  These guys have moved on to the next generation of making money online.... 

And…My friend, they are sitting on something big!

The clever online marketers have realised that the old methods are dying fast...

...and they've adapted

Using nothing but the latest software tools to do what would take days for me or you to do manually.

I've developed a brand new software which is your ticket to the last seat on the life raft...

...You will be amazed at it's ability to make you money while you sleep

Here’s a small sample of what I’m talking about…

[Ok, I’ve Heard Enough – I Want the Same Results Myself Starting Today!](order/)

But I’ve got to clue you in on the details first.

Right now, the smart money is invested in a vast market that touches 1 out of 6 people on the planet.

It’s a global money-making phenomenon that will create the next generation of billionaires. 

The stakes are high and this is where our old Guru friends are hiding out. 

They are frantically trying to get their business in order so they can be in position to empty YOUR pockets.

We’re going to foil their plans, but you need to understand the stakes.

This new opportunity has nothing to do with the old ways of doing business on the Web.

Listen, you shouldn’t even think about…

Search Engines – In fact, Google is going to be the first (and biggest) victim of the new web marketing Tsunami!

PPC – Millions are abandoning the Adwords con-game.  Why are you making Google Rich and going broke in the process?

Video Marketing – Too much time, too much money needed.  For most people, video marketing is a no-go

Article Marketing – it was great while it lasted, but Google gives little credit to article backlinks

And you can throw in all the other exotic stuff too – Cost-Per-View, Cost-Per-Action, Blackhat blog farms, and other shenanigans

They won’t work anymore…

Yep, you are getting kept in the dark and shoveled crap.

While the Fat cats are setting up their new businesses... they are still selling you the old tricks.

That’s why Affiliate Scalper is such a dangerous product.

It gives you the power to BEAT THEM to the most lucrative pockets of online income.

Instead of being shoveled the same old crap, you’ll be able to compete on the same playing field.

Think about it…

You'll watch your affiliate commissions sky rocket

And your web traffic will explode as targeted buyers swamp your website or affiliate offers

You'll be able to have the success you always wanted...

...Shovel thousands of dollars every day into your bank account. 

And watch as you’ll quickly become your bank’s “most valued customer”

Affiliate Scalper will let you make money any way, anytime you want...

....This software is really is incredible.

Get out of debt in just one day…no joke

Take a look at this…

Seriously, what could you do with $390,111?

What would you spend it on first?  Pay off your mortgage?  Pay for your children’s college with one check?  How about buy your self a Ferrari (or 2)!

By the way, that’s one month’s earnings.  I deposit checks this size in my bank account every single month.

Here’s the kicker… None of this money was made using traditional internet marketing sources.
You want in?

I discovered my blockbuster traffic driving method about a year ago.

The housing market evaporated and I was laid off my construction crew. My savings ran out and filed for bankruptcy.  After borrowing money from a family member, I went to my “last try” internet seminar.

It’s a long story, but let’s just say a prominent Internet marketing maverick took me under his wing.

He introduced me to a completely new way to attract all the traffic I could ever want. 

The only problem is that his method required a ton of work.  With his blessing, I started working on a completely automatic version of his strategy.

I’ve been refining my system ever since. 

Today, my proven automated system...
Hits any website I want to target with an avalanche of converting traffic Explodes my clickbank account with more affiliate commissions than I know what to do with! Makes more money in a month than a doctor, lawyer and college professor make in an entire year.Saves me 1000s of hours or precious time PLUS... it saves me 1000s of hours or precious time
This level of automation and precision didn't happen overnight...

At first, I cobbled together my operation with free software and excel spreadsheets.

Later, I did some simple programming to automate my method.  It was sad.  My software was buggy and would crash under the traffic load.

But, I was making progress…

See for yourself…

That’s 283,173 visitors in a single month.

After trying to automate my system....I got in touch with an old friend from University who was a cyber security consultant....

... and got hooked up with some of the most brilliant programmers on the web.  They were all ex-cyber security programmers who got tired of fighting with Google.

They agreed to help me if I used my first month profits to buy them completely new “rigs” cyber-slang for computers.  I agreed.

A month later, I was stunned with what they delivered.

I still remember the look on their faces when they saw me test drive their creation (They immediately tried to renegotiate their fee!)

Even I was a bit scared by how easily Affiliate Scalper sucked in hundreds of thousands of visitors – on automatic.

Affiliate Scalper permanently changes the game.
And…I want to put in your hands now!

Start seeing targeted traffic arrive at your website with 9 minutes (or less)!

Set-up any online business in just a few minutes!

Watch the sales come rolling in from “ready to buy” visitors!

[Send Me AffiliateScalper Now!](order/)

You can make a fortune with AffiliateScalper even if you’re complete computer illiterate. 
The software does all the work – you just collect the checks. It's a simple 3 step process...



There’s one problem.

I can’t tell you HOW Affiliate Scalper attracts credit-card toting customer to your website.  The technology and process is so sensitive that I can’t afford to make it public

Some very smart people could reverse-engineer the software and flood the market with a worthless knock-off.  The entire opportunity could go up in smoke.

That’s why I’ve made a difficult decision.

I want to see exactly how this software works for select buyers. I plan on paying close attention to the these first 500 300 buyers.

I’ll be helping them achieve paydays – like this one…

I’ve got big plans for them and I want to make sure I watch my time.


I absolutely can’t afford to have every kid with a computer copying this method.  I’m sure you will be feeding your family with this software – that’s why I’m protecting it like a junk yard dog.

So, as soon as the 300th copy is downloaded, I’m closing this page down. 

You’ve been warned.

Once you start using Affiliate Scalper, you’ll have an irresistible urge to tell the world about it.

Please don’t. You’ll ruin it for everyone else. 

Affiliate Scalper works because it taps into a completely new traffic strategy. 

The more people that know about it, the less effective it will be.  I need you to keep this secret locked away.

I need to trust you.

You probably didn’t expect to stumble across a life-changing opportunity today.  I bet you were ready to keep banging away at your website or your online money making attempts – HOPING for lightning to strike.

Now the ball game has changed. 

YOUR affiliate commissions are waiting...

You just need to download... install and Run  It’s that easy and will take just a few minutes.

There is nothing holding you back.  You just need to make one simple decision. 

Are you going to reach out and grab this limited-time opportunity – or keep doing it the hard-way.

I would rather work smart for a short amount of time.  Life is too precious to spend hours slaving away for a measly paycheck and a 2% per year pay raise.

Don’t be a schmuck.

Get your hands-on a Affiliate Scalper and start piling up cash.  You can dial up your earnings whenever you want.  Just a few minutes a day to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Remember, this is not old-school internet marketing…


NO to Expensive PPC advertising that empties your bank account instead of filling it!

NO to SEO Schemes that gets your site banned from Google and leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out why

NO to Video Marketing that forces you to pay for expensive equipment and complicated software

NO to Article Marketing that sucks up your time for less and less traffic

You don’t need any of this stuff. 


I’ve made it dirt cheap for you to get Affiliate Scalper.

The software works beautifully and I want to let 300 lucky marketers in on this traffic bonanza.    I can’t wait to see how this changes YOUR life.

I guarantee that you’ve never seen a product like this before.  Affiliate Scalper is what you’ve been searching for and I want you to have it now.

Act fast.  After the 300th sale you’ll either have to wait for me to open the doors again or pay through the nose for a copy. Don’t miss out.

YOU will make money with this software. I’ve never been more confident of anything else in my life.

In fact, I’m so confident that I’m going to take all of the risk.  I’ll make this an absolute foolproof decision for you…

We both lose if you aren’t thrilled with Affiliate Scalper.  I’ve made a huge bet on this software and I can’t afford to disappoint you. 

This is my promise to you.

Download Affiliate Scalper and work with it for a month.  Watch how it grows your traffic and boost your sales.  Give it a thorough review from top-to-bottom. 

If you are not happy with the software for any reason, send me an email and I will immediately refund your money.  No Questions Asked.  No Hard Feelings.


If you’re happy with AffilateScalper go ahead and drop me a note with a quick testimonial (even a video would be great!).  I’ll keep sending you updates to the software and send you more tips and tricks from time to time.

It’s a win/win for both of us. 

AffiliateScalper is NOT for everyone.

I wish it was, but it isn’t.

If you are not interested in getting sales and leads from the Internet then you probably shouldn’t purchase this software.

If paychecks like this don't impress you, don't waste my time, go now...

[Ok Kelvin, Your Results Are PHENOMENAL – I Want in!](order/)

On the other hand...

If you have a burning desire to become RICH then join me now.

If you are tired of punching the clock for some faceless idiot at work then join me now

If you don’t want to put your families future in the hands of the bank, management, or the government then get Affiliate Scalper now.

I’ve made it easy...

I’m basically giving AffiliateScalper away for just $37

Remember only 300 people will get it at that price.  I want you to be one of them.

$37 is such a small investment.

If you're serious about changing your life you can afford this.

You can get started right now for basically the price of a decent dinner for two.  Like I said, this is a no-brainer.

Now it’s time for you to make an easy decision.

Are you ready to make some money?

Yes Kelvin, I Know That Affiliate Scalper Will Bring a Traffic Hurricane,
So I Want It Now!

Go ahead and send me the software that you are using to pull in those massive paydays.

I will install and start driving push-button traffic to my website within minutes.

I understand that if I’m not happy with Affiliate Scalper for any reason that I can get an immediate refund.

The price is perfect and I’m ready to get started now.


Click the Add to Cart button above right now to get instant access AffiliateScalper.

I’m waiting for you…

Kelvin Houghton

P.S. In about 5 minutes, you could be on your way to financial freedom.  You don’t have to be a computer genius, a business titan, or some entrepreneurial prodigy.  All you need is the guts to pursue your dream.

[Ok, I’ve Heard Enough – I Want to Order Now!](order/)

P.P.S Remember that I’m only offering 300 copies of this software for $37.  All bets are off after the 300th copy is sold.  I don’t want you to miss out on this special limited time price.

[Send Me Affiliate Scalper Now!](order/)

P.P.P.S  There is Zero Risk for you.  If you are not happy with AffiliateScalper, I will happily issue a full refund.  Give the software a try for a full 60 Days.  No pressure, no obligation. 

[Ok Kelvin, I’ve Made My Decision – I Want in!](order/)





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