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Are You Looking For Guaranteed
Techniques To Catch More Tuna?

You might think you know about tuna fishing but I've discovered that more than 85% of anglers are doing it all wrong! Change your luck for the better today and learn how to fill your boat with big tuna every time...

Welcome fishing fanatics!

If you are anything like me, the thought of going fishing and seeing a glimmering tuna bust the surface of the ocean as it fights on the end of your line is enough to make you smile! My face literally lights up when I think about fishing for tuna on my boat "the bluefin" and I get excited to the point where I can hardly sleep the night before a trip.

Since the first time I caught a yellowfin tuna as a young boy alongside my brother, I knew that tuna fishing would be something I'd be hooked on for the rest of my life! Not every 11 year old kid gets to see a 250kg yellowfin up close and personal, so you can imagine why it stuck in my head and made such a big impression.

It's amazing how one event in my childhood could affect my entire destiny. Now I teach people all around the world how to find and catch more tuna... everyone from amateur anglers, to professional boat skippers, game fishing professionals and several world record holders in multiple countries (young and old).

There is no denying the facts: when you buy my book of tuna fishing secrets you will greatly increase your chances of finding & catching tuna.


With the odds stacked against fisherman so heavily these days, with overfishing and the huge amount of anglers competing with each other, it's no worder that people are looking for better methods and tips to use. Mind you, it's only the smart ones like yourself that are willing to learn a better way of tuna fishing... the rest are just repeating old habits that simply don't work!

So in basic terms, if you are already a keen fan of tuna sport fishing or you wish to begin catching tuna in your recreational boat then you have one simple option:

Learn the secrets of how to find and catch tuna today in this amazing book! You'll be getting inside information that only the pro's know :)

If you wish to be part of the smart percentage of fisherman that realizes the advantages of having inside knowledge in order to increase their success with tuna fishing I'd like to recommend to you my book "The Advanced Secrets of Tuna Fishing".

But before I go any further, I want to confess something to you and be completely honest... I haven't always been a maverick at tuna fishing. I can remember the times when I would go out in my boat and catch very few tuna, and sometimes none at all. If you've ever had a fishing trip like that, you'll know how it feels to be on your way home and just wishing you could have caught at least one big whopper.

But I never gave up trying! I never gave up learning! The one day after speaking to a guy that had caught more than 2 dozen tuna on a day that I caught none, it dawned on me that my knowledge and catch rate improves each time I ask questions. It sounds simple, but really how many times do you go out of your way to speak with other anglers and share tips with them?

Since a young boy I've been in the habit of walking up to strangers at the boat ramp or down at the fishing wharf and chatting to them about techniques, recent catches, the best local areas, etc. So I put two and two together then made the plan to go out of my way to find and speak to as many tuna fisherman as I can.

Since then I've travelled to more than 27 countries and spoken to literally hundreds of recreational and professional fisherman to find out exactly what works for them.

I've spent the past 20 years chasing tuna, talking to tuna fisherman and researching everything I can about tuna fishing. Finally I've released the only tuna fishing book in the world & it has everything you didn't know..

You wouldn't believe some of the amazing information I uncovered in my quest for knowledge, many of these methods can't be found anywhere on earth unless you work in the tuna fishing fleet or on a commercial boat. They're a bit like a secret tradition that is handed down over the generations from father to son, skipper to deckhand.

Can you imagine getting your hands on knowledge like that? Just picture how many tuna you will catch and how great it will feel to always come home from your fishing trips with a stash of beautiful, tasty tuna!

Here Are Some of the Tuna Fishing Secrets That

Which types of bait each tuna prefers..
each tuna is different in their feeding patterns so you need to learn which conditions and bait types that appeal to every kind of tuna.
The correct types and sizes of lures for each species of tuna...
as I mentioned with bait, each tuna prefers a different kind of lure type & color
The best rigs and knots to use for tuna fishing...
don't spend all that time and money fishing for tuna only to lose it from a bad knot! I will teach you the best knots to use for all types of tuna fishing situations
Individual feeding habits of each species of tuna...
you can't just drive around the ocean trolling a lure hoping to catch tuna because each species swims and eats in different water depths and temperatures
Exactly how to look for schools of tuna...
there are easy to spot signs that will indicate where tuna are feeding, you just need to know what to look for and which signs point to the tuna
The correct water depth and temperature that each tuna prefers...
sometimes you need to be trolling on the surface, sometimes you need to be at a particular water temperature which you can find using your depth sounder
Proven techniques that commercial skippers live by when fishing for tuna...
commercial fisherman are the best at catching tuna, they've been doing it for generations and their income depends on it. You can learn the tips they don't want to share!
Tips and secrets from professional fisherman for record breaking tuna...
I've included a special bonus section with real world stories and techniques that pro fisherman have used to catch all types and sizes of tuna. This is how you learn fast!
Are there benefits to learning these tuna fishing secrets?

It's like that old saying goes "teach a man to fish and he will eat forever! Not only will you learn plenty about the habits of tuna fish, you will find out the secrets that the best professional tuna fisherman know but don't tell others like:
how to find tuna anywhere, no matter which ocean you are fishing in
which fishing tackle and rigs to use that tuna are not afraid of
the right lures and bait required to catch tuna based upon their natural instincts
how to get tuna into a feeding frenzy by chumming or cubing correctly
the different depths of water you will find every type of tuna in
the correct water temperatures to look for when targeting tuna
why some tuna will eat certain baits and not others
plus more, but I don't want to give too much away now

"Don't repeat old habits that do not work when trying to catch tuna fish. Be smart by listening to and learning from people with proven techniques that work so you can consistently find and catch tuna each time you go out fishing!"

How can I offer a book of tuna fishing secrets to the general public?

To be totally honest with you, it's because I'd like to make some extra money from this book so that I can spend less time in my day job.

If you're like me, you probably wish that you could work a few days a week and fish a few days a week. That is where I would like to be in life so this seems like a good way to get there.

Why am I offering to teach you these tuna catching secrets?

It is simple... I have learned a great deal about fishing from other anglers and my elders, so I think it's only right to share it with others that want to learn. I've met many people that jealously guard their fishing secrets to themselves, but in doing so they miss out on finding much more knowledge by not sharing. Down at the boat ramp, I'm always the first one to offer advice to a fellow angler, because often he or she will share 2 or 3 tips with me that I never knew.

"Don't miss out on this knowledge by not acting today. You'll feel better knowing these secrets and will be the envy of your fishing friends when you show them how it's done."

Is it honestly worth paying for something I could find out for myself?

This is a definite YES! I'll give you 2 good reasons why as well. The first one, is if you tried to find out everything that is included in this book, then you would be spending months on research and reading and there is a good chance you wouldn't even discover everything included in my book. I can't even calculate how much it would cost you in your time and fishing/boat expenses.
The second reason is my own personal experience in this subject... if someone had offered me all of these secrets and techniques when I first started fishing I would have gladly paid 10 times what I'm asking for it today.

"Don't waste your time, your money or your happiness by fishing with nothing but pot luck. Buy my book of tuna secrets today and you will gain thousands of dollars worth of experience and techniques instantly."

Do you want to learn inside tips and special techniques that professional fisherman have mastered over decades?

Let's say you read all the books and magazines you could find on tuna fishing, I guarantee that you wouldn't uncover the tried and tested secrets that professional fisherman use because they only discuss those things amongst themselves. I'm lucky to have a good friend that comes from the tuna fishing industry and my brother works for many record holding professional game boat skippers. These guys know who we are and have spent many years fishing with us, so they have happily shared their knowledge and secrets with us out of love and friendship.

"Don't get swindled out of hundreds of dollars on your next tuna fishing charter by accepting everything that a lazy skipper tells you. After reading this book, you will know all the correct things to do and will even be able to direct the skipper to the right places that will guarantee you find and catch tuna"

Would you like to know how you can save time and money by getting straight to where the tuna are?

I know first hand from experience, it can take A HUGE amount of money, time and effort to go trolling for tuna in the deep blue sea. The ocean is huge, so if you don't know what to look for when chasing tuna it would be like driving around the desert in a go-kart looking for a grain of rice without a map. Think about that for a second, you could drive around in your boat for 5 hours a day, every weekend, and by chance only come near a school of tuna maybe once. With my book, you can leave the dock knowing exactly what to look for and where to find tuna, no matter where in the world you are fishing. Like all animals, tuna have instincts and stick to certain patterns... so it doesn't matter where they go or where you live, tuna will always do the same thing.

"Don't be that person who constantly comes home with no fish in the basket and no stories to tell. Buying this book of tuna fishing secrets is like instantly becoming an expert on catching tuna without having to spend many hard years of researching and practicing."

Have you ever been frustrated from wasting fuel in your boat or money on a charter only to catch no fish?

Well as I've mentioned, you can continue relying on pure chance while wasting your hard earned dollars or you can jump straight into the skippers seat by reading this book and learning everything you need to know in order to find, attract and catch every type of tuna in the ocean. Some anglers love yellowfin, some prefer albacore, other only search for bluefin... but no matter which type of tuna you are searching for, you'll learn about every one of them in this action packed book.

"You wont ever need to waste your precious spare time or hard earned money again on fuel and tackle to catch no fish. You'll be smiling like a champion before you even get in the boat because you have the knowledge and confidence to catch tuna anywhere, anytime."

Read Some Honest Reviews From Happy Customers

Customer testimonial: INSTANT SUCCESS WITH TUNA

I read your tuna secrets ebook from front to back as soon as I bought it and got so excited about things I learned that I could not sleep that first night. I took my friends fishing a few days later and followed your tips...


I only see photos of people catching tuna before, now I am proud to say I have my own photos. So glad I bought your book, it has pay for itself already!!

Diego Vasquez,

REPLY: you sound as excited as I do about tuna fishing Diego, keep on chasing them!
Customer testimonial: TUNA FISHERMAN FEEDBACK

Guys, I don't think you should be sharing these tuna fishing secrets. A lot of professional fisherman and tuna boat skippers are going to be losing business. I'm happy that you've published the book though, because I did not have a clue about tuna fishing before I bought my boat.

Sonny Krueger,

REPLY: well what can I say, I think knowledge is best when shared.

This is great stuff! On several occasions I've been on deep sea charters to catch bottom fish but I wanted to catch pelagic's. I read your webpage and then bought the book, WOW did I learn many things about tuna that are interesting.

The secrets on fishing as you call them were invaluable and have motivated me to buy my own boat to go fishing off-shore to catch tuna with my lovely wife Maritta.

Keep up the great work

Isaac Bamford,
Cape of Good Hope

REPLY: thanks Isaac, please write back with your tuna fishing stories soon :)

Seriously now, would you prefer to spend years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to catch tuna, or spend $75 and a few hours of time to know exactly what to do for success with catching tuna?

Stop for just 5 seconds right now, and ask yourself the question above. If your answer is YES then waste no more time and invest a small amount of money that will return many great fishing trips and countless tuna. Considering how much we all spend on tackle, boats, fuel, bait, lures, charters, etc... then it should be a no brainer for your to make the decision now to buy this great book on catching tuna.

Go ahead, you will instantly be glad you did and each time you catch a beautiful, gleaming tuna you will thank yourself and this book. Plus if you want to thank me, I love hearing stories and testimonials from happy fisherman that have bought this book and caught heaps of shimmering, muscle-bound tuna

Here's What This Book Will Do For YOU...

Gives complete instructions on exactly how to find tuna
this means you go out in any situation and find tuna using many different techniques, everything from natural signs to using technology at home or in your boat. Teaches you how to pick the right weather and water for tuna
you may not be aware of the fact that tuna are affected by light conditions, and weather patterns but once you learn what triggers their feeding and movements you can use nature to your advantage.
An excellent guide on bait and lure selection...
every fisherman knows that different fish like different baits and lures, this is your easy selection guide to knowing which tackle and bait to use for each kind of tuna.
In depth knowledge of the correct line knots for tuna fishing...
you may think that regular knots will do, but you're wrong because tuna fight like no other fish and you will need precise knots to catch them. I give you step by step instructions!
Instructions on all the various tuna feeding habits...
this takes you from a novice to a pro within hours, you will completely understand the ways that tuna feed and how you can be in the middle of the action when they are hungry.
Clear understanding of the correct water depth and temperatures...
you may think that tuna just swim around on the surface but after reading my book you will know the correct depths and temperatures for every kind of tuna, this is vital!

There is much more to this book than the exciting points I've listed above, but I don't want to give too much away here because it would reveal the secrets that you need to learn for yourself by reading each page of my book. I've had people from all over the world, from all age groups and levels of experience buy this book and they all agree that the information is life changing and greatly improves their catch rates.

I've had pro fisherman write to me saying that they learned new things from my book, even after decades of fishing for a career. That's truly great feedback!

[]Here's What You Get For One Low Price!

Advanced Secrets of
Tuna Fishing
The best selling book on tuna fishing that teaches you everything required to find, attract and catch tuna.

Includes secret methods and knowledge used by commercial boats and professional game fisherman.

This is the book they tried to ban, but you can secure your own copy today if you act fast.

Comes with a complete money back guarantee which allows you to buy with absolutely no risk at all.

Special Bonus Included:
Lure Fishing Special Report

Instantly receive a free special report on how to successfully catch fish using all types of lures.

This is great for anyone that has a collection of lures in their tackle box but never actually catches fish using them. When you learn the correct techniques required, then your catch rate using lures is actually much higher than using fresh bait.

So if you want to catch more fish, read this report and start fishing like the pro's!

Special Bonus Included:
Award Winning Tuna Recipes

Maybe the only thing that compares with the fun of the catch is the pleasure of sharing it.

Here you'll find everything you need - from cleaning and prep to a variety of mouth-watering recipes that will amaze your family and friends.

Grilled or broiled, tar-tare or pan fried, you'll find multiple ways to prepare and enjoy the tuna you've just reeled in!

Here is what to do right now...

Reward yourself and avoid all your frustrations by purchasing my book to learn the easy ways you can change your fishing habits to catch tuna. You've already admitted that you are interested in tuna fishing, you've spent money already on fishing trips and tackle, you know that something isn't working so far based upon the techniques you've been using... so this is your chance to finally discover the secrets of tuna fishing!

You have complete peace of mind when purchasing my book because you get my 100% money back guarantee, which takes all risk away. You stand to gain so much, because after learning these amazing tuna fishing secrets you can confidently go out in your boat and catch any kind of tuna in your local area.

Just imagine the satisfaction you will feel coming home with those tuna, all the stories you can tell your friends and family.

Your tuna fishing memories will last a lifetime and all you need to do now is purchase my book by clicking on the buy now button located below...


If you are not completely satisfied with my tuna fishing ebook or the information that you download you are entitled to a complete refund of your money with no questions asked.

I stand by the tuna fishing secrets and techniques included, they are proven to work no matter what situation is. The facts and results show that when you follow these steps you will catch more tuna.

I challenge you to read the book and try out the methods in your own boat then see how much your success rate improves. I completely guarantee you will learn more techniques and catch more tuna from reading my book of tuna fishing secrets.

Some More Satisfied Customers
Tell of Catching More Tuna


Thanks for sharing your knowledge and secrets on tuna fishing, your energy is infectious and now I'm hooked on catching albacore. For anyone that is interested in this book, I'd recommend you order a copy to improve your catch rate.

Gordon Freeman,

REPLY: You are welcome, I do it all for the love (and for the tuna)

Buddy this book is huge and absolutely full of good stuff, I couldn't remember most of the secrets after reading them so I printed it out and now I keep it in my boat so I don't miss anything.

If me and the boys are fishing for a particular kind of tuna, I just flip straight to that section in the book to figure out which bait, depth, temperature, etc that we need to target.

Two words: friggin brilliant!

Dan and Eric Taylor
Baja Peninsula

REPLY: Sweet. I keep a laminated version in my boat too, so I can brush up on old tricks ;)
Customer testimonial: TUNA FISHING CHARTER BOAT

I just want to say how much I enjoyed your book on tuna fishing secrets. I run a small fishing charter boat out of Mission Bay now that I've retired from my legal profession on the east coast. I'm not exactly famous in local circles, but after reading your book I understand so much more now about finding and attracting tuna.

The fishing trips for my customers have produced more tuna in the past few months than I had caught in 2 years. This has enabled me to gather stories from happy fisherman to promote my business and gain more customers.

I'm surprised you're selling the book so cheaply, I would have paid 3 times the asking price! Perhaps my advice can help your business just as your advice has helped mine

Thanks so much!

Captain 'Big Eye' Paul,
San Diego

REPLY: now that's what I like to hear. My tips have helped a commercial skipper! Nice :)


This book is a guaranteed system of catching tuna and
means you will enjoy your fishing a great deal more!


Softcover Printed Book
Delivered to Your Door

[or buy the ebook version for $67 to download instantly](http://1.ebookline1.pay.clickbank.net)


ps. End your frustrations and never come home empty handed again! Discover exactly what it takes to find and attract tuna everytime you go fishing with a guaranteed system...

pps. Remember that this is the only tuna fishing book in the world and you can only purchase it right here on my website...

pps. Why are you still waiting, you're seriously going to miss out if you dont act now! Don't spend any more money on fishing until you buy this book! Go ahead, click on the orange button now that says ADD TO CART and you'll be happy you did


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